Create entertainment content for people with special needs..

by Mohammad Aljubori

Providing recreational content for people with special needs to develop, develop and educate themselves

Campaign Ended Official Launch..

by Tatu Francis

Official launching of, its a premium social network for financial Traders.

Campaign Ended
Campaign Ended

Maid on Demand..

by Ahmed Ismail

you need a cleaner ,. you search for health care member you need a babysitter. just on a click

Campaign Ended

The globe Talents..

by Amir Othmen

The biggest social network for talents : they can perform in our webTv, find producer, win prizes !

Campaign Ended

Social Friendship Network..

by Rami Issa

Social Friendship Network, based on randomly linking 5 persons that have the similar age ...

Campaign Ended

Feelix Tactile Bracelet..

by Thieab Aldossary

Feelix Tactile Bracelet communicates information from different apps through the sense of touch

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