A head start for a business that Provides work for stay-home women who need to make some money.
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

At some point of my life, My mom had to find a job to provide for us, her kids, without having any work experience nor any degree. What saved us was a home based job. unfortunately the company that provided this job had to close few years later and mom had to search again for a source of living.we came up with a home business that teaches women to craft, then give them few crafts to work on, which can provide a small or enough amount of money to get by from month to month. 

What we are looking for is to expand the business so we can reach a higher amount of women in need. 

  • more materials to work with.
  • pay for a good marketing plan 
  • women's payroll 
  • means to attend local and regional crafts expo.

This will mean to us the world, because this issue touches us at Craftsome personally!
We know the struggle and we are trying to let Women know they are not alone. 

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Mount Lebanon (Mont-Liban), Lebanon
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My name is sandy, I am passionate about gymnastics and social help. Member of the Lebanese Red cross youth department. Co-founder of PARTNERS NGO. What I'm good at is helping people as my major is psychology. I currently teach gymnastics…

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