Trained singers flying over from the US to give a 2 week masterclass for those wanting to learn
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BEIRUT SINGING ACADEMY (16th to 26th of August)
Ecole des Arts Ghassan Yammine is proud to present the Beirut Singing Academy with 4 International Coaches: Denzel White (Soul/RnB), Islima Songbird (Soul/Pop RnB), Devin Tracy (Jazz/Rnb) & Sedeah (Hip Hop/RnB)
*From 16 years old
**One Week Program (everyday 9:00AM - 4:30PM) & A Big Ending Concert
***Program & Biographies Below
****Information & Registration: &

Denzel White
• Great Stage Presence
• Tips on Crowd Interaction
• Voice Projection...
• Soul/RnB Style
• Proper Pronunciation
• Can work with Tenor and Alto Voices

Islima Duvivier
• Stage Presence/Comfortable on stage
• Voice Projection
• Tips on Crowd Interaction
• Proper Pronunciation
• Soul/Pop RnB Style
• Can work with Alto Soprano Voices

Devin Tracy
• Harmony Training Courses (Expert)
• Voice Projection Courses
• Proper pronunciation
• Jazz/Rnb Style
• Vocal Warm Ups (Intermediate)
• Stretching & Breathing
• Can work with both Male and Female Singers

Sedeah Theo
• Stage Presence
• Voice Projection
• Hip Hop RN’B Style
• Proper Pronunciation
• Can work with Alto Voices

Hailing all the way from NYC, Denzel White is an American singer who’s making his mark on the music scene.With origins in soul and R&B music, Denzel’s sultry voice sooths the soul of every listener!
Coupled with his captivating stage presence and impressive falsetto/whistle register, his voice has made him a force to be reckon with.
In 2013, Denzel embarked on his full solo career with the release of his debut album entitled “ The Prequel.”Since the release, Denzel has performed around the world and has shared the stage with many greats such as the iconic Patti Labelle.
Most recently, Denzel now tours the Middle Eastwith critically acclaimed Lebanese pianist/composer Michel Fadel and Quartet Entertainment.
Join Denzel on his journey as he continues to rise to the top of the entertainment world!

Islima Songbird, The Brooklyn-Bred star, is the embodiment of raw talent. This songstress has a soulful jazzy voice that is sure to evoke emotion from anyone that hears it.
Known for her fearless stage presence and undeniable confidence, this beauty is in a lane all her own. With her roots in R&B and Soul, her sound fuses elements from the old school with a modern day twist. Her vocal tone and powerful range is the magic that sets her apart from any vocalist!
Performing on stages from the legendary Apollo Theatre as well as touring in Germany with an International Gospel Choir, Songbird continues to spreads her musical wings. She has opened and performed for artists like The iconic Gladys Knight, Michael Bivins, Chaz Shepherd, gospel artist Mary Mary as well as being a contestant on BET's Apollo Live and The Voice.
In her spare time, she lends her talents to Scholarich Foundation and Music Group based in Brooklyn where she promotes entrepreneurial-ism and philanthropy as she strives to be a role model for young ladies everywhere.
With her youthful spirit, strong demeanour and soulful voice, her listeners are always granted a euphoric listening experience. Join her journey as she grows along with her talent.

The path to greatness often comes with many struggles and sacrifices. This is no different for Florida born singer/songwriter Devin Tracy. In 2012, he parted ways with Jacksonville and took his talents to NYC to jumpstart his music career. Since then, he’s performed for BET (networks) Music Matters at the famous SOBs in NYC, participated as a contestant on The Voice USA and released four major projects that were featured on blogs worldwide. Devin has a talent that is unmatched!
His jazz infused vocal style, coupled with Soul, R&B and a hint of opera, is sure to wow audiences around the world!People are often stunned that such a powerful and beautiful voice resonates from such an unassuming character. His vocal range is impressive and his execution flawless.Some call it the voice of an angel, others call soulful and sexy.
In 2016, he landed a full spread in the February edition of Blue Magazine where he gives the audience glimpse into the edgy world of Devin Tracy. He is a true artist in every sense of the word and his commitment to his artistry speaks for itselfwith every body of work he releases. Devin bares all within his music, always singing his unapologetic truth to the world.

Sedeah, born and raised in the big city of New York, is a rare talent whose music will touch the soul. Her eclectic sound truly reflects her belief that "Art should not be categorized it should just be beautiful". Mixing the sounds of R&B and soul, Sedeah’s vocal styling proves that she’s a talent well beyond her years!
Since the start of her music career, she has shared the stage with highly acclaimed Lebanese pianist/composer Michel Fadel, performed at Ashford and Simpson’s iconic Sugar Bar in New York City, and all around the Caribbean via Carnival and Royal Caribbean cruises.Her dynamic energy and stage presence is sure to leave the audience enraptured.
This summer marks the release of her highly anticipated EP entitled "Season Changer.” With this body of work, Sedeah bares all giving the audience a front row seat on her journey as she navigates her struggles, pains, and pleasures.
This Renaissance woman’s musical, theatrical, and spiritual offerings will leave you yearning for more.

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We are a collective of people who have worked in and around the music industry for many years. I was lucky to be granted my dream job in music touring, working with A list artists. I have had the luxury…

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We have a showcase at the end of the 2 weeks and you are invited to watch the US performers alongside the students.
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Pick one of our top teachers to get a one on one singing lesson.
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We will be giving industry lessons in stage performance, how to hold a microphone, music industry seminar. chose one from a list of 5 and get a free spot in the class.
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The teacher can come to your home on an evening and teach you in the comfort of your own home.
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