Sport shoes for horses absorb shocks..

by Mohamed Bor

The first design of horses' sneakers made of shock-absorbing plastic

Ovelia Advertising Agency and printing..

by Beshoy Zaky

the basic idea of my business project look so regular..but you may got the new idea i have from the name i gave to it (factory

They deserve more..

by خالد عقيل

People with special needs A segment of more than one million war products in Syria according to the United Nations, need

Tale sand..

by حمدي بوجيرمي..

Each grain of sand is one of the stories of prose 140 bottles of colored sand in the words of hope 140 children to 140 patients


by Mohamed

The new design in rare shapes and sizes, Egypt and sells them and also printing difficult clothes because of the cost of

Kids creations center..

by ahd mamik

We, the Lebanese-Palestinian youth meeting, want to open an education center for children in ways that develop their talents



مشروع نادي رياضي هو ببساطة موقع مجهز بمعدات التدريب والأوزان الحديدية لتقديم خدمات التدريب في مجال بناء الأجسام أو إنقاص الوزن.


by Guemri Muhammed

a TV show that aims to spread awarness ans knowledge among youth, especially that most of the Tunisian TVs cast empty and

Shoes design..

by Mohamad Tebani

Shoes design