Swimming Egypt: 900 km Against Plastic in the Red Sea

Swimming the length of Egypt: 900 km in the Red Sea in 90 days to spread awareness about plastic waste & its effects on the environment
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My name is Omar El Galla, from Cairo, Egypt. And in September 2019, I'll attempt to swim the length of Egypt in the Red Sea from the north at Suez to the south at Shalateen; a distance of 900 km in around 3 months.

I am doing this swim to spread awareness about the problem of plastic waste in Egypt and its negative effects on the environment, most of which are produced by single-use plastic products. My hope is to get people to be more aware of this issue, start paying attention and adjusting their consumption patterns.

I will swim 12-15 km a day till I make it to Shalateen. Starting at Suez and passing by Sokhna, Zaafarana, Ras Gharib, Gouna, Hurghada, Safaga, Quseer, Marsa Alam, Hamata and Berenice. This swim is also sanctioned by World Open Water Swimming Association (WOWSA)

I will be accompanied by 3 friends including a filmmaker documenting the whole journey. During those 90 days, we will be living on a sailboat that will serve as our moving home. This sailboat will be where I eat, rest and sleep between swims.

After cycling around and running the length of Egypt,this swim is expected to be the hardest challenge I have done to date, both mentally and physically, while also demanding extensive planning and training. This swim is the third and final chapter of my quest to tour Egypt human-powered, thus completing what can be called the “Egypt Extreme Triathlon".

Visit the following link to know more about my past adventures.

The Cause:

While cycling around the country, I would know if I'm approaching a town or city a couple of kilometers away just by the sight of plastic bags flying around in the desert. While running along the Nile, I saw plastic bags and bottles floating all over the river, water canals and in the agricultural lands. While training at sea for this swim, I would bump into bits and pieces of plastic waste floating around, stuck in corals and littering the beaches.

Plastic waste is now everywhere. It does not decompose, it lingers around for hundreds of years affecting both the environment and our health. An average person uses hundreds of single-use plastic products every year. To give just one example, a person can use around 150 plastic bags annually. Every plastic bag or water bottle is used only for a couple of hours, then they linger around for more than a lifetime. I want to shed light on this issue and suggest altering our consumption patterns by doing small things that have a big impact.

Starting the 15th of September and for 3 months, I’ll be going through this journey using only reusable and eco-friendly products. You can join me in doing so in your daily life too. During the duration of the swim you can start changing small things that can make a big impact like replacing plastic bags with reusable cloth bags and using refillable drinking water bottles instead of single-use ones, to give just a few examples.

Imagine the impact one person can make by using one reusable product instead of hundreds per year or thousands in a lifetime.

How your contribution will help

By contributing, you will be helping me spread awareness about the plastic waste problem in Egypt through this journey by covering some of the following expenses:

  • Daily expenses including food and water for the duration of the journey. 

  • The sailboat rental, insurance and permits fees for the duration of the journey.

  • Swimming gear including special full body neoprene swimsuits.

  • Safety gear including tracking and non-telephone communication equipment.

  • Film production crew, equipment and post-production expenses.

Other Ways You Can Help

You can also help out by sharing this campaign and getting the word out.

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My name is Omar El Galla, from Cairo, Egypt and in September 2019, I'll attempt to swim the length of Egypt in the Red Sea from the north at Suez to the south at Shalateen; a distance of 900 km.…

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