Crowdfunding campaign to save farmers of Bsharri from the natural disaster that destroyed the sector and resulted in $10 million in losses
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

A few weeks ago, an unexpected ice-beads storm hit the region of Bsharri for around 10-15 minutes, which was enough to completely destroy the agriculture sector for this year, especially apples, cherries & pears.

Bsharri is an agricultural community counting around 1000 families, mainly farmers. About 800 out of those 1000 families residing in Bsharri all year long rely exclusively on agriculture as a primary source of income. Annual traditional Apple crops are estimated to reach a gross average of 1 million boxes, along with a substantial production of pears, cherries, and various traditional fruits and vegetables.

More than 60% of the overall economic resources are roughly provided by this traditional agricultural sector, mainly the substantial production of apple crops which provide almost exclusively for the overall needs of the large farmers' community.

Needless to say, any destructive natural disaster of such amplitude, is an imminent red alert catastrophe that threatens not only to deprive those humble families from their basic vital resources but would harshly disrupt the socio-economic structure of the local population.

Immediate seasonal losses are estimated around 10 million USD, mainly in regard to the entirely wiped off apple and pear fields and various agricultural plantations, devastated by the ice-beads destructive storm.

Sensing the alarming extent of this socio-economic crisis and the utmost urgency to confront this dreadful disaster, and hopefully to alleviate its immediate and long-term effects on local families and overall economic cycle, the Municipality of Bsharri is launching an online crowdfunding campaign, aiming to reach expats, philanthropic parties and NGOs in order to raise funds to assist disaster-stricken farmers and their families to overcome the hazardous consequences of this unexpected catastrophe.

All raised funds will be distributed proportionally to the total production of each farmer.

Elie Sadek Tawk
03 Jul,2019

Peter khoury
25 Jun,2019

24 Jun,2019

Chimene Dawra Tawk
24 Jun,2019

Amado Fakhry
23 Jun,2019

Ziad & Edgard Tawk
23 Jun,2019

23 Jun,2019

Assaad Kairouz
23 Jun,2019

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This crowdfunding campaign is initiated by Municipality of Bsharri

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