Swimming Egypt: 900 km Against Plastic in the Red Sea..

by Omar El Galla

Swimming the length of Egypt: 900 km in the Red Sea in 90 days to spread awareness about plastic waste & its effects on the

Hope Village Society..

by Suzan Ibrahim

Targeting orphans & street children forced to leave shelters at the age of 18 offering them social & psychological care along

Successfully Funded
$17,104 Raised(171%) — 82 Funders


by محمود علي

preparing meeting room by 2200$

Successfully Funded
$2,631 Raised(120%) — 34 Funders

Mashrou ElSaada - Reviving Nubia: Heisa Island..

by Hashem elbahnasawy

Color people's lives in Heisa Island, Nubia. #We_Color_Happiness

Successfully Funded
$2,289 Raised(114%) — 30 Funders

Arts for All - D-CAF 2018 Cairo..

by D-CAF Festival

Allowing people with disability, street children, economically impoverished, refugees, and all marginalized to be inspired

Successfully Funded
$3,040 Raised(101%) — 32 Funders

Girls Dresses Design Workshop..

by الهام الجمال..

Preparing a workshop for girls dresses from the dress of the seventh to dress joy and return to the chic of time in the spirit

Successfully Funded
$1,500 Raised(100%) — 13 Funders

Aleksandrinke - Translating a book into English and publis..

by Salwa Hegazi

Translating a book from Slovenian to English and publishing it. The book is about a phenomena of ladies immigrating to

Successfully Funded
$2,500 Raised(100%) — 12 Funders

Support Nada Hasan to join "An Ordinary day film festival"..

by Nada Hasan

I am traveling to Sweden to show my work in an international festival for video arts. I need some more dollars to make my

Successfully Funded
$410 Raised(205%) — 17 Funders

Help the Egyptian IOI Team Fly..

by Khaled Mohamed Ahmed

All members of the Egyptian team who were told 1 day before the IOI that the government cannot support their flight. Help

Successfully Funded
$2,799 Raised(140%) — 23 Funders


by Aya Tallah Yusuf

A Film about 2 women who challenge their fate and body image after a violent attack leaves them deformed. They refuse to

Successfully Funded
$2,460 Raised(123%) — 27 Funders

Let's Manufacture..

by Abdullah Shawky

Training& Manufacturing will Change the future Support us build our Prototype to compete at Xplore finals and Build a Manufacturing

Successfully Funded
$1,055 Raised(106%) — 9 Funders

Help FCI-Cairo Egypt teams make it to the ACPC..

by Mohammed Khairy

In the Egyptian CPC, 6 teams did a great job and were able to qualify to the Arab CPC but the registration fees are our only

Successfully Funded
$900 Raised(180%) — 10 Funders

First Egyptian Windsurfing World Champion..

by Mohamed Aid

Mohamed Aid's achievable goal to become a world champion in windsurfing.

Successfully Funded
$1,610 Raised(156%) — 36 Funders

Help FCIS Ain Shams Teams Participate in the ACPC..

by Mohamed Anany

2 teams from FCIS Ain Shams qualified to ACPC however they lack the funds.


Qafeer Maker Space:Make It Yourself..

by Qafeer Makerspace

Qafeer MakerSpace will help people in Egypt to create prototypes for their products.

Successfully Funded
$16,730 Raised(279%) — 179 Funders

Stabraq: Support an All-Egyptian Clothes Brand..

by Stabraq

Help us re-make the new SajdaFlap Polo and Basic Graffiti and become part of our success story.

Successfully Funded
$12,022 Raised(172%) — 78 Funders

Empower The Community: AlMaqarr Coworking Space..

by AlMaqarr Coworking Sp..

AlMaqarr; a coworking space in Cairo, works on building & empowering a collaborative community.

