Kermelak, a short movie by Juliana Ibrahim

This movie discusses women ’s struggle with domestic violence and abuse.
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Cause and impact

Cinema is not only for entertainment but also a way of communication.

Every artist has his/her way to communicate his/her thoughts to people; painters show us the world from their point of view by their paintings, singers put their concerns and things they love in their voices and lyrics. Finally, screenplay writers and directors fight for their beliefs by their stories; the movie being prepared is their baby, and the project is to help the newborn grow and become the perfect message delivered to the audience.

This movie is a result of a huge concern about women in our society.

Abusive relationships are spreading and getting more and more dangerous. This movie’s aim is not only to fix abusive relationships but taking them from the roots and preventing them before it’s too late and helping women believe in their power of free will.

Why this project?

The power of visual art is undoutable these days, so I chose to make a movie to support my cause in order to invite the viewer into the life of this abused woman and into her thought.

Why "kermelak" ?

"Kermelak" (for you) is the story of a woman who always lived to make her fiancé  happy in order to protect her reputation as an engaged woman, until she realises that the only way to guaranty his happiness is to accept his tendancy to hit her for pleasure. But what she doesn't realise is that she is going into an abusive relationship. That's why the movie is called "kermelak"; to give the obediant woman's image to the viewer and meanwhile help set the mood for the story.

"A movie is a story told by pictures"

Having the full package is hard, because in order to make a touching movie all aspects must help; the camera and lighting used must give a clear smooth image, the art direction must be done impeccably and the acting must be so real and heartwarming. It's a very delicate story to deal with and it needs to be presented with care. That's why I'm trying to get the best equipment and people I can have to make this story comes to life.

The fund will be distributed

Production fees: Crew 1500 $

                           Actors fees 1000 $

                           Equipment rental: 3200 $

                           Props rental 500 $

                           Zoomaal fees 440 $

                            Rewards 460 $

Post production fees: Editing and coloring 1000 $

                                   Sound mixing and music composing 700 $

Other Ways You Can Help

This project will bring hope and relief to many women in our society and will give them the power to say no to any kind of abuse.

Your contribution will help spread awareness on this issue; not only by funds but by sharing this project on social media.

Other than the reward stated your most important reward is your participation in this cause, because you will have the chance to impower abused women and encourage them to speak out.

My team

I chose a few powerful people I trust to help me make this movie, because I believe in their potential and what they can achieve, we are all passionate about what we do as well as about the cause the project adopts.

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Juliana Ibrahim At the age of five all I can remember is telling my parents that I love acting and being in movies. I have studied audiovisual at the institute for the performing arts and my first short movie “Santa…

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