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 Hanny Khoury the 24-year-old son, a painter from the Palestinian occupied Galilee!!! ' Occupied '????!? Employing Palestinians Arabs long have suffered restrictions and attempts in order to force them to be away from their Arab nationality and  Palestinian identity! The main objective of the project and core, to confirm our identity inside occupied Palestine.

Some important information about Hanny :

Hanny aspires to create a new artistic frame in this country, and he aspires to build a group of professional  artists to corporate and  to criticize the certain circumstances that people live in  and to improve those circumstances by using  art filed.  

His achievements :

*He  set up and participated in more than 15 art exhibition

*he painted the Mono Lisa  with the traditional  Palestinian  Koffeah .

*he painted “Fetus” art piece by using his own blood to deliver his message which is being against abortion of embryos .

*he set up an exhibition in the rubbish dump to deliver his message which is to save the environment and  protect it.

*he painted for a continuous 64 hours in a try to broke Guinness  record “the longest period of  painting continuously”  , in order to deliver a message of defending the women rights in our Arab society. Unfortunately the record was not recorded officially in  Guinness because of problems in the shooting techniques and the lack of financial  support to invite one of Guinness members to the event.

What do we want and what  will we achieve ?

The  records that will be broken, in the art field, two paintings and stereoscopic “the biggest in all over the world”, we will announce the details in the coming period.

We need  10000$,  as Guinness requires participants to fulfill forms and to pay 400 euro  for each form and each  Voucher needs 1200 euro, So  the total amount of money that will be paid for Guinness  is 1,547 $ , the remaining amount will be used to produce some art pieces that will be exhibited in the final festival.

Also 1300 $ to buy tools for painting.

2000 $ for designing a website for the project  to let  people watch all the videos that are about the project.

3000 $ for designing and printing posters and prompting them and hanging them in the cultural centers all over the country.  

2000 for shooting a TV show  that will help us to distribute the project in media and Bokra website will show it.

Notes: the project is too expensive and it needs more than the budget that was determined for the campaign , and the amount of 10000$ is the amount that we set as a start, we will relay on the companies support to cover other financial needs.

Impact and Influence

Palestinians have always been suffering from the distraction and fragmentation and attempts to erase and demolish their Palestinian identity in order to  settle the Israeli instead, especially those Palestinians who live in the occupied 1984 lands.

Any activity or cultural project confirms the identity of the Palestinian territory, provokes occupation, how if the project at home and in the heart of the occupation? And how if a huge artistic cultural project as a project to destroy 3 Guinness record? Imagine the amount of bypass media about the project implementation phases and imagine the vast amount of global interest which would focus on the project if it is marketing properly, imagine the size of the message that we can delivery.

Other tools  can help :

You can support the campaign through promoting  the video  as much as you can, and to marketing it through the media and its communication.

If you was not able to contribute in financial support,  you may know someone who can offer help and support us. So, please help us and post the video and send it to your friends. 

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Amman, Jordan
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My name is Hanny khoury, I’m a 24 years old Palestinian painter

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