Developing a youth center that seeks to spread the culture of smile.

independent youth gathering seeks to spread the culture of smile on the lips of children, orphans, the needy and
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The developing of youth center for training and enhancing the culture of smile.  

The center of liberality cadres, which was established on 16/6/2017 and started on 28/1/2018; seeks to spread the culture of smile in the Gazan society, which suffers from the scourge of the siege and occupation, we as an independent youth center provided all of our energies in order to improve and enhance our society to be the best, especially in the field of voluntary work and humanitarian.

The status-que: The unprecedented deterioration in economic conditions has an extremely bad effect on liberality cadres particular and Gaza strip in general.  In addition to this the center could not face such conditions, that’s why it was unable to provide the lowest essentials in the center,  therefore  it was overwhelmed by the recession and could not continue. , While the Center is trying to keep the  smile on the lips of children and youth through the activities and events that we have already done, and at the present time we need to intensify our activities and our activities more extensive and larger than before. Therefore, your generous donation to ensure the continuation of the work of spreading and strengthening the culture of smile. In addition to train and develop the capacities of young people and children to lead in Gaza City and in the world. Moreover provide them with the necessary needs through your donation to give children and young people a real opportunity to receive a typical education and contribute to preparing them for an independent and dignified life.

How will your financial contributions be used?

Access to $ 10,000 will promote and intensify initiatives and activities and launch many courses that will have a significant impact on the development of youth and leadership capacities and will help to rejuvenate society.

Access to the total amount of $ 20,000 will provide the full and integrated basic needs for the establishment of the center and the provision of services more and more, which will have a significant impact on the community in general, through the dissemination of a smile culture, community awareness and the empowerment of youth and children in all areas available and not available in the community.

Other ways to help:  

Your inability to contribute financially does not mean that you cannot help. You can contribute by sharing our campaign with your friends around the world.

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We at liberty cadres center have accomplished so many achievements, one of these achievements is ‘I am with you” initiative in which we targeted a marginalized group (people with disabilities). Its goals weremaintenance of the place and drawing pictures on…

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