Successfully Funded
$7,297 Raised(146%) — 90 Funders

HackZone : Security Community Collaboration..

by Ahmed Mohamed

Zone for everyone in all fields, focusing on developing the concept of Information Security

Successfully Funded
$5,010 Raised(125%) — 41 Funders

Alex Hackerspace For Only Creators..

by Amr EL Shair

Community of hackers,Creators,geeks, developers,makers,techies and artists in Alexandria,Egypt

Successfully Funded
$2,370 Raised(119%) — 18 Funders

Cairo Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences CILAS..


CILAS invites students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds to engage with the liberal arts.

Successfully Funded
$11,405 Raised(114%) — 56 Funders

Cairo Phoenix: Co-creativity retreats after sexual assault..

by Eline Hennink

Organizing retreats for women to support healing by exploring creative forms of self-expression

Successfully Funded
$4,558 Raised(114%) — 50 Funders


by الأثر لنا Athar Lina..

SPEND THE DAY IN KHALIFA is an annual event by AtharLina to promote it as a tourist destination

Successfully Funded
$6,412 Raised(107%) — 51 Funders

A Way Out..

by Sharine Atif

Stories of Defiance

Successfully Funded
$10,569 Raised(106%) — 40 Funders

Helm | Upgrading Capacity..

by Helm Coworking Space

The aim is to increase the space capacity and improve the provided service quality

Successfully Funded
$4,130 Raised(103%) — 60 Funders

FCI-Cairo to the ACM ICPC World Finals 2017..

by Mohammed Khairy

Support "s2++; returns" team from FCI Cairo university to represent the Arab region in ACM ICPC 2017 held in South Dakota

Successfully Funded
$1,515 Raised(101%) — 14 Funders

Creative Hub 2nd Floor..

by Mostafa Tolba

Maximize Creative Hub (Co-working Space) Services

Successfully Funded
$10,162 Raised(102%) — 49 Funders

D-CAF FESTIVAL (Cairo): Urban visions..

by D-CAF Festival

20 wheelchairs needed for a D-CAF street performance. Then we'll donate them to a worthy cause.

Successfully Funded
$2,610 Raised(100%) — 17 Funders

Yellowies are Spreading Happiness..

by Maha Atef

Yellowies love to ‎spread happiness, put a smile on others' face, and bring joy to their life

Successfully Funded
$1,001 Raised(100%) — 26 Funders

" The Book project "..

by Ahmed AbdAlla

A literature book with customized music tracks .connected with application through the internet

Successfully Funded
$7,000 Raised(100%) — 46 Funders

From Inside - Short Film -..

by Ramy El Gabry

From inside, Short film about beautiful souls we can't see by eyes, but we can see by heart

Successfully Funded
$15,000 Raised(100%) — 155 Funders

Maximum Speed..

by Ramy El Gabry

short film take us in a journey in young man dream's facing the ninth killer of mankind, speed.


Art Lifts Up - different people make art..

by Marianne Boules

An opportunity to encourage people to share their passion & dare to express the art inside them

Successfully Funded
$27,463 Raised(137%) — 67 Funders

Knowledge Hub on Gender and Sexuality in Egypt..

by Ikhtyar

The first specialized gender & sexuality hub in Egypt that produces different knowledge types.

Successfully Funded
$7,203 Raised(120%) — 88 Funders

Be part of Arab Digital Expression Camp (ADEC) SUCCESS..

by Arab Digital Expressi..

ADEC is a summer camp for youth expression, debate,self-exploration and skills development.

