The developing and launch of an ebola virus vaccine..

by Revy Revai

Help fund a medical student on his ebola vaccine research,I want to enter the competition with the giant pharmaceutical companies

Campaign Ended

Advertising agency ( Arabic-Bosnian newspaper )..

by Rami

We are A Group of Arab Talented youth living in Sarajevo The capital of Bosnia E Herzegovina we want to start a new advertising

Campaign Ended

Quranic Tablet Scaling Up..

by Nisreen

production of device contains all the relevant Quran app as a gift on special occasions rather than the printed one achieving

ساعدني لأصبح منشدا..

by يوسف الغرايبه..

أحتاج شراء معدات حديثة من مايك إحترافي ، وكرت صوت ، ومعدات تسجيل ، كي أبني ستوديو مصغّر ، وأشتري كاميرا وأنطلق لعالم اليوتيو

Campaign Ended

هدر الطعام..

by حنين القضاة

إعادة تدوير الطعام الزائد

Campaign Ended

Smart alarm..

by Emranalshoha

Simple intelligent alarm based on the awakening of a sleeping clever and unobtrusive way

Sharing happiness..

by Bayan Qassem

Event to sharing happiness with people special need. Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey Hey hey hey hey

The House of Book..

by Batoul Rousan

نهدف الى توفير وانشاء مكتبة تجمع بين باعة الكتب على ارصقة الشوارع في شارع جامعة اليرموك، اربد،الاردن والاشخاص محبي القراءة.

Campaign Ended

Bestwool....for rufgees..

by Emranalshoha

Humanitarian assistance and children displaced by war and terrorism

مكتوب - Maktoob..

by Lina Alawad

Maktoob is a movement to create new generation of postcards . Representing our culture, values in a timeless approach , telling

Campaign Ended

Using recycled as alternative in our lives..

by Sarah Ajlouni

design wedding hall by recycling product

Campaign Ended

Reality editing..

by sema kh

ترويج فكره هذا التطبيق ..التطبيق مخصص لطلاب الهندسه المعماريه وذلك بسبب الجهد والتعب الذي يبذلونه من خلاله يتم تصوير المج

Campaign Ended

Pic drawing..

by Gufran Zghoul

تطبيق للرسم يساعد المبتدئين على تعلم الرسم خطوه بخطوه المبلغ المطلوب للتمويل 6495.36

Campaign Ended

My pancakes store..

by Jameeleh Qu

i want people to help me to open my own store in jordan city to present a new shapes and colors with pancakes hello hello

ام قيس..

by Safa'a Malkawi

المشروع يهدف الى اعادة ترميم اليافطات الموجوده في اثار ام قيس وهي منطقة سياحية في الاردن لتصبح اكثر جاذبية للسياح وذات محتوى معلوم

Campaign Ended

Intellectual Property Rights and Services..

by Ammer Abu-Setta

due to the economic development that the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region faces needs to establish ground knowledge

School for special needs..

by سحر هاشم خالد محمود ..

Project for remote region far from services .. aims to take care of upbringing and education of people with special needs

Campaign Ended

Humans of petra university..

by ايهاب الشماس ..

.All humans have a story behind their bein .Let's not judge, let's just talk

Campaign Ended

Orjowan The New Nail Art..

by Islam Abugharbeyeh

Nail Art in less than 10 min. Your nails are a way to speak your style without having to say a word

Campaign Ended


by Mousa Fattouh

Because its our own matter not anyone else Because we share the same blood in our vessels

Campaign Ended

Food truck in jordan..

by Rana Ibrahim

Hello, i am 18 years old and my dream is to start my own business .which is a food truck and it's the first of it's kind

Campaign Ended

Phi Science Institute: Leading the Science Revolution..

by Ahmad JadAllah

Working with well-esteemed scientists through youth and children to create a novel scientific revolution in the Arab region.

