Saudi Sirocco Entertainment (Music & Films)..

by Stephen Butler

Developing Artists, Entertainers And Industry Professionals In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. To start Saudi Sirocco Records

Help Koun spread Yoga in underprivileged communities..

by Sandy Peters

Koun is a Lebanese NGO that offers Yoga and Mindfulness in underprivileged communities to promote total well-being. Help

Reapet - Empowering animal care with technology...

by Khalid Zamer

A free online platform to connect pet service providers, vet clinics, animal rescue shelters and pet owners, with Arabic

Schooling 101..

by Jeffrey Salloum

Homeschooling children who are in need!

Campaign DaFa - Our right to feel warm in winter (50 thous..

by Abdullah Hamad

In 2019 there are still tens of thousands of children living with their families in tents in northern Syria without enough