Solar Street Lights for Mansoura Municipality, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon

We will install three solar street lights for Municipality of Mansoura and make complete study
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Who am I and what do I want to achieve?

My name is Patrick Ardahalian. I was born in 1974 in Lebanon and I speak four languages: Greek, Arabic, English and French. 

I have an Organizational Communication's Bachelor's Degree from The University of Tulsa, Oklahoma USA and a post-graduate diploma from The University of Surrey in the UK.

I have a background in advertising and I have opened my own solar power company in Daher Sawen, Lebanon since 2010 with the help of my father who provided the financial backing, which means my company has zero debts.

What is our Zoomal objective?

Eco Friendly SARL's objective is to provide solar electricity to people who can not afford to pay for solar power in Lebanon. 

You might not know that Lebanon lacks electricity and I want to bring Lebanon out of the dark, naturally. This means no expensive, polluting, loud, smelly, dirty diesel generators please.

Why is this project important?

It is important for me to provide electricity to people who can not afford to install solar electricity because many people think that solar power is only available for rich people who can afford to pay for the system.

FYI India and Africa are the largest markets for solar in the world, so this misconception is not valid in my opinion. 

Also people say that Lebanon can not install solar because we have wars and terrorist attacks, at the same time Afghanistan is installing solar electricity like there is no tomorrow! Google it if you do not believe me :) Many people think that solar electricity will not work inside Lebanon, and I want to prove them wrong!

Where will your funds go?

This is Phase one of the project. Phase one will provide sample solar street-lights and a complete LuxMap study to see how many solar street-lights the village will need to install.

Phase two will be done at a later stage, where your contribution will go towards collecting a superfund so we can offer solar street-lights for the entire municipality of Mansoura, which is an under-privileged area in Lebanon and the municipality can not afford to install solar street-lights for themselves.


Our first milestone is to collect $10,000 to present the idea to the chief of the village and to show him that we are serious and the possibilities of what solar street-lights will do to help upgrade his village and the residents of Mansoura. We will install three solar street-lights as a sample so they can try them, and we will use the rest of the funds to complete a thorough study for the village to measure how many solar street-lights we will need to install overall.

A second Zoomal fund raising effort, Phase Two, will be created after we have collected all the necessary information and a written approval from the chief of the village indicating his interest towards this project.

Why solar street-lights for Mansoura?

At night the residents stay at home because the lights are out on the streets. Children can not play outside during the hot summer months, and driving around in the village is dangerous especially when there are no lights to see where you are going. Also crime will be reduced when the streets are lit and safe at night.

What We Need & What You Get 

If we do not reach our goal all funds will be refunded to the people who donated their money, as per Zoomal policy.

We need to collect $10,000 so we can install three solar street-lights for the municipality as a sample, so the municipality chief will agree to roll-out the program throughout the entire village.

The $10,000 will also go towards completing a complete LuxMap for the village to calculate how many street lights they will need and to calculate the installation cost and other details regarding the overall size of the program to provide solar street-lights for the entire village.

The funds will be given directly to Eco Friendly SARL which is a Lebanese solar power company working in collaboration with Solarnet who are our partners for solar street-lights in Lebanon.

I am the owner of Eco Friendly SARL and here are some articles about some of the projects we have completed in Lebanon since 2010.

If you would like to read more about Eco Friendly projects, you can find them online:

"A very bright idea: solar panels for neglected Bekaa" (Mar 9, 2013)

"Bringing Lebanon out of the dark, naturally" (Feb 21, 2012)

"Lebanese Green Loan Funded Solar Irrigation" (Mar 22, 2013)

Solarnet will perform the complete LuxMap study to measure how many solar street-lights the village will need and what the overall cost will be for Phase Two of the project.

We will mainly install near large institutions, churches, mosques, schools, and clinics or shops, also at the entrance of the village so it looks welcoming and safe for people to drive during nighttime especially when they are entering the village from the main road. 

Solarnet is a very competent company and has installed many solar street-lights around Lebanon (over 5,000 units) working directly with the Lebanese government and UNDP and other entities such as the Swiss Embassy and Italian Embassy.

What do you get for your donation?

People who donate will be given a gift: either a solar lantern which can charge mobile phones (available from our partners in Dubai) cost $50 

or a 400W portable UPS system available from our partners in Lebanon cost $250.

We can ship to other countries but the shipping cost will be transferred to you.

Also if you are interested to install solar electricity for your home in Lebanon we will offer you a free site-visit to your location, which usually costs $150.

The Impact 

The solar street lights will allow children to play outdoors during the hot summer nights, and it will make the village a much safer place since the night's darkness will be broken by the solar street-lights which we will install for them. That means crime will be reduced, and people will feel safe driving around the village after the sun has gone down.

Solar street-lights will also work during the cold winter months, when it get dark very early during the day, at around 5p.m.

Other Ways You Can Help 

If you can not supply funds directly towards the project then please share this story with other people who are able to provide funds for the project.

Please use Zoomaal share tools whenever possible.

Zoomal makes giving to the needy easy and efficient and they will check that this project is legit, and my company will make almost zero profits.

Our objective is to provide electricity to the needy, not to make money from their desperation :)

Please help us to bring Lebanon out of the dark, naturally!

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What am I passionate about? I am passionate about the Lebanese environment and trying to bring Lebanon out of the dark naturally, without the use of government electricity or dirty expensive diesel generators or ishtirak. My company has successfully installed…

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$50 or more

40 Available

Solar lantern available from our partners in Dubai. We can ship them to your country but you will need to pay for the shipping cost please.
$150 or more

60 Available

We will make free site-visit to your location in Lebanon to examine the possibility to install solar electricity for your home or business or factory.
$250 or more

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Portable solar\-powered UPS system can be connected to exterior 12V batteries. Provides 220V electricity to operate small fan, small TV or charge phones etc. Can be shipped to your country, but you will need to pay for the shipping cost please.
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