Successfully Funded
$2,517 Raised(101%) — 21 Funders

Fans Store..

by Anwer Eissawe

Online clothes and accessories store , that have my designs printed on it , i put my designs on instagram. .

Campaign Ended

Travel Alone..

by Mohammad Abulubbad

creative web site support who wanna travel alone and support who don't have job .

Campaign Ended

E-waste recycling..

by Mohammad Abulubbad

Hello i have a good idea to serve the environment i want to recycle the electronic waste to recover the gold silver and platinum

Campaign Ended

Jordan Youth..

by Mahdi Mansour

High Youth Unemployment Is a Major Economic and Social Concern in Jordan. We want to provide a training, in PC maintenance

Campaign Ended

Blood unit save life app..

by Abdallahalbarghouthi

our vision a blood unit save life So we want to make an app to help people to find Blood donor

Campaign Ended

شربني مي..

by Alaa

حملة فتح محطه لتنقية مياه الشرب وتسليمها مجانا للعائلات التي تصل لها المياه غير نقيه في جنوب

Campaign Ended

Short Film (Dufla Amman Road)..

by Ahmad Shaman

, a Personal Film production Talking about a Jordanian Young and his problim with Unemployment

Campaign Ended

ورود المزهرية..

by Mohammad Abu-Ghosh

أنتاج فيديو كليب لقصيدتي "ورود المزهرية" علها تضيئ شمعة في ليالي العاشقين الح

Campaign Ended


by Fahed Adel Masadeh

Online Brand Specialized in customized accessories using Diwani Arabic Font.

Campaign Ended

متحف الطرق والجسور..

by Abdelrahman

متحف الطرق , هو متحف فريد من نوعه وسيكون الرائد والاول على مستوى العالم يهدف الى طرح مجسمات وطرق جديدة وعصرية للطرق والجسور

Campaign Ended

التعليم من خلال الرياضه..

by زكريا الشرفات..

افتتاح مركز تعليمي لكن بطريقة جديدة و علمية وهي كيف نطور قدراتنا وكيف نتعلم من خلال الرياضه .

Campaign Ended

صناع الابداع..

by Anas Al-daher

القضاء على كلمة بدي خبرة لاشتغل من خلال تدريب بالمجان على مشاريع واقعية في سوق العمل (تجميع افكار - تنفيذ - تسويق) وخلق فرصة لكل ش

Campaign Ended

Seideh Application - Your daily directory for best offers..

by Laser Beam Marketing ..

Seideh is an App that brings the latest offers & discounts to you and filtered by categories

Campaign Ended


by Mahmoud Yacoub

Application that allows you and others to get another income mothers students any on by giving like and shear the add

Campaign Ended

Beemomz...Your baby's marvelous moments.....with you forev..

by beemomz

Your baby's marvelous moments.....with you forever

Campaign Ended

Coding For Kids open online course..

by Emad Sarhan

Free Open Online course to teach kids programming. Course will be available as open access lessons for kids, teachers, schools,

Campaign Ended


by Amrojalal

It is a website giving you the best technical solutions to problems faced by the modern equipme

Campaign Ended

Jonorama !..

by Jonorama

It's the first site and app (virtual reality) particularly in Jordan ! 3D

Campaign Ended

Smart screen for water house tank..

by م.محمد وديان ..

It is the invention to solve problem faced most people that is monitoring the water house tank

Campaign Ended

المخدرات دمار للمجتمعات..

by عمران

المخدرات دمار للمجتمع الهدف من المشروع توعية مجتمعية لكافة المواطنين وهو عبارة عن عمل مسحي هادف

Campaign Ended


by رعد ابوحصيني..

Lojou is an attempt to let smile and hope enter the refugees hearts and to enrich their life

Campaign Ended

Construction of a mosque and a church in one location..

by Mohamed Aljdaeh

This work aims to unite religions and religious, including the removal of racism

Campaign Ended

Leem Application first instant messaging application in th..

by Abdullah ibrahim

Leem Instant messaging first application of its kind in the hands of the Arab world and feature

Campaign Ended

مشروع جداريات الثقافي..

by اسامة حلمي ابوسماقة..

