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Arab creatives and innovators can submit their projects. Find out more details on Zoomaal’s criteria for accepting projects here.
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If you have a good project, various people will want to support you; from people who believe in your projects, family and close friends, to diaspora networks that want to give back to their communities, international organizations, or local sponsors.
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After your project is successfully funded and you receive the funds, it is time to execute your project. As you proceed in making your project happen you need to update your backers with all of your latest news, they will be as excited about your project as you are!
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Understanding Crowdfunding

How Zoomaal Works


Posting a project on Zoomaal

Backing a project on Zoomaal

Other Questions

Why Crowd Fund?

For project owners it is about collecting the funds. Using crowdfunding, project owners no longer have to get loans or provide equity to fund their projects. In addition to the funding part, projects get a lot of exposure while crowd funding.

It’s not only the project owners who benefit. Project backers and sponsoring companies benefit. Individuals who back projects will benefit from the rewards that are offered by project owners. 

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowd funding is the usage of the power of the crowds to get your project funded. In other words, it is the action of pooling small contributions from the crowds - who are your family, friends, and friends of friends – to reach a funding goal that will turn a project into reality.

How to Crowd Fund?

Crowdfunding is about communicating with crowds, and convincing them with your idea. After all the crowds are the project’s funders!

If a you can’t convince 5 friends at least to support your project, then the public won’t.

How do I crowd fund my project on Zoomaal?

Submit your project to Zoomaal

You do so by signing up and creating a campaign. Your campaign will have to have 4 essential parts, the video, the description, the reward packages and your short biography. Afterwards, the Zoomaal project submission team will take a look at your project and if it is ready they’ll publish it on the platform to start receiving funds.

Start collecting funds from people.

Share your project as much as possible! Use all social media channels to reach out to all your friends. You want the crowd to know about your project before they can fund it! You can’t fund something you don’t know about. If your project is successfully funded, the collection of funds will begin from your backers. The funds will be transferred to the project owner’s account within 10-15 days after deducting Zoomaal Fees and Third Party Fees. If the campaign does not get successfully funded the contributions made do not proceed and no cash is deducted from any backer.

Execute your project

This is the part where you use the funds you collected to make your project a reality.

When are you allowed to collect the funds?

Zoomaal adopts the all or nothing crowd funding method. This means that each project is allowed to collect its funds after the deadline is reached and only if the funding goal is reached or exceeded. If a project fails to reach its funding goal then the funds are automatically returned to the backers.

Zoomaal allows its users to divide their total goal into milestones starting 10% of the total goal. Upon reaching your first milestone your campaign is successful and you may collect whatever you raise after your first milestone when the campaign duration ends.

What are the projects that Zoomaal accepts?

Zoomaal is a crowdfunding platform for projects only. Zoomaal defines a project to be non-open-ended and has a definite goal. Projects should not contain any prohibited content (alcohol, violence promotion, political actions, and pornography). Finally, projects on Zoomaal should not be a fund my life project and should fit into the categories offered on Zoomaal: Animation & Comics, Architecture & Design, Arts, Community, Dance, Education, Environment, Fashion, Films & TV, Food, Games, Inventions, Live & Social Events, Missions & Endeavors, Music, Photography, Research, Software & Web, Theater, Writing & Poetry.

What are the fees of Zoomaal?

Zoomaal charges only successful projects. Once successfully funded, Zoomaal deducts 5% of the funded amount. 

What are the payment gateways supported on the platform?

Zoomaal supports Master Card, Visa, the most popular payment gateways in the Arab world. This makes your project more likely to get funded!

What is an Offline Payment?

We noted that some projects were losing potential funding in countries where online payments by credit card are unavailable.
This problem is especially common in North African countries. So we decided to solve the problem by introducing an offline payment method that will allow everyone to take part in bringing back Arab creativity.

Learn more
When does a project owner receive the funds?

You receive the funds only when the project campaign deadline is reached and the funding goal is completely reached. It usually takes a maximum of 2 weeks to get the funds transferred to the project owner.

Is your project eligible?

