Nadi El Mohakah strives to empower Egyptian youth and enhance their civic participation through the method of simulation gaming.
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Nadi EL Mohakah (Simulation Gamers Club, Egypt) is a youth group of over 150 passionate, young trainers and facilitator of non-formal education from 15 governorates in Egypt. Nadi El Mohakah strives to empower Egyptian youth and enhance their civic participation through the method of simulation gaming.

What’s a simulation game? Simulation gaming is a non-formal educational method for civic participation. The method provides a safe environment that allows the participants to get a more comprehensive understanding of local challenges and conflicts. What are the root causes? Who are the main local stakeholders and how are they interconnected? Which ideas could be used to solve (or help to overcome) the issue at stake? Etc. This empowers and encourages the participants to become more proactive in real life and to become change-makers.

History: Everything started in 2012, when the two organizations CRISP (Germany) and the Center for Development Services (CDS), Egypt, introduced the method of simulation gaming to local civil society organizations. Participants and trainers became highly interested in the method and the community demand for more simulation games was huge.

During the last six years, the members of Nadi El Mohakah received professional training on the method of simulation gaming and implemented community-based activities that promoted youth civic participation. This way they helped marginalized groups in Egypt to become heard in shaping a vision for peaceful co-existence in Egypt – all this via the simulation gaming methodology. Due to the previous work, the current (50) trainers and (100) facilitators of Nadi EL Mohakah are convinced of the important work they are doing and want to continue on a professional level and thus transfer the informal network into an official, legal entity: Nadi El Mohakah Foundation.

Our vision is to have a society that is aware and capable of developing develop all available with the leadership of youth and with the participation of all sectors.

Our mission is to build the capacities of members of society and raise their awareness, through interactive learning processes methods, to support their participation in the development of local communities, using self-sustainable approaches

What is the goal of the fundraiser? We aim to launch the first organization in the MENA region dedicated to develop and implement simulation games as an educational tool to increase active citizenship and to facilitate civic education.

Our experiences in making youth understand complex political and social issues were impressive. Due to our previous activities numerous participants were enabled to contribute their own ideas to overcome local problems/conflicts and thus to foster sustainable development on the municipality level.

Hence, the powerful learning method of simulation gaming is extremely suitable to make youth aware of complex social and political topics and furthermore empower them to become active in finding alternative solutions. Thus, we want more youth to benefit from this efficient learning tool and reach out to more rural areas in Egypt, as well as in other places in the MENA-Region.

Our impact: The simulation gaming method increased the overall understanding of the prevailing social and political conflicts, and enabled diverse groups from all over Egypt to create a “Vision for Egypt 2025” that brought actors from different sectors (media, religion, business and local authorities) together and to join their limited forces to create such vision. The creation of the vision happened on 5 different stages. The first stage introduced simulation gaming methodology to Egypt by training the first batch of 14 trainers who learnt the technique and skills of designing and implementing simulation games and disseminating the methodology among their peers. The second phase came with more capacity building activities to prepare local facilitators to spread the simulation gaming methodology in different governorates and with Egyptianizing the first simulation game to make it fit the Egyptian context and make it more appealing to Egyptian youth. The third phase focused on putting a vision for Egypt in 2025. In consultation with hundreds of youth from 10 different governorates, the participants came up with 5 key values to work under: Humanity, Freedom, Social Justice, Honesty and Equality. They developed a new simulation game that touches on those values. The idea of Nadi El Mohakah was born during this phase. Realizing the vision, our work expanded to 15 governorates with a total of 600 beneficiaries and implemented 5 local community-led initiatives in 5 different governorates. Another new game reflecting the application of the 5 values was designed and rolled out in 8 different governorates with support from members of Nadi El Mohakah. Consolidation of the Vision and institutionalization of Nadi EL Mohakah as a sustainable entity came in the project’s fifth phase. Through the implementation of 15 initiatives in 15 different governorates, and the development and implementation of two new simulation games focusing on particular values, mainly freedom and equality; and the utilization of 5 co-working spaces, the participating youth consolidated their presence in 15 governorates and reached out to more than 5,000 beneficiary youth and young women.

To whom we dedicate our efforts: More active citizenship is particularly needed, as today civic engagement is limited in Egypt. That’s why we strongly believe it is necessary to use this innovative learning tool that is designed to reach out to youth with limited educational background, who live in areas that do not have many opportunities to participate in non-formal education trainings and to get involved in inter-regional activities. Here, we know by experience that huge creative potential is not fully used and once you start to support youth’s own initiative very concrete, feasible and innovative solutions will emerge.

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