جداريات الثقافي هو مشروع يسعى لإيجاد مساحات تعبيرية تحفيزية حوارية لتمكين المجتمعات وتنميتها

Campaign Ended

No one is hungry..

by we can

support the work of the team to rach all the restaurants and bakeries in amman

Campaign Ended


by noor ahmad

support the work of the team to rach all the restaurants and bakeries in amman

Campaign Ended

Between cages..

by owais gharaibeh

its a game ,that two player will be inside a locked cages with a clues to get out,

Campaign Ended

by Ghaith Al Sabbagh

The general idea from this website is to empower Arab employees’ options across the Arab world

Campaign Ended


by عبدالرحمن الحايك..

مبادرة الأولى من نوعها (سنحيا كراما) فكرة المشروع تقوم على سداد ديون السجناء الذين تقل ديونهم عن 1500 دينارحتى يكونوا  بالع

Campaign Ended

Website to sell clothes by installments..

by Sulaiman AL-Mrayat

Website to sell garments by installments for those with low income, with delivery services

Campaign Ended

مساعدة مرضى السرطان..

by Mohamed Aljdaeh

هدفي من هذه الحمله هي تقديم المساعده لمرضى السرطان لما يعانوا من تعب نفسي اثناء مرضهم .

Campaign Ended

Run the distress..

by Mohamed Aljdaeh

We collect money and suture opening plants or restaurants or shops fit their careers for refugees and victims Of production

Campaign Ended

Photographers community..

by مجدي منير القضاة..

A pilot project brings together photographers to share their experiences free of charge

Campaign Ended

Jordan in pixels..

by Hamza Aqel

Time-lapse around Jordan

Campaign Ended

انقذني ، حلب تحترق..

by jehad kamnje

حملة توعية لما يحدث في حلب ، حلب تحترق يا عرب اغاثه اطفال ونساء سوريا وجمع مساعدات ومضهارات

Campaign Ended

Rifqah carpooling & companionship..

by Ibrahim Saras connects people going to work/school with car owners in exchange for fuel cost.

Campaign Ended
Campaign Ended

جيل ميم..

by Ahmad Sami

مشروع هدفة انشاء جيل في مجال المناظرات الشبابية للمشاركة على المستوى العالمي

Campaign Ended


by Mohammad Abu-Ghosh

أنتاج قصص صوتية لحكايات الأطفال ليتمكن أطفالنا ممن حرموا نعمة البصر من الآبح

Campaign Ended

تربية وبيع 10 الاف طير دجاج لاحم..

by عصام

هذه دراسة جدوى كامله لتربية وبيع 10 الاف طير دجاج لاحم . عملت دراسة جدى كامله من تربية وبيع لهذه الدواجن في السوق المحليه ولل

Campaign Ended

My environmental facilities: friendly society for people w..

by رامي زلوم

The aim of the project is to raise public awareness of the existing legislation regarding the handicapped and to to take

Campaign Ended

البطاقة الالكترونية..

by Hamzah Al-tbour

مشروع يعمل على تلبية حاجات الطلبة الجامعات الاردنية من تصوير وابحاث وترجمة ودورات حديثة في علم الحاسوب

Campaign Ended

فقير ولكن متعلم..

by wajdi alaqrbawi

مركز صيانة وبرمجة اجهزة خلوية منطقة شعبية بحاجة للدعم لتقديم الخدمات والصيانة باسعار مناسبة

Campaign Ended


by أحمد ابراهيم احمد رجب..

The target is centered to provide Mobile Charge Cards through the intelligent application

Campaign Ended

It is the only bottles Disposable factory..

by amjad almajali

Baby bottles is used only once a factory and this plant has no parallel in the Middle East and

Campaign Ended

Online Radio Station To Promote Local Bands/Artists..

by Monir Al-Taher

Hey guys! I'm hoping to raise funds for an online radio station that supports local artists/bands.