Zoomaal defines a project to be non-open-ended and to have a definite goal. Projects should not contain any prohibited content (alcohol, violence promotion, political actions, and pornography). Finally, projects on Zoomaal should not be a fund my life project and should fit into the categories offered on Zoomaal: Animation & Comics, Architecture & Design, Arts, Community, Dance, Education, Environment, Fashion, Films & TV, Food, Games, Inventions, Live & Social Events, Missions & Endeavors, Music, Photography, Research, Software & Web, Theater, Writing & Poetry.

How do I choose my project's title?

Give your project a name that is specific and direct to the point. You don’t want to include words that are abstract and won’t help you in raising funds. Titles are part of first impressions so make sure to give it a sexy one.

  • A bad example would be: Crowdfunding my radio active project
  • A good example: RadioGraph: A revolutionized radio device
What to write in the description?

Make it short and mostly informative. Imagine you just met someone on the road and you want to tell him about your project. How would you do it? Now after that’s done imagine yourself being told what you said to that friend. Is it attracting? Would you back it if it were your first time to hear about it?

You can make use the following as an outline for your description.

  • Tell the user who you are and what you do. This will make the user trust you more and have more faith that your project will be a success
  • Introduce your project. Make it look like the best project/concept ever.
  • Tell the funder how will this project affect his life or someone’s life
  • Tell the funder what you need and what you are offering back

In the end do not forget to tell the funder that he can always help you by sharing. Remember that crowd funding is gathering funds from the crowds. So without the crowds there are no funds. 


What are the rewards I should offer?

What are things that you can give?

  • A product/service: the album, the DVD, a print from the show. These items should be priced what they would cost in a retail environment.
  • Involvement: a backer appears as a hero in the comic, everyone gets painted into the mural, two backers do the handclaps for track 3.
  • A fun/touching experience: a visit to the set, a phone call from the author, dinner with the cast, a concert in your backyard.
  • A souvenir: Polaroids sent from location, thanks in the credits, meaningful tokens that tell a story.

Keep in mind the following:

  • Not all your backers want your perks, but rather some just want to support it with small contributions
  • The $25 perk is the most popular in successful projects, so make sure to have one!
  • 50% of projects that have a perk package less than $25 are successful!
What do I write in the biography?

This is a small paragraph about you. The user does not want to know boring details. Just tell him what you do in life. Show him that you are the best man to do this project. You can state your age(if it helps), your educational degrees, your work experience, and above all tell the user what is your passion (and make it related to the project)

How do I get crowds to fund my project?

Network online

Be smart. Use social networks and other networks. You have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, emails, etc.. Any media tool is an additional network for you to use to get your idea out and reach your goal.

Network face-to-face

Go out with friends and talk about it. People would love to hear new bright ideas and better than that, is that people love to be part of it and support your idea. So do not fear to share the news personally.

Use the press

Media arms love to support the community and help it grow. Knowing that your project aims to help this community and/or create a better world then media arms such as newspapers, magazines, TVs, etc. will be of assistance for sure. Just go out there and contact them!

Don’t go too far

People don't like scam and do not like to be taken for granted. So while telling your idea, don’t modify and when sending messages do not spam. You will lose your funders that way.

What happens after a successful campaign ends?

Collecting the rewards

Once your campaign ends and your project is completely funded then you can proceed with collecting the funds. We will transfer the funds to a bank of your choice. This may take up to 1.5 months.

Updating the funders

Now that you received the funds, you have to keep your backers updated. Share with them the latest news. Update them about how things are going. They are all interested in your project because they all funded it!

Delivering the rewards

Now it’s your turn of the deal. The backers have funded you. Now you have to give them their rewards. Make sure to deliver the rewards as soon as possible and with the specifications you provided in each reward’s description.

Does my banner image have to be without text?
Your banner image should be without text preferably, for favourite projects, there is an overlaying text on top so any text on the picture itself would cause conflict.
I pressed submit, now what?
As soon as you press the submit button, the Zoomaal team is notified, and will start working on your project and hopefully get it up and running on the website as soon as possible!
How long should my project run on the site?
Projects are advised not to run campaigns for longer than 60 days, and most projects on our website run for an average of 42-43 days.
What do I pick for my short URL?
Your short URL is like your project identification, so pick at most 15 characters with which to describe your project.
Can I upload my project without the video?