Successfully Funded
$11,776 Raised(118%) — 32 Funders

Dance with Disability D-CAF Festival in Cairo..

by D-CAF Festival

D-CAF hopes to bring Croi Glan Dance Company to Cairo to work with Egyptian dancers, with and without disabilities, on a

Successfully Funded
$2,021 Raised(101%) — 29 Funders

Create Awareness with 100 Mother & Child Videos!..

by Rania Din

Help bring expert advice on pregnancy, parenting, health & nutrition to every home in Egypt

Successfully Funded
$2,455 Raised(123%) — 21 Funders

SahrnyFm "Radio & Magazine"..

by Sahfrny FM

"SahrnyFM" Radio & Magazine; is a cultural, literary Magazine highlighting Egypt

SFE-BU to the ACM ICPC World Finals 2017..

by Mohamed Mahmoud

Support "The Unlooked-for" team from SFE-BU university to represent the Arab region in ACM ICPC 2017 held in South Dakota

Successfully Funded
$1,825 Raised(101%) — 15 Funders

First Draft Play..

by Studio Zat

“We have been given very powerful tools ...to think ...to believe in world peace, to love "

Successfully Funded
$1,025 Raised(103%) — 11 Funders

ادعموا منصة كتبنا لتقدم الطباعة حسب الطلب..

by محمد جمال سلامة..

إطلاق المرحلة الثانية من منصة كتبنا للنشر الشخصي, وهي الطباعة حسب الطلب. بحيث يمكن لأي شخص طلب نسخة مطبوعة من أي كتاب إلكتروني متوف

Successfully Funded
$1,944 Raised(194%) — 48 Funders

Moled Sidi Abdel Rehim Al Qenawy in Cairo by Al Tatwiqa..

by Maha Khaled

Moled Sidi Al-Qenawy (Local Cultural Festival in Cairo to showcase music and heritage of Qena governorate (South Egypt).

Successfully Funded
$505 Raised(101%) — 16 Funders

Egyptian electronics makers TECHnowledgy trip to San Diego..

by Mohamed Salama

Support a TECHnowledgy transfer trip to San Diego to develop our electronics makers community

Campaign Ended

RoboCamp: Technology everywhere..

by Robo Camp

RoboCamp is a moving Educational Camp to spread technology & Sciences for kids & Youth.

Campaign Ended

Alf Leila Wy Leila - Digital Fawazeer..

by colors

The NEW Fawazeer on Mobile and Facebook, Watch comics and play games with NEW ALF LEILA!

Campaign Ended

Galal Zekri Chatila: Egypt on 2 Wheels / Mission el tour..

by Galal Zekri-Chatila

Film a cycling tour around Egypt to show her beauty & to inspire youth to follow their dreams.

Campaign Ended

A space with a mission: Rasheed22 coworking | Heliopolis, ..

by Uli Von Rücker

Rasheed22 invites all generations to practice mindful, sustainable coworking and learning

Campaign Ended

3alem 8erak..

by abohashem ali

We're a student activity interested in teaching languages, we decided to teach 300 student (English - German - French - Spanish

Campaign Ended

فيلم " تعيش أنت ؟ "..

by حازم مصطفي

فيلم" تعيش أنت ؟ " هو فيلم روائي قصير مأخوذ عن مسرحية للمخرج العالمي وودي ألين ، سيناريو شيرين هنائي وبطولة احمد غباشي و

Campaign Ended


by Arabduino KIT

Arabian PIC Microcontroller KIT compatible with most of automation systems with new libraries

Campaign Ended


by وائل البجيرمى..

To promote our products in all of world languages, we aim to marketing local industries

Campaign Ended

Youth Sustainability Summer Camps..

by Abdelrahman Aly Fahmy

Sustainability Summer Camp for youth empowerment in Environmental and Entrepreneurship projects

Campaign Ended

Saada: Awareness Interaction Network solving women's socia..

by Saada Platform

Saada = Arab non-governmental initiative ==> increase the marriage rates + reduce the divorce.

