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B&W Where All Wedding Ideas & Services Gathering In One Place. B&W Supports Who Doesn't Have Enough Money To Realize There Dream Of Marriage
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Who We Are?

Black & White is height level-integrated service wedding organization project, It will be the first of its kind in Jordan, Where all wedding service providers gathering in one place. With a primary aim of supporting those who wish to marry but they can't due to high costs of marriage and to make the arrangements for marriage more quickly, accurately and easily. "B&W" provides complete consulting services for weddings with a fun-filled atmosphere during its planning & implementation, And also by applying "B&W" featured Ideas and expert tips we help create stress free, Special, Unique and unforgettable events for customers.

Why Do We Need Your Support?

Jordanian has been facing the repercussions of difficult humanitarian, Social and Economic conditions, And also high unemployment rates. All of these conditions In addition to our traditions long-term steps and its many procedures put young people in a difficult position where they were restricted. Especially, They suffer from low levels of income and high cost of living resulting in a complexity of readiness for marriage. Where the results of the census showed that about 45% of males aged 13 years and over didn't marry compared to 35% of females until 2018.

Accordingly, The idea is came and we start work. Many people have believed in our idea and offered their expertise for us, ِAnd also we have established a network of relationships with various companies and service providers, Where we have agreed and participated. 

The project will be establish and start from Amman, We hope that the project will expand to all cities-regions in Jordan and perhaps in the future countries that suffering like us, We will defy the hard economic situation and make our project happen!

Well, The project idea is already at advanced phase, ِAnd now it's time for your contributions! Unfortunately, our efforts alone can't cover the budget necessary for making it come to life!        "WE NEED YOU"

Let's Dig Deeper Into Our Project:

As we mentioned earlier B&W will be a hub of companies that offer wedding services, "B&W" will reconnect these companies and integrates its services into a single company such as a union of companies.

Marriage services that can be provided :

1) Venues for events (Hotels, Wedding halls, Farms, etc).

2) Wedding Apparel & Accessories stores.

3) Care and Beauty Centers.

4) Various equipment and services for Men's Party (Hafla Al-Shabab).

5) Various equipment and services for Women's Party (Hafla Al-Henna) .

7) Photographers, Videographers, Flowers Arrangement, Wedding invitation cards, Sweets, Buffet, Drinks, etc.

8) Professional crew to event layout indicating the location of the dance floor, Buffet points, Tables, Chairs, Lounges, etc.

9) The bands include (Zafah Band).

10) Buses for transporting guests.

11) Honeymoon Tickets.

12) Wedding car.

Therefore we will offer a host of packages and services specifically tailored to the needs of each couple.

"B&W" will be unique in that we give our clients our undivided attention. We will listen to their needs and work with them to create the event of their dreams. Our client's wishes will become our commands, We want every detail of their event to be both a pleasurable and memorable experience. , On the whole, B&W save time and effort to be a perfect wedding night.

"B&W" will be open to all clients. There will be two sections, One of which is a specialist to help those who really need help, It will be a non-profit project section that only aims to be self-sufficient and sustainable. To achieve that all of these service providers responded in return for a small profit.

After the couple and their parents complete the selection process and identify their needs, The budget is prepared and 40% of the total cost is deducted. For example: Wedding costs 10,000$ the payment will be 6,000$ etc.

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How Can You Support Us?

By contributing you will be helping us raise a budget of $20,000 to make "B&W" project happen!

Your contribution, no matter how much it is, does actually make a change!

You will help us fund:

Main Goal of $6k: "Bring B&W To Life" 

The "Main Goal" in Zoomaal language means all or nothing, we either make it or we don’t!..We are up for the challenge so we have set this goal to cover the basic costs of Start-up Expenses.  It includes two stages:

Stage one $3k: Business License/Permits, Franchise Start Up Fees, Legal/Professional fees, Office Rent Down Payment.

Stage two $6k: Office Fixture, Decorations, Equipment, and Stationery. Computer Hardware/Software.

First Stretch Goal of $12k : "Brand Building"

The process of shaping customer's emotions, feelings, memories, and opinions associated with our brand through need a strategy-driven plan and designs that stands the test of time and people. this includes: Prints; Brochures, Flyers, Prepaid Insurance, Contracts, Catalogs, Signage, Promotional Materials, Advertising for Opening. Basic Website, Sales and Marketing.

Final Goal $20k : "Brand Development-Brand Spreading" 

Any business must constantly adapt to changing market conditions, New business tools and new sales opportunities, Also maintaining the consistency in terms of quality, value and trust that consumer finds in the company to continue grow and prosper of it, this includes: Research and Development, Work on More Sales and Marketing Channels, Preparing Wedding Exhibition. 

                  * Please feel free to request a more detailed cost breakdown by contacting us!

In return, to thank you, "B&W" has developed a system of rewards, we invite you to have a look at the right of this page! 

How can you help us? 

Contribute in raising $20,000 by the 4th of Dec to fund this year’s target. You will be receiving one of our rewards based on your contribution as a thank you gesture. We look to you and extended community to support us. Make a contribution today to our campaign and be part of this project, Just click on "Fund this project" and choose to contribute online or offline, Every little bit helps us more to achieve goals.

Other ways you can help

Share, Share and Share!

If you can't to contribute financially to this project, You can contribute your popularity by telling your friends and family about this campaign. Talk about it! Help us in spreading the idea, go ahead and share our campaign with others on social media or other channels.

The success of this campaign is directly correlated with the number of people who view this page. If you can increase that number, you are making a tangible contribution to the mission.

Believe in us, and support us!

Our Team:

Mohammed Al-Shallan: Team Leader, Project Manager.

Ismail Al-Najjar: Marketing and Sales Senior.

Mohammed Asfour:  Finance and Accounting manager.

Omar Aqel: Web designer, Programmer, Developer.

Ehab Al-Shallan: Public Relations Officer, Ensure Outside Workflow.

Nada Al-Jaber: Wedding Design, Coordination and Planning.

Noor Al-Halabi: Wedding Expert, Consultant.

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Anyone who supports this project with any amount, No matter how little, Ultimately contributes to the ownership of this project morally, They will be part of making thousands happy!
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This reward includes an air ticket to Jordan, personalized accompanied tours to various cities and historical sites as well as dinner with us, And lots of exciting activities. We want to give you a once in a lifetime tour of this beautiful country we call home. And by the time you leave we hope you will love it as much as we do + We will host you at our offices for the day, where you can see our programs directly, and learn about the other great work being done + Full day with Mohammed + Special Thanks!
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Officially become one of the Black & White wedding planner partners and you will adopt with us the idea and message project, also own a percentage of the company shares. This means you will be contribute personally to the project, Contact Mohammed on the following email: for all the juicy details!
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