This natural homemade play dough is exclusively made from 100% food-grade ingredients. Does not contain any chemicals.
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

What’s Da3douka ?

Da3douka is inspired from the Arabic verb: Da3aka, Yad3akou, Da3kan
This natural homemade play dough is exclusively made from 100% food-grade ingredients;

-Does not contain any chemicals
-Non-toxic, safe and healthy
-Trace less and clean
-Soft, smooth and easy to model
-Comes in 3 primary colors (red, yellow and blue )
-Can be mixed into different secondary colors(orange, green, purple and brown)

. It can be used and reused when stored on shelves in an airtight container; it is  Eco-friendly as it dries after getting exposed to air and it can be painted when dried. All these steps are innovative by themselves.

Da3douka- this natural homemade Play dough made with 100% food grade ingredients-  started as one of the products that I provide for children among other art products in my home and mobile workshop, Junior Art.Children used to play with it, learn with fun, and relieve their energy.Upon assessing a need from the parents to have Da3douka with their kids at their own homes, the idea of selling Da3douka came up.

Why Da3douka?

-To provide children, parents and teachers with alternative Play Dough products, that  make playing with Play Dough both fun and safer and with less mess.

-Because it is made with 100% food grade ingredients you needn't worry when you find your child with a mouthful of Play Dough.

It is an excellent opportunity for kids to learn while playing because it:

1-Strengthens and controls fine motor skills.
2-Develops vocabulary
3-Leads into scientific discovery.
4-Encourages hand-eye coordination
5-Relieves stress through squeezing and pummeling
6-Strengthens creativity
7-Develops social skills through sharing and taking turns
8-Increases multi-sensory experiences
9-Encourages problem solving
10-Can be extremely therapeutic for children with learning disabilities
….and much more 

How Da3douka start?What I need ?

I started thinking how to expand Da3douka and make it available to the public outside my workshop. To be able to do so and succeed selling it, I developed Da3douka: I worked on the design, the logo, the package, the pricing, the promotional items, the distribution channel, the target market, the marketing plan, and I even registered Da3douka as copyrighted.This stage is now ready to be launched, and I am now in the phase of marketing and selling it from home.

 I would definitely need a special dough machine to speed up the “doughing” process instead of doing it manually.

- The new unprecedented expansion plan I will be working on, is Da3douka in a ready-to-mix powder form.This idea is a totally innovative one and has definitely an outstanding potential market, both local and international.

For both mentioned plans, raw materials,machines and related equipment  and new packages.

I will need 6000$ .

-I am planing to have a special Da3douka  mascot costume for birthdays and event on January 2018.It will cost 1000$

- Printing mats also will be a good teaching tools for nurseries and schools,and for my workshop.It will cost 1000$ for the first set(numbers,letters,....)

-"Red On White" features social art activities provided for hospitalized kids.I started this program in 2008 as a social work in Saida.I did not continue due to the cost that I can't afford it.

This year I hope that we can do it with Da3douka to relieve stress for both kids and parents in hospital.

So I hope that you share your care to spread  the love and happiness through Da3douka.

With a budget of 5000$ we can visit 10 hospitals to help more than 300 kids to cope their pain.

- In Summer 2018, I hope that my dream come true.It is to convert my family car to  a mobile small workshop to drive Da3douka for kids  where ever they are in Lebanon.I am preparing a plan for this innovative idea.

To start,I need 6500$.


Many children aged just three or four can “swipe a screen” but have little or no dexterity in their fingers after spending hours glued to iPads."

So it is time to encourage parents to buy Da3douka  for their kids  !!

Who will be the first one helping me to do it?

Thank you for reading my passion.

Thank you for helping me by sharing my project  

 and my page with your friends.

Afaf Balaa

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A special packages for your kids+tools
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We are ready to Drive Da3douka where ever you want in Lebanon(NGO,Schools,Nurseries,....) You can be with us to play and have fun with us. A workshop for 2 hours for 20 kids +gifts away
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Be a Sponsor for "Red On White" (Red On White features social activities for hospitalized children) YOUR name or YOUR Company Name will be on roll up and social media.
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