Help us create this funny animated series, to promote love, happy marriage and family values!❤
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Self-Taught Animator

My name is Mohammad Ali Fouani, and I'm a loving father, Android developer by day, and an enthusiastic content creator by night.

I've been writing, presenting, shooting, editing (almost everything) videos since 2015.

And since animation can help you do ANYTHING, express any idea, bring out whatever crazy imagination you have, I started on my own to learn how to create characters and animate them.

Why "Leyla & Ali"

A lot of people have a bad idea about marriage, and try to make fun of married people all the time; while my wife (Leyla) and I enjoy what we like to call "our own happily ever after". We believe that there is no marriage that is problems free, but with love and discussion we can overcome any issue.

And since there is nothing like using humor to address issues, we've decided to initiate this animated series to tell people how awesome it is to be married (to the right person!).

Pilot Episodes

So far, we've created up till now 5 pilot episodes, each 3~4 minutes long, that have been successful on Facebook, You can also check them out in the below YouTube Playlist:

The plan

We are planning on creating 10 more episodes, 12~15 minutes episodes, include more characters, more action, more thorough discussion of selected topics. That will need more artists, more authors, more voices...

For that, we need your support, in order to put this thing together:

  • 2000$: will be paid for authors to write the next 10 episodes,and partially to artists to draw backgrounds and characters
  • 3000$: paid for character and environment design
  • 2000$: paid for animating and producing the actual episodes
  • 2000$: paid for producing the remaining episodes, and promoting the series on YouTube.

Finally, thank you all for supporting our project. If you're incapable of donating, please share this on your profile, spread the word. Every single share counts.❤❤❤

** If you have any questions or ideas, please contact us on the following email: **

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24 Jun,2019

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Mohammad Ali Fouani is an enthusiastic content creator, self-taught animator (Aside of being a professional android & UX developer), who started creating content since 2008 covering many fields (music, satire videos). Many of my wild thoughts couldn't come to life…

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