Geniuses Battle – How many words can you get?

Play your childhood favorite game online: Human, Animal, Plant, Object, Place! , Think it Fast in a fun word guessing,Geniuses Battle.
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Short Summary 

Play your childhood favorite: Human, Animal, Plant, Object, Place! Think & Guess It Fast in a fun word guessing Geniuses Battle. How well do you think you’ll fare?

About Guess It Fast - Geniuses Battle:

Word games are all the rage right now, and that trend shows no signs of slowing down. In order to give the people what they want and feed this trend even further, I have developed Guess It Fast - Geniuses Battle – based off an old game played on paper in most of the Middle Eastern, African, and Asian world – that is both unique enough to get players interested and familiar enough that old skills will still apply. In the game, you get a single letter, which you then need to use to complete a table of categories (Human, Animal, Plant, Object, Place). So, for instance, if you get the letter “D,” you could fill in “Dan” for human, “duck” for animal, “daisy” for plant, , “door” for thing and “Denmark” for country. onward until you got to the end of the table. The winner is selected based on the highest scores, and the object is to complete the field before anyone else does, each player verifying other players’ words (10 points if no other players uses the world, and 5 points if two or players use the same word). Put your knowledge to the rest, training your brain for speed through three rounds of play!

Guess It Fast - Geniuses Battle is a fun game in which players will go head to head, competing in order to show their vocabulary and language prowess. Currently I am developing the game play and labels for Arabic and English languages,  Development on the game is 70% complete, but I would like to raise some funds to get to 100% and then start developing the next version of the game, which will feature new bonus levels and power-ups. This is where you come in!

Some Screenshots of current 1st version development:

Where as I said it is not a complete version, so there are some issues I am still working on to solve them. such as inviting Facebook friends and playing with other real online players (currently playing online with AIs)

New Game Bonuses (Power-Ups) on next version:

We would like to improve the game to have more user engagement by making the game more challenging to players so we have an ideas of bonuses that can be used by detecting some coins from your account or as reward bonuses such as:

Bonus name
Stop End button 5 Seconds
Prevent other players who finished from clicking “End” for 5 seconds
Stop 1 Person 5 Seconds
Prevent one player from typing for 5 seconds.
Get hint of selected column, where it can be used 3 times per game.
Extra 10 Seconds
Increase time countdown 10 seconds only for player
Display other player answers
Display one of the other players answers
Display number of fielded answers
Display number of answered columns of all players

UI/UX of this feature for 2nd version:

What I Need & What You Get

I have come to you,Zoomaal, for help raising to complete the project cost for all versions around $29,000. What I really need is $17,000 to complete the project including finish developing 1st version. But It least if I reaches $11,000  I can by the time and Ads revenue complete the rest of money by my own.

I have already started working on the game and almost 70% of the MVP game is done. Most of logic and algorithm for the game basis is done, I still have some issue on points calculation, FB invitations, and other connection and compatibility with different screen sizes. Since the basic is setup correctly the rest be done but takes time to identify the problem then solve it.

So far I have paid around $12,000 of that total amount of the project, Which is payments of the first version until this moment of the development:

- Development cost (until this moment) for each sprint finish I pay around $400-$600,

- Cloud services,

- web hosting and domain for landing page and preparing for APIs.

- Developer accounts on Android

- Developer accounts on iOS,

- Game UI / UX design,

- Logo Design.

- ASO Content writing,

- Background music licenses.

Some more screenshots of current 1st version development:

Player Profile Screen
شاشة الملف الشخصي للاعب
Error When Invite Facebook Freinds
الخطأ الذي يظهر عند دعوة صديق من فيسبوك
Player must select game play language
على اللاعب اخيار اللغة التي يود اللعب بها أولا

The other $17,000  (Which I need) will be pay for :

* Development: ($10700):

  - Complete 1st version development. ($3,000)

  - Web development Landing Page for the game (already bought hosting and domain ($200)

  - Developing 2nd version for bonuses and characters and improving dictionary (The basis are set up correctly adding new features are easier and not like building from scratch). ($2,000)

  - Developing 3rd version for a custom bonus rounds for players (single player mode) after I get list of verified words, to have players to select corrects word for each category in certain time. ($500)

  - Developing 4th  version for custom game challenges for company brands (advertisement) where I can have a deal with restaurants or companies to have their challenge on my game and giving winner players actual coupons for their products. ($2,000)

  - Developing 5th  version for backend to develop an APIs, So other words games developers/owners will not take time on researching for words, they can securely connect to my database dictionary and get list of words for their games where I can set up the APIs to handle random of questions and images of each word in each category of the game (if possible). ($3,000)

* Marketing ($6,300):

  - Marketing multiple Image Designs in Arabic and English and social media profile covers ($200)

  - Marketing 2 Video Montage Arabic and English 1st version ($150)

  - Marketing 2 Video Montage Arabic and English 2st version ($150)

  - Marketing campaigns on social media and apps ($300) monthly. (for 1 year)

  - Content writing game 1st version review and publishing to gaming tech blogs. ($100)

  - Content writing game 2nd version review and publishing to gaming tech blogs. ($100)

  - Influencers on social media and YouTube to make a review and leading users to download the game. (I have to set a budget of $2000 because it’s not fixed price and I have to select influencers in English and Arabic) it’s not only gaming because mostly new generation don’t know the game so not just gamers are targeted, I need also people who borne in or before 80’s.

Simply Your Support will help me on a marketing campaign, development, connection with other apps’ APIs, and actual prizes. To thank you and to show my appreciation for your support, I am offering some exciting rewards through this campaign, including beta access to both versions of the game and in-game prizes.

Risks & Challenges

Because I am already so far along developing the first version of the game. in fact, I started working on it since December 2017, and I had struggle time with developer agency to work along with me until this moment where finally I can see the game concept is working fine as you see on the video.

There is not a whole lot of risk left. I have already planned out the UI, and everything is ready for me to move forward. If any other logistical challenges pop up, I will be sure to keep all my valued contributors up to date!

Other Ways You Can Help

In addition to making a monetary contribution, you can help out by sharing this campaign link with everyone you know. Friends, family, spread the word far and wide! Instagram and Facebook are both excellent platforms for posting about a game like this, one that is fun for players young and wise alike. I appreciate all your support, and I thank you for your time!

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  30 Aug,2018

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  30 Aug,2018

We Have setup our social media accounts, and we'll continuously updated with latest news on our game. 

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