Campaign Ended

Reading for All..

by Josaph Abosaleh

The idea of the project is a special cafe reading only It is a library containing a very large

Campaign Ended

EasyAudit is a Cloud workflow system for CPA's & Internal ..

by Ahmad Abu Hashish

AuditFile is a secure, cloud-based solution that helps CPA firms (and internal audit teams).

Campaign Ended


by م.عمرو العداسي..

Gross tons per day of 50 m Providing agricultural area

Campaign Ended
Campaign Ended

Food track..

by Mohammed Taha

Movement van for fast food sale

Campaign Ended

360Moms - A parenting website for mothers in the Arab Worl..

by Dina Abdul Majeed

A parenting website for the modern mother in the Arab world. Mission is to empower, inspire, and connect mothers in all Arab

Campaign Ended

Creating green areas on the roofs of buildings by rent off..

by Josaph Abosaleh

Renting the roofs of buildings to be allocated in the creation of areas of entertainment and recreation serve adults and

Campaign Ended

مسلسل لتحذير المجتمع من المخدرات والادمان..

by حارث الحلبي

فكرة المسلسل للتوعية والتحذير من المخدرات والادمان ..سنعرض المسلسل في 30 حلقة قصيرة على يوتيوب

Campaign Ended

Wael's GYM..

by Wael

wael's GYM project that help people to live healthy and fight agents Unemployment

Campaign Ended

Project sale and purchase of mini-services..

by عبدالله ابوعيد..

I have a mini-site services is ready, but the amount needed to fulfill the new form design

Campaign Ended

E- School..

by Reham

Establish an electronic school is a quota share each explaining a lesson, that includes all the materials and all the lessons

Campaign Ended

منطاد المعرفة..

by Safa

منطاد المعرفة عبارة عن برنامج تربوي تعليمي ترفيهي يخاطب الأطفال بمختلف فئاتهم العمرية, يتم في كل حلقة من حلقات البرنامج والبالغ عد

Campaign Ended


by Layan

نشر الثقافة الاثرية والمعالم التراثية بين فئات الشباب

Campaign Ended

Video says it all..

by Ahmad Basheer is an online job board that links recruiters and job seekers through instant video interviewing sessions.

Campaign Ended

دوّار محرك بحث عربي - Dowwar..

by Tarek Bukah

دوّار محرك بحث عربي يهدف إلى تقديم محتوى آمن بشكلٍ دائم

Campaign Ended

جريدة طلابية just for just..

by Justforjust Newspaper

هي مبادرة شبابية غير ربحية في جامعة العلوم و التكنولوجي اسسها الطالب محمد عمايرة - طب بشري سنة خامسه، و هي جريدة الكترونية تا

Campaign Ended

وَسْم ~ راقي بلباسي..

by Rami Kamal

وسم هي شركة أردنية تهدف إلى إبراز جمال اللغة العربية والإسلام من خلال الملابس والأدوات

Campaign Ended

مكتبة كتب ومجلات متنوعة..

by Lara Lolo

مشروع مكتبة كتب ومجلات متنوعة هو احد المشروعات الهامه جدا وله اهداف متنوعة مثل المساعدة على زيادة الوعي الثقافي والاجتماعي

Campaign Ended


by Dalia Daragmeh

مجلة تهتم بالتصميمات المعمارية و بنشر ثقافة التصميم والرقى بقدرات الباحثين والمصممين

Campaign Ended

The Jamming Room..

by Meelad Mattar

It is about a large musical room which doesn't exist in Jordan,for rock Jordanian musicians

Campaign Ended

ذكرى للعروس..

by آيات طلفاح

إنتاج طرحات للعروس مختلفه التصاميم وتلبي حاجه العروس لخلق ذكريات جميله

Campaign Ended

Rooftops Greenhouses..

by دانا حجازين

Prototyping and constructing mini Greenhouses for schools and houses buildings rooftops

Campaign Ended

Dfakm Dfana2..


tomorrow is better" team along withthe campaign (Dfakm Dfana) Relief Syrian refugees in Jordan

Campaign Ended


by Samar Khalil

we'll host our ancestors to tell us about our heritage which we are very proud about

Campaign Ended

Dante's Inferno..

by Arsamak Arsamakov

All the funding will go into equipment and audio engineering for this new album.

