Together for a new and improved Daleel Madani..

by Lebanon Support

Help us improve Daleel Madani, the #1 portal for civil society actors in Lebanon, to ensure a better tool for a more efficient

Nostalgia - The Good Old Days!..

by Imad Bazzi

Nostalgia needs your help to restore, digitize, and publish videos & photos from the good old days. Let's share the love!


by Farah Srouji

Enrolling 10 dropout students of needy families in Sidon city in accelerated vocational training course and self-development

مبادرة رصد Rassd Initiative..

by احمد ديرية

مبادرة شبابية فلسطينية تهدف لتعزيز مفهوم المواطنة بين المواطنين والبلديات باستخدام وسائل تكنولوجيا حديثة وتشكيل شبكة تثقيف اقران شبابية .

Rescue The Forgotten Pyramids of Sudan..

by Edgardo Chalco

Let's enter an ancient Nubian pyramid to restore the paintings and texts of one of the few decorated burial chambers still

The Other: Support refugee kids get access to education in..

by Joe Hoster

Every child has a right to education, help us get more children off the streets and into classrooms.

Hadanati Mobile Application..

by Hussein Ramadan

Hadanati is an All Platforms Innovative Mobile Application for Nurseries, Kindergartens, Preschools and Daycares.