Naqed, For a better personality..

by Youssef Bensghier

Naqed is a platform that allow you to get critics (secretly) about your personality from your friends, family and all over

The Olive Grove - Beirut CoWorking..

by Anna Medearis

The Olive Grove provides a space & mentorship to empower creatives & entrepreneurs, and encourage economic growth and stabilty


by Sami El Dwieb is a smart online shopping website provides the delivery of most smart life technologies and products released

Gamer World..

by Ben Denidina mustaph..

The online game requires high-speed computers and a high-flow Internet, which we will provide to players

IoT Institute..

by Walid Sabra

Establish an Institute to Teach kids and Juniors new Technologies such as IoT (Internet of things) and Machine Learning as

Tun-art Foundation..

by Mondher Dakhlaoui

The project's name is” TUN'ART Foundation” it's not only a co-working space, it's a communication,development and a production uni

حافلة لنقل التلميذات إلى مدارسهن..

by محمد صبري

في البادية المغربية نجد عدد المدارس الثانوية أقل خمس مرات من عدد المدارس الأساسية، وتقع على بعد أكثر من 10 كلمترات عن محل سكنى التلم

Gemstones to achieve wishes..

by Hossam Ellamaay

Gems have strong wishes to achieve, acquire your precious stone and achieve your wish Just tell us your date of birth and