Campaign Ended

أبتسامة توحد..

by Sanad Kteshat

فعالية ملهمة لنشر الإبتسامة و التوعية عن التوحد في ابريل شهر التوعية عن التو

Successfully Funded
$1,105 Raised(111%) — 4 Funders
Campaign Ended

Free Electricity..

by محمد اكرمعاكول..

Draft form is the free power generation to help our brothers in Syria .oha processing of .msna-energy Majanah.onerjo your

Campaign Ended

Random Market..

by Mohammad Alia

A new idea to customer service and marketing, for local shops such as local restaurants

Campaign Ended


by mohammad khaled Moqbe..

RealEstate made fast easy cheap and accessible in one app Everything you need incGPS pay system

Campaign Ended

Food Truck..

by بلال المصلح

thank you very much for attintion, i need your help to build this buisness to help people &me;

Campaign Ended


by رائد الخوالدة..

youth special exchange shows the real life of each jordanian and westren youth against terresom

Campaign Ended

شركة العاب موبايل..

by محمد الدرابيع..

عندي كل مقومات النجاح في مشروعي وينقصني المال للبدأ بالمشروع والذي تظهر نتائج نجاحه ب4 اشهر فقط ان شاء الله فارجو الدعم

Campaign Ended

Teach for Syria..

by Ishak Assoufei

This will allow us to add new 40 students to our school for Syrian refugees in Jordan

Campaign Ended

Video clips of poems of love & tolerance...

by Mohammad Abu-Ghosh

Producing 24 video clips of my poems aiming to promote love, peace, and tolerance, hoping to add a small contribution towards

Campaign Ended

Music Soup..

by Hazem Kaka

Music Soup its a place for music lovers an players for any color or type of music to create a new color or a new type of

Campaign Ended


by Jehad

It is a project to photograph the tourist areas in Jordan and publish photos

Campaign Ended

#STEPforJordan, the E-platform for Social Tourism in Jorda..

by I-Dare Community

Supporting local communities by Social Tourism in Jordan

Campaign Ended

Masjid Perfume..

by Abdulhameid Grandoka

Masjid Perfume is a device that sprays high quality perfume when you insert your hand inside it

Campaign Ended

PNTD (Portable Neck Treatment Device)..

by Sanad barjawi

Portable automated device that does a physiotherapy treatment to cure cervical disc patients !

Campaign Ended

Hakoritna : Artistic and cultural meeting place..

by Mohammad Ali Al-aydi

a local Artistic and cultural meeting place Our goal is to provide suitable atmosphere for th

Campaign Ended

Jasmine reverse marketing..

by Awad

e idea of creativity in the field of marketing will change the concept of marketing

Campaign Ended


by Amal Almahayreh

Pen&coffee; is a cultural cafe which is the first one of it's type in Tafila,Jordan which

Campaign Ended


by Hometerior

Hometerior is an idea of a newly established business that aims designing several projects from scratch.

Campaign Ended

يلا يا اردنيات..

by Sanad&Raneem;

تحفيز الابداع للنساء من المرحلة الثانوية الى الجامع

Successfully Funded
$8,200 Raised(103%) — 23 Funders

Nano Technology Group..

by Zidane Mitoubssi

The idea of ​​the project , use of nanotechnology in the fields of industry , energy,engine

Campaign Ended

Womanlance- She believes in her power..

by Rawan Alhindawi

Womanlance aims to provide women who live in MENA with freelancing jobs from home

Campaign Ended

علميني صنعة..

by Barah

تعليم 100 امرأة في الأردن على انشاء عمل خاص بهن مدر للدخل وتقديم التدريبات والدعم المالي لهن .

