Child Labor

Remove 30 children from worst forms of child labor and help them, enroll stay and succeed in school. Reintegrate and make follow-up actions.

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Interests : PVA mission and goals : * Stabilization of patriotic standards, and social cohesion, and train on vital citizenship, & encourage volunteering for the development and glory of our country. * Raise the community awareness of different aspects of human rights, and contribute to building the society on democratic & social justice foundations. * Respond to the needs during and after emergencies caused by armed conflicts & natural disasters in order to support and save the rights of refugees & and marginalized groups. * Confront illiteracy; encourage education and innovate it as it is considered one of the pillars of development. * Preserve and protect the environment and the biodiversity. And raise the awareness of health & diseases prevention. * Community Development and promotion from recipient communities to participatory communities in its development. And raise the community capabilities in order to promote well being, freedom, and civilization. *Contribute to a build a world where children get all their rights, through working on the foundations of a safe environment that protects the child from all forms of abuse & exploitation & violence, provide health services, and raise the awareness of child safeguarding policy. *Support women rights to achieve gender equality, and raise the awareness of the importance of women participation in community development.

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