No, according to Zoomaal guidelines, and in order to ensure as many funders as possible, a video is required.

How can I back this project?
At Zoomaal you have the most popular payment gateways in the MENA region. You can use payment methods such as PayPal, MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover, etc. or you can use an offline payment method such as onecard, cashU, cashunited, etc.
Can I trust project owners?
Check the project’s owner biography, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and other links they provide. Do they match? Do they sound eligible? You can know a lot about a person by just Google-ing his/her name. You can also be 100% sure that Zoomaal verifies all project owners before they submit.
When do I get the rewards?

This depends on the project owner and how fast he/she can prepare the rewards.

What guarantees the user to deliver rewards?

Zoomaal’s terms and regulations that were signed by project owner upon project creation, enforces project owners to deliver the rewards

Are projects on Zoomaal guaranteed?

Before any project is approved Zoomaal checks whether the project owner is capable of creating such project

Are funds refundable?

If a project does not reach its full funding goal, then the funds are returned to the original funders.

In order to cancel a contribution, please signup or log in using the email address you used to pay. Afterwards, navigate to the "Contributions" section in your account where you will be able to cancel any fund you wish. Note that In case of a chargeback request from the bank on a FRAUD transaction made to any campaign, the project owner is requested to refund the backer with full amount.

What language should my video be in?
Your video can be in any language you’re the most fluent in (either Arabic or English) with Arabic or English subtitles
What is Zoomaal?

Zoomaal is an online crowd funding platform for the Arab world that makes it easier for creative projects to raise funds from the crowds. Zoomaal is a pan-Arab initiative by the 4 major institutional investors in the MENA region.

Zoomaal’s partners are MEVP(Middle East Venture Partners), Wamda, N2V, and Sawari Ventures. Those partners are considered to be the 4 major investment and entrepreneurship hub in the MENA region.

Zoomaal Fees 3rd-Party Fees
Successful Campaign 5%
We only take this fee if the project campaign was successful
2.9% + $0.3 per contribution by credit card.
Paypal fees are 3.9% + $0.4/contribution.
Fees for other payment methods may vary
$45 wire transfer fee is added for cross-country transactions.
Unsuccessful Campaign 0%
All funds are returned back to the original funders. (Subject to fees)
For offline payments, no processing fees apply.
For credit card transactions, $1 is deducted.
Every project campaign must have a funding goal and a deadline. If you aren't able to reach your funding goal by the deadline, all the money will be returned back to the original funders. However, you are able to divide your goal into Milestones by setting your minimum goal, and explaining what you will be able to do when you reach it, and your overall goal and what else you will be able to do when you reach it. You can also set other milestones in between your initial and your final goals. You will be able to collect all funds that match or exceed your first milestone.
Projects only.
A project should have a defined goal and should not be open-ended. Some examples of projects that are eligible to crowdfund on Zoomaal are: writing a book, creating a prototype for a product, making a short-documentary, or starting a community developmental project.
Must be an accepted category
Zoomaal accepts projects that fall within the following categories: Animation & Comics, Architecture & Design, Arts, Community, Dance, Education, Environment, Fashion, Films & TV, Food, Games, Inventions, Live & Social Events, Missions & Endeavors, Music, Photography, Research, Software & Web, Theater, Writing & Poetry.
No personal funding
Zoomaal does not allow projects that request funding for personal goals. E.g. buying a new laptop, or paying university tuition fees. However, if you are, for example, going to the Himalayas to put your country flag there, this is counted as an endeavor that doesn't just benefit you and can be posted on Zoomaal.
No charity
Zoomaal defines a charity project to be non-sustainable, and collecting funds to give them away to a certain group of people or for a certain cause without any maintainable outcomes. Our mission is to promote innovation, creativity & sustainable development in the Arab world that is why we do not accept charity projects. Zoomaal also welcomes projects by NGOs and Non-profits that have impactful & sustainable outcomes.
No prohibited content
Zoomaal does not accept projects that encourage the use of alcohol or tobacco, political or religious movements, or pornographic content.