تغطية موسم الحج لسنة 1438هجري عبر موقع اخبار الحج و العمر..

by محمد نجيب زقنون..

موقع اخبار الحج و العمرة موقع تونسي جديد يهدف لتغطية قطاع العمرة و الحج .. الان نحن نطمح لتغطية فعاليات موسم الحج 1438 ه

Webzine Nexus Mag..

by Aizen Mak

Nexus Mag is an electronic magazine where you will find news about Gaming, Movies, Manga & High-Tech or others. Our team

Campaign Ended

ANTRAX TELECOM Station : a GSM Redirection / Forwading Sta..

by Mrad Abdelwahab

The project is to build a GSM Station that is attempting to forward incoming calls from International Targets to Local Ones

Campaign Ended
Campaign Ended

ورشات امام الكاميرا..

by مريم بن الحاج احمد..

تعليم الصغار و الكبار تقنيات التمثيل و تكوين شخصية امام الكاميرا في نطاق ورشات مع اساتذة مسرح و مختصين

Campaign Ended

! "A documentary film titled "Yes, it's possible..

by حمزة حسين

Thefilm is meant to be a source of inspiration for people to live a spiritual/materiel harmony in a world where extremism

Campaign Ended

تعدين العملة الرقمية ( Bitcoin )..

by Salem Chker

تعدين البيتكوين مثل تنقيب الذهب أي إستخراج الذهب و استخراج هذا الأخير يتطلب وقت و جهد و معدات معينة و كذلك تعدين البيتكوين يحتا

Campaign Ended

عشاق الصحراء..

by علاء الدين بنعلي..

مشروع ثقافي فني ابداعي للتعريف بالتراث التونسي

Campaign Ended

Tisavar festival..

by Achref Chargui

Tisavar fest is festival of electronic music situated in the sahara for 2 days camps and different artistic installations

Campaign Ended

Instinctduchef.tn : healthy and chef cooked meals deliver..

by Houcem Ben Taleb

An on demand food delivery startup launched as means to satisfy a simple way to eat well in Tunis with few clicks.

Campaign Ended

The Golden Eye..

by mejdi klai

فكرة مشروع تصوير برنامج وثائقي عن كهف عين الذهب والتي يبلغ طولها 4.5 كم داخل باطن الأرض

Campaign Ended

3D patrimony restitution..

by Ines Hassoumi

We are a group of young designers passionate about history. We aim to globally promote historical monuments through high

Campaign Ended

Public gaming hall..

by Zidene Zidene

i want to make a public gaming hall (ps4 and xbox) to make money for living

Campaign Ended

The festival of short films..

by Ali Kaddech

The festival of short films festival is to be introduced the movies and especially in our region is No Meeting To View

Campaign Ended

Making motivational videos..

by Belhassen Chelbi

I'm a tunisian creator of motivational videos on youtube and I need a professional camera to start filming avoiding copyrights

Campaign Ended

Audiolaby Audibooks..

by Marwan Benhafsia

In Audiolaby, we produce Free and Paid audiobooks, Podcasts and Audio kid stories

Successfully Funded
$1,289 Raised(129%) — 9 Funders


by ناجي بن وناس الدهماني..

Establishing a space for training and production to help Youth realizing their artistic dreams

Campaign Ended


by Rhouma Malik

الرياضة هي الحياة

Campaign Ended

The Four Horsemen Chess Club..

by Cavalier Blanc

Creation of chess club aiming to spread and entrench values of the game among youth

Campaign Ended

تواصل - أول موقع تواصل اجتماعي عربي..

by Rayen Rouissi

منصة على الإنترنت يمكن من خلالها للعرب الترويج لمواهبهم والبحث عن فرص للتحقيق طموحاتهم

Campaign Ended

العطورات الرفيعة..

by Chokri

فتح محل لبيع العطورات التقليدية والماركة العالمية

Campaign Ended


by وديع الجربوعي..

arabic chicken chickcenyard

Campaign Ended

Help me represent Tunisia in New York..

by Amal Guidara

Representing Tunisia on Merit 360 and Create a Club of citizenship in every school in Tunisia

Campaign Ended

Development of a computer game AAA..

by Barhoumi Marii

we need to make a big video game(AAA)and make a revolution in this field

Campaign Ended

Donia l'éléphant propre..


donia is an ecological car wash area and a waiting area clientelle in the form of a cultural café To preserve the environment

Campaign Ended

Click-Click -Boom Webserie..

by Clic Clic Boom

C-C-B is a science-fiction webserie that takes place in a near future where terrorism transformed the way of life of the

Campaign Ended

منطقة مبيعات منتجات ومعدات شبه طبية..

by تقوى علية

احداث منطقة لبيع المنتجات والمعدات الشبه طبية تعتبر نقلة , فيصبح الحريف غير مضطر للخروج في الأوقات المحددة الصيدليات وقضاء شؤونه

