A community that invests in the arts invests in itself. By giving to BAIT TARKIB, your donation goes back into the community.
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Who we are and what we are doing?

BAIT TARKIB is the first creative youth center in Iraq dedicated to contemporary Iraqi art with a special focus on promoting the young generation. Our work is mainly oriented towards the interface between art and public.

TARKIB was founded in 2015 on the initiative of emerging Iraqi artists as an independent artists group. Its members are coming from different fields: visual art, performing art, film, music, literature, photography, interior design, graphic design and cultural management.

In 2017, a new challenge has been taken: we moved in in our own home: BAIT TARKIB.

TARKIB’s focus is directed to empowering the youth, especially women and to artworks that form a boundary between art and everyday life, explore new socio-cultural spaces, work interdisciplinary and interactive.

As an independent institution for contemporary art TARKIB has a high degree of flexibility in creating its programs and addressing its audience. It is resource both for the artists and members who make active use of it, and for those who participate in it as visitors.

Since 2015 we are organising the annual TARKIB Baghdad Contemporary Art Festival, which is Iraq’s only multi-disciplinary arts festival that takes place over four days in spring each year, every year, in a different place. The festival is a group exhibition with conceptual art by young Iraqi artists and features an additional program with Iraqi contemporary literature, music, film and theater.

We have our own theater productions and book publications. We are implementing exhibition series, workshop series with national and international experts as well as annual trainings in leadership for women.

Beginning of this year, we founded the Tarkib Ensemble playing a repertoire of compositions by the Mosulian artist and Tarkib member Ameen Mokdad. Tarkib Ensemble is doing weekly flash mops in different places of the city of Baghdad to activate the cultural life.

In BAIT TARKIB we will be additionally able to give lessons in music, filming and editing, cartooning and animation, painting and drawing, acting and directing, creative writing, cultural management and English language. We will organise solo-exhibitions with our members, set up open projector nights, give concerts and make round-table discussions to different topics.

BAIT TARKIB will become an island for education, development, healing, inspiration and peace and will make a smile on Iraqi faces.

Why do we need your support?

Art is communication, reflection, and search for new departures – and these are the only alternatives to violence.

BAIT TARKIB is driven by the questions of how to gather, how to live together and how to activate new capacities for the future. Through our future-oriented and participatory character we serve to community capacity building and opinion-forming.

Through our activities we advance the career and the creative processes of innovative emerging and mid-career artists. We promote cultural dialogue and lifelong learning throughout our divers society.

As our home base we choosed a typical old Baghdad house. Build in the 30s of the last century it needs restoration work, renovation and maintenance work, simply a completely refurbishment.

To be able to implement lessons, workshops and trainings we do need the suitable equipment.

To be able to offer our audience seating possibilities, we do need chairs and tables.

To condition the air of BAIT TARKIB in the long hot summer period (6 months), we do need a generator and air-conditions.

As we are independent and volunteers, our efforts alone cannot cover the budget necessary for making our dream come to life – to create and run our own home – BAIT TARKIB.

A community that invests in arts invests in itself. By giving to BAIT TARKIB, your donation goes back to the community.

Your contribution, no matter how much it is, does actually make a change!

If you can not contribute financially, please help us to spread the words around the world by sharing this project.

What will we use your money for, if we get 2.500$?

• to cover the material costs for the necessary renovation works in whole BAIT TARKIB (materials for fixing walls and ceilings and to paint all rooms, halls, doors, windows, stairs and handrails)

What will we use your money for, if we get 5000$?

• material costs for corrective maintenance work (electricity, water supply system)

• material costs for restoration works in the kitchen and two bathrooms and the necessary equipment

• costs for the installation of five air-conditions

What will we use your money for, if we get 7.500$?

• to buy a generator to power BAIT TARKIB with electricity

(The national electricity in Iraq is not always available, especially not in the hot summer period. People have to buy monthly additional electricity from the private generator sector according to the amperage of their needs and what they can afford. The cost for the generator electricity is quite expensive. Only to supply BAIT TARKIB with electricity for light, we have to pay 90$ per month. If we want to have one room cold using an air-conditioning unit, we need to pay minimum 90$ more, as air-conditions take minimum 5 Ampere, which means another 90$ per month. If we buy our own generator, we only have the costs for the gas, which is much more cheaper.)

What will we use your money for, if we get 10.000$?

• to cover the costs for 20 chairs and 10 tables for seminars, 50 chairs for events, 5 ale-benches for the garden, book shelves and an office cupboard, lamps and/or spotlights for all rooms

• to equip our small office (mobile phone, router, UPS, printer, general office staff)

What will we use your money for, if we get more than 10.000$?

• to renovate the roof as an open air event hall

• to renovate the basement and create a store for artworks and other equipment and create a handcrafts studio

• to restore the stairs outside of the house, set out an event area in the garden and paths around the house

• to buy a basic sound and film-screening equipment

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TARKIB is an institution for the production and presentation of contemporary art, where the pressing questions of our time can be openly formulated and discussed. TARKIB Baghdad Contemporary Arts Institute was founded as an independent artists group on the initiative…

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