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Zoomaal, in partnership with British Council and Hivos, is launching the“Made-by-Many” Challenge, to support creative, cultural, and innovation events and festivals that aim to have a social or economic impact with an innovative twist.

Projects from Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, or Yemen can participate in this challenge and benefit from part of a $60,000 match-fund.

The objective of this challenge is to support initiatives that work on connecting people in the cultural, creative, and innovative sectors, in addition to establishing strong ties between NGOs, businesses, national and international bodies, independent artists and entrepreneurs, to encourage cooperation between different organizations, cultural and creative projects, cooperation between artists, business linkages, and cross-sectoral and cross-regional collaborations.

Qualifying projects that match the requirements will have to attend Webinars held by Zoomaal about crowdfunding and how to create a successful campaign.

About British Council

The British Council is the United Kingdom’s international organisation for education and culture. Our purpose is to create international education and cultural opportunities for people in the UK and in the countries where we work, and to build trust as trusted international development partners, the British Council works in a range of development sectors, including civil society, justice and security, education, skills and employability, and public sector reform.

The British Council in the Middle East and North Africa seeks to empower learning, develop skills and support opportunities for all within the societies where it works.

About Hivos

Hivos is an international organisation that seeks new solutions to persistent global issues. Through its Mideast Creatives programme, Hivos aspires to support a more sustainable cultural and creative sector in the Arab region by providing support to collaborative workspaces, setting up training programmes for entrepreneurs in the aligned industries and finally improving their access to finance. |

The deadline for project submissions is on the 11th of May 2015. 

Projects cannot be submitted during the challenge period: June 15th - July 15th

Geographical focus
Projects must be coming from and held in: Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, or Yemen.

The event/festival must have a social and/or economic impact/benefit and an innovative twist.

Part of $60,000 match-fund
A project can receive a maximum of 30% from the total $60,000 match-funding budget to keep a fair chance for other projects to benefit from this opportunity.

• The event or festival must have a program and should be held in 2015.

• The festival or event should be in the creative, cultural, or innovative sector, or a combination of those sectors.

• The event has to be targeting various industry stakeholders as attendees. It should bring people together from all layers of life, from the big city to the small towns. It should have interactive elements and encourage collaboration between attendees.

• Project must pass Zoomaal’s screening criteria that ban charity, religious, political, alcohol, adult, and tobacco projects.

Example of events that can apply for the challenge: Cultural Festivals, Un‐conference, Industry Summits, Networking events in the cultural and creative sector.

Examples of events that can’t be part of the challenge: Workshops, Dinners and gaming hang‐outs within an industry, meet‐up events, and any other type of event that doesn’t give the chance for people to interact with each other.
If you think your project should be eligible regardless of the above guidelines, please send us an email to and we'll reply to you within 2 business days.


British Council and Hivos will match the funds given to the projects that qualify for the challenge up to $60,000 in total.

Whenever project A receives $10 from a random contributor, the challenge partners will put another $10 to double the impact of this contribution.

A project can receive a maximum of 30% from the total match-funding budget to keep a fair chance for other projects to benefit from this opportunity.

Remember that: 

The maximum matched-funding received is $500 per contributor.

-Does sponsorship funding count? How?

Yes. Individual and Sponsorship funding will be matched dollar for dollar. The cap on matched funding per user/organization is $1,000.

-Does in-kind funding count?

In-kind funding can be counted towards the target however it cannot be matched. Documentation needs to be presented showing value.

-If the project crowd sources more money than the match, does it get more from the matched-fund?

The maximum matched funding any project can receive is $18,000 (30% of total matched funding available)

The matched funding will stop once a project reaches its full target.

-Can you apply with more than 1 project?

No. We believe it’s difficult in enough to plan 1 successful event. However we encourage people to participate and support multiple events.

-Can a project campaign run beyond the challenge period?

Projects which want to keep running after the challenge is over will be able to do so, but no matched funding will be applied to anything after the challenge. Projects participating in the challenge must start and end at the same time. 

  • M

    Cinematic Events in Aleppo: Bringi..

    by Yara Tlass

    Cinema in Aleppo, Syria: A happy Space for Syrian Children

    Successfully Funded
    $11,518 Raised(115%) — 45 Funders
  • M


    by الأثر لنا At..