Campaign Ended

محل حلاقة للأطفال..

by Aymen

نبذة عن مشروع صالون حلاقة للاطفال: تقدم صوالين حلاقة الاطفال خدمات مشتركة للجنسين للذكور والإناث من عمر عامين الى عشرة اع

Campaign Ended

قرية SDF في تونس..

by Mahmoudi Ahmed

هنا في بلدي تونس الآف الأطفال مشردون في شوارع لا يملكون مسكن قار لذلك لذلك أو

Campaign Ended
Campaign Ended

Informatique and Education Centre (CIE)..

by Mahmoudi Ahmed

it is a computer training center and education helps young people, students and pupils

Campaign Ended


by We'art Slam

we practice the word's art without any potentiel of slightest to save people from extremism

Campaign Ended

A website to invest in advertising space..

by Kahouli Faouzi

A website to invest in advertising space and supports two ways to profit during the first Alrfr

Campaign Ended

Halfway around the world..


I plan to make a documentary on this adventure , which will be issued in a few years

Campaign Ended


by khader hassen

You don't need a budget to launch a successful shoe brand.

Campaign Ended

Secure Drive..

by Ghamgui Ahmed

Secure Drive offers an embedded hardware/software system which offers automatic crash detection

Campaign Ended

Web and mobile developing market place..

by youssef MAARFOUI OUER..

it's about developing a platform for Tunisian expert designers and web/mobile developers for Europe/North America and Mena

Campaign Ended

Hydro print..

by seif edin Abdaoui

Hydro Print is a small business that use water transfer printing to decorate all 3d pieces

Campaign Ended


by bechir nizar

Using a process of augmented reality, virtual clothing can be superimposed onto the shopper’s mirror image, such as in t

Campaign Ended

JABANA Production..

by Ben Brahim hamdi

A group of young amateur artists from Tunisia

Campaign Ended

Clima service..

by Bacem

Clima service is a small business specializing in the field of energy service (Installation and repair of air conditioners

Campaign Ended

Invent RC Robots..

by Hatem Abdeljelil

I need this money to invent remote control rebots like helicopters / boats / cars ...etc

Campaign Ended


by Fawzy Othman

Foz is a robotic goalies trainer , Smart , Easy and powerful Let's create stars on the pitch .

Campaign Ended

Smile To Help Other By Watching Them Happy..

by abdelfatteh majdoub

it consist to have equipement for video making to see what does children are ambitious on life

Campaign Ended

Games Project..

by Wajdi Bouadila

I explained the idea of the project in this Annex book https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5X561_FcvAGU0NjRjhSczFuU2M/view

Campaign Ended

Respect our talents:..

by 8888kiuiyuiyypiu /*yu..

I Am a self-made musician Many of those who like me here We hope to create a recording studio

Campaign Ended

Tunisian Developpers Group..

by Ahmed Ben abderrazak

Tunisian Developpers Group Needs Your Help To Go Live & Start our Trip In Web Developping !

Campaign Ended

1st arabian speed dating platform..

by jihene bens

SpeedDating empowers users around the world to . create new connectionswe bring people together

Campaign Ended

1dollar save life tunisian..

by Mohamed_ayoub

save your tunisian brothers from poor the majority of them are poor help us

Campaign Ended

إنشاء وطباعة اللوحات الإعلانية و مجسمات الديكور..

by Ahmed

أصبحت اللافتات الدعائية وسيلة أساسية من الإعلان عن أي عمل، بغض النظر عن موقعها أو نشاطها أو حجمها.

Campaign Ended

اريد عمل موقع مثل مستقل..

by Õm Âr

تسهيل العمل الحر للعرب عبر الانترنات

Campaign Ended

حفل سعد المجرد..

by houssam marrakchi

جمعية رؤيا للثقافة والفنون تريد تمويل حفلة سعد مجرد من اجل الاطفل الفقراء

Campaign Ended

Park street workout Tunisia..

by Yassine Sbaa

مشروع بناء منتزه ستريت وورك اوت في تونس في ولاية المهدية و نحن نريد نشر هذه الرياضة

Campaign Ended

Improving SKills..

by Abdel Hakim khammassi

تتويج الشباب المبدع بجائزة الإفراط في التفكير على اثر قيامه باختراع أو تجديد لمشروع علمي تنموي.

Campaign Ended


by Saif Edine Mhadhbi

Youth loves sports but did not find a place to framing and training create their dream sports h

Campaign Ended

تمويل مشروع كل شهر بـ 1 دولار !..

by اشرف القابسي..

موقع يهدف لتجميع 10.000 ممول كل فرد يلتزم بالتبرع بـ 1 دولار شهريا لتمويل مشروع كل شهر .

