We are an Environmental Resort in Lebanon seeking to expand.
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A wonderful place to experience how cowboys lived along with amazing facilities to enjoy. From horseback riding, horse wagons, swimming pools, ATV & alot more...

What We Need & What You Get
Based on what we experienced, there is a lot of room to grow in our region to expand. The fund raised will be used to expand the green houses to be able to host more guests and let them experience the wild wild west. 

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North Lebanon (Liban-Nord), Lebanon
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Earn 1 week vacation for free at one of Lebanon's most attractive environmental FRIENDLY resort;the OLIVE GARDENS RESORT,Bring the family to a whole new experience of fun. Come spend a vacation like the cowboys, ride a horse, get on the…

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$2500 or more

400 Available

Bring your family (max 4 guests) to enjoy a week at our environmental Resort and experience a memory that will last a life time. All activities and meals included... Your reservation will be rewarded with a generous offer from our side ,a free 1 week vacation for 4 persons..this offer is a thank you reward for your business and contribution towards help maintain this resort and keeps it as environmental friendly as the environment itself.We are looking forward for your presence among us celebrating nature in its beautiful existence that heals and help re-boost the spirit and soul.
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