Lebfromsky is a page that aims to share the beauty of Lebanon from above to promote tourism.
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Lebfromsky is a group of committed youths, who have poured their experience in photography, knowledge in modern technology, and passion for nature to bring to the public the best image of a country that we love and believe in. Documenting the wild beauty of Lebanon has neither been an easy task or a safe promenade. In our constant search for the hidden gems of Lebanon, we had to face the ruggedness of nature, step across treacherous landscapes, and deal with the pains of falls, fractures, and missteps. However, these obstacles only made us more determined to proceed in our mission. From here came the idea to step forward in the world of photography. LebFromSky will offer you a wide collection of still photography and videography for known and hidden locations across the Lebanese territories from up above. In the first place, our goal is to keep nostalgic Lebanese citizens abroad in contact with their own country. We also hope that the beauty we share will make lebanese people proud to be so.

Our campaign goal is to fund our project (5500$) and buy better equipment to share a more beautiful image of our country and consequently boost our tourism.

Your contribution would mean a lot to us and encourage us to continue in what we are doing !

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North Lebanon (Liban-Nord), Lebanon
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We are a group of university students that love nature and our country Lebanon. So we love to share our experience with the rest of the world but from Sky !

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$10 or more

20 Available

contributors will get Postal cards of Lebanese
$20 or more

1500 Available

We will produce a video of scenery above Lebanon with beautiful music that you will enjoy !!
$100 or more

20 Available

Contributors will get a T-shirt with a printed picture of Lebanon from sky !
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