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Combining your personal hygiene stuff like MISWAK,Mints & Perfume - Get araaq.. be stylish
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The story ..

What is ARAAQ??


Good question, we are glad you asked!

ARAAQ is a New "Islamic" innovation that will change your lifestyle, confidence and the way you think about hygiene when you aren’t in the comforts of your own home It is one tool that combines MISWAK, spraying perfume, and carrying mints.

MISWAK With a new innovated cover & peeler

It is designed for ease of use and suitable for different occasions and places.You don’t need to go far from people to brush your teeth or apply some perfume from time to time. You can use it before you attend business meeting, after lunch, during transportation, after sports time, before religious rites, and during celebrations.

· The MISWAK slider is designed to make the movement of the tooth brush easy and adjustable to any position you want.

· Using the perfume atomizer is as easy as using a Zippo tinder box. (5ml refillable bottle)

· The candy space orifice is designed to pass only one candy at a time.

You may be wondering how it is possible to brush your teeth on the go…

We are using something called a MISWAK organic toothbrush.  Seven thousand years ago, mankind discovered the MISWAK as an organic tool to clean teeth. The amazing thing nowadays is that recent scientific researches proved the effectiveness of it as a tool to clean the mouth compared to the recent toothpaste and brush.

So not only can you brush on the go, but your teeth will be cleaner, whiter and your breath will be fresher.  And when you need an extra boost you will have your mints handy as well.

Be one of the early birds of this invention which I believe will change your life!


This device is safe for men, women and kids.  And it has so many different applications that we cannot wait to get it on the market to see the many ways people will enjoy using it in their everyday life.

There are also tons of benefits we have seen when people start using our product, these are just some of them.  And we cannot wait to see what you will have to add to this list:

  • Fresh oral smell
  • Healthy gums
  • Mucolytic
  • Strong teeth
  • Healthy throat & stomach
  • Clear voice tone
  • Better digestion
  • An effective aid to give up smoking
  • High self confidence
  • Bigger smiles
  • More friendliness and confidence when meeting new people
  • Less fear in new places

For more information about MISWAK download this pdf research:

About Us

Our company is passionate with creating an unmatched solution that’s easy to use. Our company will run the business based on our mission statement of providing a safe and reliable hygiene solution to help people optimize their life and stay fresh. So far all of our feedback has been over the top, everyone from professionals “on-the-go” to world travelers are enjoying the many useful benefits of ARAAQ.

Together with our team we take our passion for innovation beyond our products and in every decision we make.  In our product development process, simplifying people's lives has always driven us at every stage.

Q & A

How can I get my ARAAQ?

In this page, there are a number of offers and packages, try reading each carefully to select the most suitable one. You will then be transferred to a payment page where you can choose whichever payment method is most suitable for you. If you cannot find a suitable payment method, please get in touch with me directly via  email me at

What are main components I get, when I reserve my ARAAQ?

We are trying to give maximum satisfaction for our backers who decide to reserve their ARAAQ, so you will get the following:

- ARAAQ pen (Various colors and materials)

- 4 miswak packed and ready specifically for our product, enough for almost 2 months of use, given as a gift (later on you can use any other miswak that is less than 1.1cm (0.43in) in diameter, or you could buy a bundle of our high quality miswak from our website)

- Miswak cutter and stripper (safely cut and strip the miswak when needed, saving you effort of using traditional tools)

- 3 refillable perfume bottles + one refillable oil bottle, to be filled with your favorite scents.

150ml of MISWAK powder as a gift 

- Luxurious pod, similar in size to a glasses pod, allowing you to keep all these tools in your vehicle, travel bag or any other place.

Is ARAAQ suitable for everyone?

Definitely, ARAAQ is suitable for anyone, even kids... We have also managed to design it using a variety of colors to suit various tastes.

Where are you going to manufacture ARAAQ?


I would like to buy ARAAQ. How to select the color?

All you have to do is select the material you prefer... Later on, we will contact you, so you can choose depending on the material you selected.

Example: If you purchased the leather version during the campaign, our team will get in touch to send you a link where you choose the color that is most suitable for you from a list of available

Can I later change the material?

Currently, it is not possible to switch selected material. If there are any updates, we will let you know for sure.

Can I buy more than one version and send them as gifts to more than one address?

Yes, and you can take advantage from 5 or 10 units packages, even in large numbers.

When should I expect to get my ARAAQ?

Normally, your ARAAQ will arrive within 5 to 10 days from shipping date.

We have finalized July 1, 2016 as the date we ship our packages to packers and clients. Any change to this date, would be communicated to you.

Why there is different prices between various versions of ARAAQ, is there a difference in how they operate?

There is no difference in how ARAAQ works, however, each material has its own production cost.

Is ARAAQ safe, without side effects? Especially concerning children?

There are no side effects for using ARAAQ, and it is suitable for all ages above 8 years old.

Do you have a return policy?

According to Zoomaal website, there is no return policy, but we standby the quality and excellence of our product.

Help us make a change... Help ARAAQ to exist

How You Can Help!

Get your ARAAQ TODAY!  We are selling them through this campaign at a super low price so everyone can see the life changing benefits for themselves.

Your generous funding will help us get things started in order to realize our concept. It will assist us with the cost of further development, manufacturing and production. More importantly you get the chance to be one of the first users of the ARAAQ.  We will also use our funding to test our concept to make it better.  We are committed to continuous improvement so we are always giving people the best possible solutions.

We will also be using the funding to:

  • Expand the possibilities for the usage for consumers as well as retail solutions of the ARAAQ
  • Further customize the first version of the ARAAQ
  • Create additional products and services that will compliment ARAAQ

The ARAAQ needs pledging but above all it needs your attention and interest! If you love this product as much as we do then please take a moment to click on one of our social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube at the bottom of the page). Help us spread the word and get things started!

We need about 15000 Insert Goal amount in order to break ARAAQ onto the market. That will include marketing, materials, labor and related expenses for start-up.

Other Ways to Help

If you would like to contribute to the campaign mission, there are plenty of other ways to help!

Teach someone else about the need for change

At its core, this campaign is about helping people through the use of this device. If you're in a position to teach someone else how this device can help them - do it! You are contributing to this campaign by passing on the awareness.

Spread the word

You can contribute your popularity by telling your friends and family about this campaign. The success of this campaign is directly correlated with the number of people who view this page. If you can increase that number, you are making a tangible contribution to the mission.

Risks and Challenges

We have taken the time to get nearly everything in place before launching this campaign. We took the risk up front by delaying the launch of this campaign until we believed it was ready, to lessen the risk to our backers. We have a great team in place so we don't predict many obstacles here.  But there is always the unknown.  But we will face every obstacle with the same tenacity and perseverance that we have from the start.

Thank You!

We feel so grateful to everyone who has taken the time to read out campaign and for those who contributed what they could to make a difference and helping us spread the word.  We have spent the last few months working hard to bring our vision to life in this campaign and it was worth every minute thanks to all our generous supporters.  Please know your efforts, even the smallest, don’t go unnoticed.   You are part of our ARAAQ family.

Old school?  No Problem!

For those of us who don't like making donations over the Internet, please feel free to contact me via email: and I will provide you with a mailing address to send check or money order to.  I will post your contribution on the campaign with your name and I will deliver whatever perk you would like.

If you wish to contact us:



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i will send you 5 pieces of High quality MISWAK with amazing smart peeler (peeling layers+cut )
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This copy come with leather texture giving a real sense of luxury.. still offered price
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Get this package with 5 pieces of araaq and share with your family or give as a gift to your friends .. Shipping is free you save 20% )(choosing color will be from our website later
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