Smart slim ,wall railed , rechargeable battery with a 24/7 CCTV features and big storage memory
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 This project is intended to put the first 250 Wall mobile smart TV into the world of reality before  mass production begins early 2018. The wall mobile smart TV ( Wms-TV) is the first of its kind with unique features like ;

-Smart wall rail; it's a wall rail which is co-used by the tv , window curtains for motorised movement of the TV and window curtains in the house. This make it possible for mobile TV watching in the house and ease the way of monitoring the house by the CCTV on the Wms TV.

-Smart power tower; it's an antenna like tower with combination of both diamond shaped solar and wind turbine for an efficient and continuous power generating for the Wms TV hence minimising the monthly electricity bills .

- 2TB memory.

- Smart TV remote.

- Sim card slot for easy internet connection from telecom operators.

- In built-TV battery .

- Internet router to share internet connection with other gadgets and devices .

- 4 ( four) antenna module architecture.

- Charging port for both smartphone and tablets .

- Smart tune app; this enables the use to set TV recording for the program or TV show in the future time in their absence and plays it at their time of wish when available. It also co-plays more than 3 TV shows at same time in the background to be watched after the playing program.

  All contribution is to embrace the iconic Arab world as a technology hub of innovations and inventions as we all look forward to the internet of things era.

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Dubai (Dubayy), United Arab Emirates
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Am Charles kayingo aged 27years ,working in Dubai UAE. Am a smart technology die-hard man though I graduated in BBA .Am much skilled in inventing and innovating new gadgets and systems and my first invention was smart brick made from…

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499 Available

2m TV wall railway.
$50 or more

399 Available

2.5m diameter of a manual semi-circle tv wall railway.
$75 or more

200 Available

2.5m diameter of a semi-circle Tv smart wall railway.
$100 or more

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universal smart power antenna/tower.
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1 universal smart TV remote and universal smart power antenna/tower
$500 or more

16 Available

1 set of wall mobile smart TV
$800 or more

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2 sets of wall mobile smart TV
$1300 or more

20 Available

3 full Wms TV sets ( 32 inches screen, smart power tower, smart TV remote, 20 meters of smart wall rail ) with his name along side the project logo engraved on the sets ; 2 full Wms TV sets ,
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