Support Bus for the Needy..

by CrossTalk NGO

The bus is used to distribute food to the hungry, support those passing through hardships and tend to the sick

Successfully Funded
$1,137 Raised(114%) — 16 Funders

Save Sannine Dogs..

by Yara Zalzal

This project is about saving around 40 dogs from a hell shelter from mount Sannine. Your help is dearly needed.

ONEMORE - Run for Mental Health..


Dr. Georges Karam, psychiatrist, is running 42,195Km at the Beirut Marathon to get $42,195 for the free mental health clinic

Successfully Funded
$42,307 Raised(100%) — 68 Funders

ANASAID- Support SAID NGO to run the Beirut Marathon 2018..

by hana nimr

Stop Colon Cancer by providing free prevention tests all over Lebanon. Support our founder Hana who is running the Beirut

Successfully Funded
$3,506 Raised(234%) — 23 Funders

Support Yousef Kekhia to Produce Monologue..

by Yos Ki

Support Yousef to bring his debut album "Monologue" to the world. Support independent Arabic music to keep it alive.

Gurbatuna Incentive our excellence..

by خالد عقيل

The aim of the project is to train 1000 young men and women who have been cut off from education because of the war in Syria

Campaign Ended

غربتنا دافع تفوقنا..

by خالد عقيل

اطلقنا مشروعنا لتدريب 1000 شاب وشابة انقطعوا عن التعليم بسبب الحرب بسوريا ولنبعدهم الحاجة او الهجرة او التطرف بتعليمهم ضمن اكثر من

Campaign Ended

Passiones Gardens..

by El Mahdi Zandoul

هي شركة تم تأسيسها على يد شباب لا يتجاوزون 18 سنة تقوم هذه الشركة بصنع حدائق منزلية حائطية للأشخاص الذين لا يمتلكون مساحات ك

Campaign Ended

by Bouanani Oussama - a participatory platform that aims to identify and market the works of young artists and traditional craftsmen.

Campaign Ended

NooL Books - Comics in arabic..

by Nool Books

Pre-order your limited and signed edition of one or many of our first five books exclusively on Zoomal before their official

Campaign Ended

Lail Series - Season 2..

by eslam osama

Lail series compete global cinemas as an idea and need material support to become a strong competitor from all sides

Successfully Funded
$20,500 Raised(323%) — 2 Funders | A digital platform for photographers in t..

by Beirut Center of Phot..

We would like to build a Trilingual website to promote photographers and visual storytellers from all over the MENA region.

Successfully Funded
$5,045 Raised(101%) — 29 Funders

Malena APP - Mobile Booking Platform for the Aesthetic , D..

by Marwa

The Only Mobile Booking Platform For the Aesthetic , Dental and Plastic Surgery Industry . A Virtual Market Place to Explore

Campaign Ended

The Volunteer Circle: from the people, for the people..

by The Volunteer Circle

A skill-sharing platform to find latest opportunities that match your skills, age, location, and interests, and interactive

Successfully Funded
$2,851 Raised(114%) — 49 Funders

Jabal Creative Loft..

by Jabal Creative Loft

We're transforming an old building roof into needed indoor spaces (offices/classrooms) to serve the youth in a deprived area.

Successfully Funded
$6,094 Raised(122%) — 34 Funders

Lebaa Countryside Park..

by Ghadi Wakim

We are developing our garden to welcome everyone looking to relax, play with their kids or hangout with there friends in

Campaign Ended

تأليف كتاب "قاع المدينة"..

by لينا شنّك

أحتاج إلى دعمكم لتأليف كتاب يجمع القصص الشخصية من سكان جبل الجوفة في العاصمة الأردنية عمّان. يمكنكم التعرف علي هنا: https:

Successfully Funded
$3,740 Raised(107%) — 50 Funders

Caritas Community Center..

by Caritas Upper Shouf

Safe day care space for children, day care and food for needy elderly, safe camping and training place for youth, plus socio-

Campaign Ended

SCU Racing Team ROV..

by Ahmed Mohamed

An underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) is a mobile robot designed for aquatic work environments.

Campaign Ended

Pi_Knowledge Maker Space the innovation zone..

by محمد الحسيني..

A Zone that brings together creators, students and special needs and will help people in Egypt to create prototypes for

Campaign Ended

Tripoli Film Festival 2018..

by Elias Khlat

Tripoli Film Festival is proudly entering its fifth edition and we need your help to continue the adventure.

Successfully Funded
$2,995 Raised(100%) — 18 Funders

Haki Sghar Program: Let Them Tell you Their Needs..

by Ayham Jaroun

I am Tyam, A year ago I launched Haki Sghar program on FB,that spread content to educate parents about the right ways to

Campaign Ended



A community that invests in the arts invests in itself. By giving to BAIT TARKIB, your donation goes back into the community.

Campaign Ended

Hana Malhas: Nasi..

by Hana Malhas

Your contribution will bring the album 'Nasi' to life, and send it on its travels across screens, borders, and stages, to

Successfully Funded
$23,062 Raised(100%) — 68 Funders

Help me start Feels Digital..

by Jihad Al Razqi

Web Management, Web Communications, Social Media Interaction made easy!

Successfully Funded
$1,120 Raised(140%) — 6 Funders

Empower Kids from Challenging Backgrounds through Arts..

by Zineb Lahbabi

Our program #childartist aims at offering arts classes (drama, music, painting...) to children from difficult backgrounds

Successfully Funded
$1,910 Raised(212%) — 17 Funders