Tilde - The Multifunctional Space..

by Claude Jabre

Tilde is a multifunctional space built around the concept of boxes. It can be a library & can easily transform into a workshop/training

The Designer Child..

by Amin Alkarak

The Designer Child project aims to teach children graphic designs & explore and Build their skills based on a good foundations.

Imad Hashisho Music Program..

by A AH

Fundraising for Imad Hashisho Music Program


by amr elqasas

موقع الكتروني يستطيع عن طريقه الاشخاص الذين يريدون اسثمار نقود قليله في اصول ثابته مثل عقار او غيره

Elders need our help!..

by Mateo Akel

After learning the fate of the elderly in Lebanon, we decided, students of the College Louise Wegmann, to visit the retreats

Support Tablona: The First Inflatable Tabla in the World..

by Akram Al Sharif

To open a factory to create the first Ceramic Darbuka with an inflatable tuning system.

Let's make the Embrace Lifeline Operational 24/7..

by Embrace

Marwa is running the women's marathon of Beirut with Embrace NGO to allow the first suicide prevention helpline in Lebanon

Support Art of Change..

by Imane Assaf

This project is aimed at beautifying buildings in Lebanon and globally, by partnering with artists and building owners to