Campaign Ended


by amr elqasas

موقع الكتروني يستطيع عن طريقه الاشخاص الذين يريدون اسثمار نقود قليله في اصول ثابته مثل عقار او غيره

Campaign Ended

Grey-Hat Conference - Egypt..

by Grey-Hat Summit

For the first time ever, a Grey-Hat Hacking Conference will be held in Cairo, Egypt on March 8, 2019

Campaign Ended

Student Formula Racing Car..

by Ahmed Mohamed

We are a team whose dream is to manufacture a racing car to compete in the Formula Student Copmpetition which will be held

Campaign Ended

Build the future..

by Yousef Ramzy

initiative of build the future youth

Campaign Ended

The Egyptian magazine unit ' Website"..

by Egyptianunity

The egyptian magazin is egypt first Internet newspaper, founded by a team of young individuals

Campaign Ended

WiseGears to the world FIRST® Championship..

by Waleed Refaat Mousa

Support WiseGears a team of teenagers to represent Egypt in world FIRST® Championship held Houston, US

Campaign Ended

Pluto Coworking..

by Hosam Mahmoud

Pluto is a community hub for entrepreneurs, freelancer, youth intiatives and others.

Campaign Ended

100 Reasons Why - A film exploring why we climb..

by Omar Samra & Hazem Sh..

Our goal is to climb to the summit of Cholatse while capturing the bond of a roped brotherhood through a short documentary

Campaign Ended

Support Egypt's First Solar Car by Zewail City Team..

by Ahmed Ewida

24 undergraduate student building a solar racing car to participate in the largest solar car race in the world in Australia

Campaign Ended

Support freelancers ادعموا العمل الحر..

by Youlance .Net

Freelancing website & professional social network. Acting as a mediator for clients and workers

Campaign Ended

Help a Team of Students Represent Egypt in The World Final..

by Mustafa Usama

We are members of the Egyptian team representing Egypt in the World Robot Olympiads finals being held in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Campaign Ended

Teach Me Initiative: It's an initiative to rehabilitate ca..

by Mohamed Mahmoud Abd E..

We'll be recruiting youth and teach them how to create an electronic course for free on the web

Campaign Ended

DEKKA ( public space for cultural justice in Kom El Dekka ..

by Hamdy Zeidan

social cultural public space as a meeting point for youth and art in Kom El Dekka - Alexandria

Campaign Ended

Support Tablona: The First Inflatable Tabla in the World..

by Akram Al Sharif

To open a factory to create the first Ceramic Darbuka with an inflatable tuning system.

Campaign Ended

NaQaha: your After-Hospital-Care-Center..

by Mai El Naggar

Fundraising for IP Cameras in order to prevent any abuse in my after-hospital-care-center

Campaign Ended

Art Shower Festival..

by Designopia Zone

Art Shower is a Festival celebrating the Creative Industry from artists and designers in Egypt

Campaign Ended

Electronic platform to support the talents of talent in th..

by CamTalk Talent

It is a Web-site the site creates direct channels between persons with talent -singing-radio

Campaign Ended

Se7a Bomb..

by Ibrahim Gamal

Se7a Bomb aims to create healthy society by providing medical awareness and medical service

Campaign Ended

Support : The first Arabian Aquaponics farm in the barren ..

by Tamer Gaber

Help us to convert Arabian deserts to productive oases and be a part of our success

Campaign Ended


by Mona Sahiouny

A Syrian single mom in Egypt Work as a food photographer/stylist. my dream is to open a studio so I can grant a decent life

Campaign Ended

Makan 360..

by Sherif Ramadan

Makan 360 is the first Online Expo using the Virtual Tour technology in The World.

Campaign Ended

Alkhaymaa 2.0..

by Moetaz Abbas

An improvement to Alkhaymaa Coworking space to increase its capacity and make it mobile

Campaign Ended


by muhammad mostafa ibra..

New and innovative projects for the Arab world. Encourage the Arab youth to cooperate and participate in the establishment

Campaign Ended

Justice Sword The First Real Sword Fighting Game With Arab..

by Mohammad Hassan

Justice Sword Game makes you live in the age of Arabian heroes through interesting action game. Be one of Crusades War

Campaign Ended

Arab Souq Website..

by United Souq

Arabic is a market for household services through home

Campaign Ended
Campaign Ended