Campaign Ended

Tshirt with English & Arabic caligraphie..

by علاء الدين شبيل ..

fashion and new style TShirt with English & Arabic calligraphie written with creative design

Campaign Ended

El 9ahwa..

by MOULA Mohamed

This is a 3D comedy series, accompanied by a video game

Successfully Funded
$1,125 Raised(113%) — 4 Funders

PilBand: support the Hajj WristBAND..

by محمد علي عمري..

carried by the pilgrims in their hands. The latter contains the GPS system and notifications

Campaign Ended

Señorita مقهى سيدتي للنساء..

by Iness Kadri

أول مقهى أنثوي في تونس ممنوع على الرجال يسعى لتوفير الخصوصية للنساء،كي يتمتعن بمزيد من الحرية.

Campaign Ended

Potato planter machine..

by خالد عكرمي

manufacturing potato planter Machine Model at the beginning we will try to make 3 models.

Campaign Ended

Smile of Hope..

by Fayssal Mspb

We seek to prove that any young woman and a young arab can deliver his top goals

Campaign Ended

Women in between |love|honor|shame..

by Info@maboula-producti..

Between violence and social exclusion women inter[act] on a web documentary ways of empowerment

Campaign Ended

PPS: the pocket plasma sterilizer tool..

by Frigui Meryem

Innovative Smart Tool to Sterilize everything you need in the best way with cold plasma flow

Campaign Ended

صحيفة زوالي..

by زوالي نات

هذه المجلة الإخباريّة باللغة العربيّة،تتوجّه إلى جميع القرّاء العرب في العالم.

Campaign Ended

School Tomorrow Music..


The establishment of an educational center first electronic music production in the Arab world

Campaign Ended

The green nest..

by Walid Berrhila

Environmental development starts from mentality.

Campaign Ended

TunisiaCAST - Creative Arts for Science and Technology Edu..

by Marouen Marzouki

High quality education for Tunisia and the Arab world for Free!

Campaign Ended

Lammat al Medina Film Festival..

by Lamma Twiza

A chance for several directors to shoot and screen their shorts in the Medina of Tunis

Successfully Funded
$6,292 Raised(105%) — 135 Funders

Nour Project - Mobile Learning For Arab Children..

by Attar Oussama

Noor Project a new opportunity for the Arab Child to learn foreign language in efficient way

Campaign Ended

Coworking Camp: Innovation in the Sun..

by Matthias Zeitler

Coworking Camp is a temporary coworking space in a beach resort hotel for startups and nomads

Campaign Ended

The writings and Thoughts of mute human..

by Saif Kribi

"writings human mute" is a compilation of writings project to reject racism

Campaign Ended

Passengers Design Store: Tunisian Artists Voice Internatio..

by Nadia Soussi

Passengers is a design store that aims to promote artists, designers and young talents.

Campaign Ended

Stud : The virtual study room !..

by Hichem Klouz

A virtual study room where students can meet other students of their own disciplines.

Campaign Ended

Cogite Creative Corner..

by Cogite Coworking Spac..

The Creative Corner will provide high-quality creative tools to entrepreneurs in Tunisia

Successfully Funded
$6,426 Raised(129%) — 74 Funders

DEBBO 52,Art project Incubator and co-working space for ar..

by Rafik Omrani

Art Project incubator for young artists from Tunisia and Arab world.

Campaign Ended

Skylight Coworking Space..

by Sohayeb

A dynamic space that gathers and grows potential leaders to work on projects for the community.

Campaign Ended

ESPRIT Mobile association..

by Imed Amri

We need devices to teach the basics of mobile development for youth: minorities and young women

Campaign Ended

EL 9ahwa DIGISOFT: 3D Comic Series..

by MOULA Mohamed

This is a 3D comedy series, accompanied by a video game

Campaign Ended

ALIENated Kasserine: The first 3D Animated Short Movie, Ma..

by Walid Abaidi

The first 3D animated short movie made in Kasserine telling the story of a lost Alien

Campaign Ended

MENA: lights! camera! action!..

by Aida Khemiri

Same stories about women happening in three different Arab cities: Beirut, Cairo, and Tunis.

Successfully Funded
$5,576 Raised(186%) — 61 Funders

فيلم الدراجة..

by Tarek Rezgui

.فيلم الدراجة هو مشروع فيلم وثائقي عن الفئات الفقيرة

Campaign Ended

CtrlLife كونترول لايف..

by إيمان الزبيدي..

تحكّم في نمط حياتك العامة والزوجية والأسرية، مع تطبيق كنترول لايف

Campaign Ended

A series of short documentaries about several stories and ..

by Ayoub Abbous

It is a series of short documentaries made of 3 parts. Each one presents real stories.

Campaign Ended

Ksar hellal street arts festival..

by Association Apollon

Street performers international art festival share their experiences directly with public

Campaign Ended

The Tunis Times: Tunisia's first Internet newspaper!..

by Amen Jelili

The Tunis Times is Tunisia's first Internet newspaper, founded by a team of young individuals

Campaign Ended