It is a social entrepreneurship project that provides work and safe space for women victims.
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Hello everyone

Iam Zainab Merheb, a 28 year old girl from Tripoli Lebanon. Im an artist,i gained masters degree from lebanese university with a thesis about feminist art, Iam art teacher,currently studying the impact of art as a healing factor in psych. therapy, I volunteer in Many NGO's. Im starting my social entrepreneurship project with my partner Rena Al Rasheed.

Our Project is a small restaurant that provides "plat de jour" and catering services, managed by us and the whole staff are women from tripoli who suffer poverty, social injustice, domestic violence and sexual harrassment.

Tripoli, a very beautiful second capital of Lebanon, but deprived from its rights, Tripoli was classified the poorest city on the mediterranian, 90% of educated youth leave Tripoli to other countires seeking a better living.

Our work place is female only, to provide a safe enviroment for women, we are a family, we have started preparing our kitchen but we need funds to expand our abilities, get more professional appliances and a transport vehicle. we have a floor underground, we are planning to furnish it and decorate it to make it our private space to share our thoughts , arrange campaigns to raise awareness on women rights issues and organize therapy workshops for women victims to help them heal through art, painting and free speech.

we need every help possible to reach our goal and make our dream come true, every contribution you do gives us hope that hand by hand we can make change a fact not a dream. Our City needs Us, people do not need charity , they need a hand to stand up on their feet. Women are the key of change, when we empower them , they get stronger, they can say no to abuse, harrassment and masked slavery, when they feel stronger it is easier to change their negative mentality about their own selves, we step the first step on the right way to change, women are not only half of the society, they actually raise and build the other half, we want it to happen the right way

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Tripoli, Lebanon
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Hello Iam zainab Merheb, 28 year old Artist, Iam An art teacher, Feminist Activist. I was raised by my mother Only Due to my parents seperation 27 years ago.My mother suffered alot raising us up, she was illiterate because her…

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$50 or more

200 Available

A giant mural on our main wall, with names of contributes painted on it
$500 or more

20 Available

A thank you painting, will be a medium size painting, painted by our women during our art therapy sessions
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