Temperature control of Residential Solar water Heaters

An innovative solution for the overheating problem of solar water heaters, consumers are offered 2 choices manual or automated system.
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I am Haytham Dbouk a senior ECE student (Electrical and Computer Engineering) at AUB (American University of Beirut) i have a control and robotics minor. My friend Mohamad Ghamlouch (my college) and i are representing an innovative solution for the overheating worldwide problem faced by the solar water heaters, this need your belief in and support to turn into a Multinational business capable of interfering in the renewable energy plan.

According to the "Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation" (LCEC), the solar water heaters market in Lebanon is an emerging $100 Million Market. The demand for solar water heating systems has increased significantly throughout the world considering that solar energy is a renewable source able to decrease the reliance on scarce resources. However, the over exposure of these solar water heating systems to sun radiations (especially during summer) has resulted in the overheating problem which reduces the unit lifespan, causes premature component failure, and reduces the system’s performance. We designed a temperature control system (an innovative solution based on totally new idea) that can reduce the worldwide overheating of residential solar water heating systems (whose proposed solution ideas are either theoretical or very expensive compared to the system’s price), thus protecting the unit. Considering that the average cost of solar water heater is 1500$ (depending on the manufacturing company and the system size in liters), our aim is to manufacture this innovative overheating protection (150$).  Our purpose is to build a protection method that can control any type or model of solar water heating systems, so that it can attain a safe desired temperature without influencing availability. This would ensure that the solar system would not overheat to an extent that threatens the equipment, components, and unit. At the same time, the household would be supplied with enough hot water even if it is not sunny, when possible. The developed prototype is being tested on 4 solar water heaters, to test real life conditions and circumstances. Furthermore, our target marker is the regional and international companies manufacturing solar water heaters and households admitting such systems.

Moreover, our competitive advantage is that the idea is new and that we will release a patent for this product. Furthermore, our first big step is to feed the national market, where annually 2000-3000 solar water heaters are installed in the Lebanese households along with the already existing systems,  then step by step we are planning to spread our business to the regional area and then to the international area (benefiting from the patent that should be released by then). This strategy will be applied step after another, thus we will start by manufacturing the first commercial package (of 1000 units).

Besides, manufacturing this innovative system will enrich the Lebanese market and will offer several job opportunities and potential technological advancement (applying various engineering concept in the best manner to become a part of the industrial manufacturing line) which will be invested as an economic of scale for the enhancement of the Lebanese industry. 

Thus the requested funding (100000$) will be implemented in issuing a patent for the product and as the main bulk for manufacturing the first commercial package (where the cost per system is planned to be 150$) and the remaining amount of this commercial package will be manufactured from the profit of the sold ones (where the expected rate of return is 30-40%).

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My name is Haytham Dbouk, I am a senior ECE (Electrical and Computer Engineering) student at AUB (American University of Beirut). I am an Honor Listed student and I have a minor in Control and Robotics and a minor in…

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