Mideast Tunes: Music for Social Change

Mideast Tunes is the ultimate web and mobile app to discover underground artists in the MENA.
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

We need your help amplifying the voices of independent musicians in the Middle East and North Africa! 


Mideast Tunes is a platform showcasing a diverse range of underground musicians from throughout our region. Founded in 2010 in Bahrain, a small team of volunteers have worked tirelessly to build the go-to resource to discover these largely unknown talents. To date, we have gathered over 1,000 unique bands and over 5,000 tracks for you to be inspired by and enjoy. Our FREE iOS and Android apps are used by dozens of thousands of active listeners.  




But we need your support to get going!


Mideast Tunes is completely FREE to use, and we don't even use ads! That's because we care about you, our dear musicians and listeners, and we value our independence from corporations. But it doesn't mean it's free to run. We have to pay hosting costs and other fees that come with running the website (upgrades, maintenance, and ongoing development.) Every other month we release a series of unique features - but we need your help to release these upcoming ones which will allow us to reach even more people:



  • Offline listening capability for our apps (for the many of you who don't always have stable WiFi access)
  • Launching "Listening Rooms" and enabling you to better engage with bands and other listeners to make discovering music both fun and more viral
  • Continuously improve our "Suggestion" algorithm to bring you better music based on other bands you like - and bringing that feature to our mobile apps.
  • Help us cover hosting costs and keep the site free of ads.
  • Launch a public API so other apps can help us promote these bands on an international level.

The Impact 

Mideast Tunes is not just a music streaming website. Many bands rely on it for exposure and press coverage. We have partnered with Shazam, meaning any band that wish to submit their tracks to be discovered are able to do so at no charge. We also have a partnership with Radio Netherlands Worldwide and other pending radio stations, meaning many bands get airtime on local and international stations, increasing their chances of being heard and discovered! And we stress that it's all done for FREE - listeners listen for free, and bands get these perks for free. Why? Because we care about the regional music scene and want to see it grow and succeed. We REALLY appreciate these musicians and what they contribute to society. This platform is a gift to them. By helping us improve this service, you're empowering the entire underground music scene - by making it far more discoverable.

How The Funds Will Be Used:

  • Hosting expenses (Amazon & Rackspace): $5,500
  • UI/UX Design & Development: $4,800
  • Marketing/Outreach: $1,200
  • iOS/Android app maintenance/upgrades + offline listening capability: $3,500

Other Ways You Can Help 

Not able to contribute at this time? We need your help anyways! Spread the word about our site, its apps, and encourage others to visit or pitch in with the campaign. Share this campaign with anyone you think might be interested in lending us a hand!

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My name is Hajer Ghareeb and I'm currently managing mideastunes.com. I'm an illustrator and designer based in Bahrain. I've always been a fan of startups and I take pride in working on one with direct social and cultural impact.

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Have a Skype call with the founders and discuss whatever you like! Whether it's suggestions for improvements, a partnership request, or just to hang out and discuss music!
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You'll be featured on the next Mideast Tunes video that highlights some of our most supportive bands and users!
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Become a DJ in one of our Listening Room sessions! Pick your favorite tracks on Mideast Tunes and play them to live listeners. You can chat with your listeners too!
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Are you in Bahrain? Or come to Bahrain often? Let's take you out for dinner! It's on us! If you're not a Bahraini native, we'll show you around the country.
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We will design you a Mideast Tunes shirt (shipping costs not included) with your OWN personal illustration (of yourself!) with the tagline - "I helped support Mideast Tunes."
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