Manufacturing of cordless mobile charger pads..

by فيصل الترك

The second phase of the project to manufacture pallets for mobile devices, the first of its kind in the world for hotels

Floating lands..

by Daniele Galletti

The Smart Modular floating structure, is the basic element which will allow to concretize the dream to build floating cities

Support RoboChefs to represent Egypt and the Arab world in..

by RoboChefs team

Support RoboChefs team to represent Egypt and the Arab world in Robocup International Competition

Tepro EyeGlasses..

by Hadi Rammal

We found a solution for the problem facing seniors at night driving.After some research we created glasses that will solve

Successfully Funded
$1,000 Raised(100%) — 3 Funders

Araaq - New innovation combining personal hygiene stuff..

by Mohamed Eldeeb

Combining your personal hygiene stuff like MISWAK,Mints & Perfume - Get araaq.. be stylish

Successfully Funded
$16,929 Raised(113%) — 37 Funders

Support Arab ROVERs for International ROV Competition..

by ROV Egypt

Support Egyptian ROVERs to represent Egypt and the Arab world in ROV International Competition

Successfully Funded
$17,530 Raised(117%) — 21 Funders

Smart shoe : the smart generation of shoes..

by Iyad Ayyad

Smart shoe has a light from the front in front of and can control from smart application

Successfully Funded
$7,000 Raised(100%) — 33 Funders

Alex Hackerspace For Only Creators..

by Amr EL Shair

Community of hackers,Creators,geeks, developers,makers,techies and artists in Alexandria,Egypt

Successfully Funded
$2,370 Raised(119%) — 18 Funders

ِABJAD: Deaf-Mute Interactive Tool..

by Ebda'a team - dema & ..

First standalone ultraportable product that help Deaf Mute to communicate like ordinary people

Successfully Funded
$3,000 Raised(100%) — 3 Funders

Project Dalala - Empowering Socio-Economic Development wit..

by Azza Yehia

Dalala - Reporting the peoples' sentiments to empower positive social change and development

Successfully Funded
$11,140 Raised(114%) — 55 Funders