    SPEND THE DAY IN KHALIFA is an annual event by AtharLina to promote it as a tourist destination

    Successfully Funded
    $6,412 Raised(107%) — 51 Funders
  • M

    Lammat al Medina Film Festival

    by Lamma Twiza

    A chance for several directors to shoot and screen their shorts in the Medina of Tunis

    Successfully Funded
    $6,292 Raised(105%) — 135 Funders
  • M

    Educationcm, college and universit..

    by Jihane Laraichi

    A one place for the orientation of college and university students of all Middle East Africa

    Successfully Funded
    $18,612 Raised(103%) — 89 Funders
  • M

    Nehna wel Amar wel Jiran Festival

    by Aurelien Zouki

    Nehna wel Amar wel Jiran, coming together to create a free cultural arts festival in Beirut

    Successfully Funded
    $18,426 Raised(102%) — 215 Funders
  • M

    Saida Conference for Young Entrepr..

    by Saida Challenge

    It is an initiative, done by youths from Saida, to launch a special exhibition of Entrepreneurs

    Successfully Funded
    $20,355 Raised(102%) — 145 Funders
  • M

    Sharekna Festival IT'S YOUR MOMENT

    by Sanad Kteshat

    For anyone who wants to share his ART,DREAMS,CREATIVITY ,IDEAS .... this festival is for YOU!

    Successfully Funded
    $10,010 Raised(100%) — 33 Funders
  • M

    Art Lifts Up - different people make art

    by Marianne Boules

    An opportunity to encourage people to share their passion & dare to express the art inside them

    Successfully Funded
    $27,463 Raised(137%) — 67 Funders
  • M

    KAMKALIMA: Arab Creative Culture Jam

    by Siroun Shamigian

    Creative industries connect with cultural heritage to produce cross media digital stories.

    Successfully Funded
    $2,320 Raised(155%) — 12 Funders
  • M

    Youth Sustainability Summer Camps

    by Abdelrahman Aly Fahmy

    Sustainability Summer Camp for youth empowerment in Environmental and Entrepreneurship projects

    Campaign Ended
  • M

    Art Shower Festival

    by Designopia Zone

    Art Shower is a Festival celebrating the Creative Industry from artists and designers in Egypt

    Campaign Ended
  • M

    Moscars Al-Hurria International Fi..

    by 3738life Cultural Pro..

    An Intl. Independent Film Festival that chose the audience to be its official competition jury.

    Campaign Ended
  • M

    3arabcycle: a collective bicycle j..

    by Zeina

    A collective bicycle journey across the Arab nation to connect & build

    Campaign Ended
  • M

    LA'BOM! Music Festival

    by La' Bom

    ‘’la'Bom’’ a music event that will bring different Middle East musicians down to featur

    Campaign Ended
  • M

    Sunrise hope camps

    by Sodality Al-asala

    Summer camps for fun and the development of creative abilities and talents and skills for child

    Campaign Ended
  • M

    هاكاتون المدينة ال..

    by Abdellah Amine

    ملتقى تنافسي يهدف لتسخير تكنولوجيا التواصل لخدمة المواطن

    Campaign Ended
  • M

    Beard/Cartoon Project: Cartoon for..

    by Ali Jameel

    Beard/Cartoon project: To bring childhood life for the Syrian refugee and Iraqi IDPs in Kurdist

    Campaign Ended
  • M

    2nd Egypt Comix Week

    by محمد البعلي

    Egypt Comix Week is an initiative to strengthen the local knowledge and experience on comix

    Campaign Ended
  • M

    Ability Not Disability

    by البرامجالن..

    The integration of women with disabilities in order to achieve her status and promote self-suff

    Campaign Ended
  • M

    Bet Lahem Live Festival 2015

    by Lara

    Celebrate Bethlehem in Culture , Justice and Faith

    Campaign Ended
  • M

    Festival of Music Electronic Casab..

    by Nabil Laafili

    Music Festival facilitate the promotion and dissemination of contemporary music

    Campaign Ended
  • M

    (oy of life to the children of Gaz..

    by Mahmoud Abu Shatat

    Five concerts entertainment for children in Gaza to bring out the children from violence

    Campaign Ended