Kill Your Fat | Losing weight for a healthy Community and Lifestyle.

Helping people in losing weight, getting fit again and winning their health back.
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Campaign unsuccessfully ended on: 22 Jun,2014

This project has not been successfully funded. Sorry!

Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Short Summary

Kill Your Fat campaign is a project meant to tackle obesity from its' root. Change needs a sparkle, motivation and taking back the control of healthy lifestyle habits.

Our goal is to spread awareness in the Arab and Lebanese Community. The world health organization defined obesity as a disease. To prevent this problem like any illness we need to start treatment at the early stages that means "help people with overweight".

We will choose 10 overweight individuals (10 to 15 kg overweight). Evaluate their health and lifestyle. Improve their diet. Train them and make them fit again. Empower them so they do not go back to their bad habits. Transform them into a role model for their communities.

The project plan:

Phase 1:

Recruitment of 2 newly graduated personal trainer to join Mpt studio team and train the candidate.

Phase 2:

Over three month these 10 candidates will receive a package of the following:

  • Dietitian services 2 sessions/month
  • Group therapy and support with a psychologist 2 session/month
  • Relaxation & stretching class 2 sessions/ month
  • Personal training 3 sessions/ week
  • outdoor activity/ month

We will also help all the Zoomaal contributors by providing supportive health products, services and activities.

Mpt studio helps individuals love and incorporate fitness & sports’ activities as a regular activity in their life. Mpt studio is a health service that helps individuals customize their lifestyle and maintain health thus improving their overall productivity and maintain a good quality of life.
The studio shows social responsibility by working with different NGO and by organizing conferences for health awareness. In fact the studio itself is a green environment.

What We Need & What You Get

Mpt studio is raising funds in order to:

1- Recruit two newly graduated personal trainers and give them the opportunity to improve other people lives.

2- Help 10 persons get fit and healthy again. Give them the tools of keeping a healthy lifestyle and empower them so they can influence their surrounding (friends, family and community).

3- Help yourselves by getting involved, buy the fitness services that we offer, learn and embrace a new fit life.

4- Spread the scientific knowledge by sharing this project. Don't hesitate to tell your friend so can benefit and learn how to fight their overweight.

5- Sponsor us and contribute to help us financially .

During the 3 month period we will reach out to the community. 
The participants will train outdoor with you and your friends. Come numerous and join us.

We will share the participants and your results on social media. We will make a buzz about it.

The Impact

Let us start the spark of change. You do not need to kill yourself to kill your fat.

Everyone can benefit from this program not just the candidates who join the program but also you. We need to change our habits to change our lifestyles. Join us! Help us! Benefit from the Rewards.

It is valuable for the community to share the secrets hidden in the art of living in a healthy way.

Other Ways You Can Help 

Spread the news! Share our Short film on facebook ,whatsapp or any other social media, ask a friend to help and show your support by liking us on our Facebook fan-page. 

please come to our fundraising event and support this project

There are no backers for this project yet.

  02 May,2014

Dear friends,

The first week have passed and thanks to many of you we were able to raise 2900 $. That is a good starting point.

We got two sponsors backing us now... we need more... we need your support... the rewards are waiting for you.

Be our Backer... and have the chance of being one of the 10 candidates in the program.

Help a friend, offer him a healthy gift, full of adventure.

thank you all of your support

Best "Kill Your Fat" team

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Beirut, Lebanon
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My name is Myriam Dagher. I am the founder of Myriam Personal training studio. I created my business to fill my customers need for privacy, effective and specific workout. SPECIALTIES: Weight Loss. Strength Training. Sports Training. Stretching and passive stretching.…

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$10 or more

200 Available

As a thank you Note from us, you will receive one fitness quote daily to help you stay motivated and remind you of basic fitness essentials.
$29 or more

150 Available

Get the video +100 Daily Fitness Quotes Tone and shape those abs with our unique abs workout video. Also benefit from amazing abs training tips so you can train safely and get the best results. No need for shipment! We will send you the link for you to download.
$50 or more

150 Available

Get the workshop & all of the above. Meet the candidates and start the journey of healthy habits. This workshop will include: A short explanation about “The Plate” a balanced way of eating.. How to calculate your BMI and why. How to calculate BMR for male and females. How to set the fitness goal by using the SMART method. Tip and tricks about losing weight with small lifestyle changes. Postural tips and tricks for better health. Postural exercises. This workshop will take place in a Conference room and will be recorded and sent to the contributors that can't attend.
$100 or more

99 Available

Get the 2 Diet Consultation & all of the above. Set your lifestyle on track.... because you are what you eat. The dietitian will evaluate your need and follow up with you! The dietitian will help you out with any questions that may arise. To all our friends living abroad the dietitian will be available online for your consultation.
$150 or more

49 Available

Join the outdoor activities & get all of the above. The candidates also train outdoors 2 times a month! Join the candidates and the team in every outdoor activities we make! Go Hiking, Walking, Bootcamp training (, Fishing, Biking & Swimming with us.
$200 or more

22 Available

Join 2 relaxation class and get all of the above Relaxing reduce the stress and induce hormones that help fight obesity. For those abroad we will send the relaxation sessions online! you can benefit from it from home.
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