A poetic documentary about a village in Mount Lebanon living between absence,memories, and hope
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Short Summary
Ain Bal is our mother's village, where our childhood's golden days happened. After our grandpa died, we never came back, until recently, to discover it was abandoned by us and people our age, only to be inhabited by less than 70 elders, who drown in a past that no longer exists, and wish their sons come back. We felt regret to what we did, and decided to make a film In Memory of Ain Bal as we knew it, where life once happened.

What We Need & What You Get 

The film won two development grants from Tribeca Film Institute and another well-known US institute( will announce the name once we are allowed to) for 2014, both of which are 10,000$ each, yet we still need money to recruit a good sound operator, rent sound equipment and few lights for interviews. 15000$ would help us maintain our cinematic style. We don't like to brag about our work, that's why we prefer you watch our trailer and see why we may(or may not) deserve your contribution. We all have this kind of village inside, that swings between the past and now, resists change, and wishes things happened differently. We all have parents who wait for us, to visit them daily, or once in a while, and we all suffer from a certain type of absence. This local village seems small enough, yet it is a sample of a global big issue nowadays

The Impact
The world is moving so fast, that we are missing so many great adjectives like serenity, peace, and family values. What we need is a moment of silence, just to slow down and enjoy the beauty that can be found in such rural areas, where happiness lies in small things, memories and nostalgics. Help us prove our theory if you believe there should be a life out there where no wi-fi exists, only a telepathy between villagers who live together and share their love for the land, and for their faraway chiمdren

Other Ways You Can Help
Many roads lead to heaven, and helping us make our movie has many options. One would be to spread the word for potential funders you might know. Another would be to check with your friends in the filmmaking industry if they would be interested in offering their services( like sound operators &/ DPs). Third way may be to pray for us to be able to not just make the film, but ensure our baby turns out to be a beautiful piece of art! So  Pay or Pray. And thank you both way( or ways but that would disturb the rhyme)

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Mount Lebanon (Mont-Liban), Lebanon
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Ola and Omar Shami have worked together in more than 20 short documentaries featured on national Lebanese TV for four years since 2006( Sawtuna program broadcast on LBCI) Their recent project Villages of the Absent has won the Tribeca Film…

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$15 or more

100 Available

Enjoy reading your name on Facebook, let the whole world know you helped in making it come to life.
$30 or more

150 Available

Enjoy the first ever screening of the finished film inside the village, along with all the villagers and film team! Meet the behind-the-scenes live
$200 or more

800 Available

In return to your generous reward, we offer you an immortal thank you: your name on a rock that lasts forever, in the middle of Ain Bal's square, that you can visit anytime you like while enjoying the scenery in the village.
$350 or more

20 Available

So we'll be getting to know the character of the documentary, as well as the good spirits who contributed to making the movie, through a big dinner in Ain Bal
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