Improve The 3D printer..

by Hafez Badawi

The first model was designed in the university graduation project for 3D printer and we produced different shapes with good

Workshop for manufacturing handbags..

by Ahmed Balousha

Create handbag factory to make money as well as create jobs for a specific segment of females

Exchange platform..

by Adel Mohamed

Project Objective Acquisition of a market share of 1% of trade volume, which is now estimated at $ 200 billion

Let's change the world: new ideas and new inventions..

by Ahmed Hassan Mestour

My name is Ahmed from Morocco, I study in electrical engineering, and I have the passion to leave my mark in this world through

Clothes Factory 100%..

by Mina Atef

Clothes Factory 100% Egyptian Industry & Workers Goal of the project Manufacturing all kinds of men's & ladies' wear & children's

Palestine Youth Conference..

by Muhannad Al Danaf

Which addresses youth issues The Conference creates young activists together to explain sustainable development of youth

صناعة مواد التجميل الطبيعية..

by الحسين غنام

اعمل في مجال انتاج واعداد مستحضـرات التجميــل. أحتاج إلى مواد أولية ومعدات للتميز. المنتوج الطبيعي أو « Bio » أصبح مطلوبا ف

Egypt Arts Summit..

by Mahmoud Lotfy

Presented by Spark, the Arts Summit is an gathering of artists, filmmakers, non-profit professionals and community for sharing

It is an Extraction Unit of Essential Oils and Medicinal P..


The unit of extracting essential oils and medicinal and aromatic plants dried, we aim to meet the different needs of cosmetics