Campaign Ended

كوفي شوب Women..

by Haneen

كوفي شوب women هوكوفي خاص للنساءويتضمن العديدمن المميزات ويوفر فرص عمل للفتيات ويتتضمن فعالياته

Successfully Funded
$12,000 Raised(100%) — 36 Funders

كتاب قيود الجسد..

by Siraj Haddadin

كتاب قيود الجسد سنوات من الأمل، الحرب، الموت والحيا

Campaign Ended

My Letter Village: Reading Arabic Made Easy!..

by Natasha Quariab

My Letter Village: A cartoon & app, that teaches children to read in Arabic & expand vocabulary

Successfully Funded
$10,184 Raised(102%) — 70 Funders

راديو ريادي الراديو الامثل في كل الاوقات..

by Iyad Ayyad

راديو على الانرنت يقوم في بث و ارسال بعض المواد من الفيس بوك و ايضا يروج لبظائع الاشخاص

Campaign Ended

Still Female..

by Islam

Community-based initiative that aims to spread awareness about menopause to promote the role o

Campaign Ended

School Adoption Program..

by INJAZ Organization

By investing in education, you will be getting the best interest out there: Change!

Campaign Ended

The first media training center of its kind..

by محمد عساف

South Jordan lacks the specialized training centers . This idea came

Campaign Ended

Cost effective, durable and Dynamic Prosthesis..

by Mohammad Ismail

Cheap prosthetic legs for disabled people and war victims! We help them to walk and run again!

Campaign Ended Women's Fashion & Lifestyle Platform..

by Anood Yahya Fahed Bar..

fashion & lifestyle portal by Arab women for Arab women to inspire them to live a creative life

Campaign Ended

3d animation movie titled Basma - Smile..

by Marwan Almoghrabi

Basma is 3d Animation movie about the life of a child grew up in a village of orphans (SOS)

Campaign Ended

ELMorabba3 to Release Second Album. Keep Independent Arabi..

by ElMorabba3

Support ElMorabba3 to push the boundaries of independent Arab music with our second album.

Successfully Funded
$46,032 Raised(115%) — 248 Funders - Video says it all..

by Ahmad Basheer

We link recruiters and job seekers through instant video interviewing sessions

Campaign Ended

The Jamming Room..

by Meelad Mattar

It is about a large musical room which doesn't exist in Jordan,for rock jordanian musicians

Successfully Funded
$14,700 Raised(123%) — 12 Funders

Intelligent system bump to reduce road accidents..

by Jumaak

Bump intelligent system determines the driver is speed, very fast if the driver was suddenly

Campaign Ended

2ayqithini: A new album by Yacoub Abu Ghosh Featuring Lail..

by Yacoub Abu Ghosh

A game changing attempt to recapture the glory of golden age Arabic music in modern settings

Successfully Funded
$25,250 Raised(101%) — 78 Funders

Sa3ed: Visit senior homes and celebrate Eid with them..


Sa3ed chefs visit senior homes in Eid; cooking for them their favorite dishes.

Successfully Funded
$6,210 Raised(124%) — 12 Funders

Amplify Impact..

by Mohammad Abu Musa

Produce two short, story-driven videos for two innovative social ventures in Jordan

Campaign Ended

Sukarh - Taste Happiness..

by Hawazin Mohammad

Traditional Arabic sweets presented in a modern way, share happiness and raise our community

Campaign Ended

SuperSooq : classified newspaper in southern jordan..

by Ahmad Alkiswanee

our goal is to be the first classified advertising newspaper in the southern jordan

Successfully Funded
$11,067 Raised(111%) — 50 Funders

Bedoubag - empowering Bedouin women..

by Sandra

Unique woven bags inspired by tradition, empowering women, inspiring girls to learn a craft.

Campaign Ended