Paris-Beyrouth-Damas' First Album

Contribute in spreading Paris-Beyrouth-Damas' arabic music throughout Europe.
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لقراءة النص باللغة العربية يرجى النزول إلى أسفل الصفحة 

Cher(e)s ami(e)s, amant(e)s et membres de famille !

Vous l'aurez sûrement remarqué, Paris - Beyrouth - Damas s'épanouit de jour en jour grâce à votre soutien et au très joli public Parisien. 
Nous achevons alors notre mission de partager avec nos amis européens la beauté de la musique arabe via ce projet.

Cependant, nos financements restent quelque peu limités. Nous aimerions vivement pouvoir enregistrer notre premier album et aspirons à étendre notre marque dans d'autres capitales Européennes.

Aidez-nous à (dé)montrer la beauté du monde arabe et contribuez à ce projet grâce à Zoomaal crowdfunding.

Toute contribution serait appréciée, qu'il s'agisse d'un versement, un partage sur les réseaux sociaux de notre campagne...


Short Summary

Paris - Beyrouth - Damas is a paris-based music project fusing live-produced electronic sounds and oriental instruments.
The Lebanese-Syrian duo gets inspired by arabic heritage music (a.k.a Tarab) such as Umm Kalthoum & Abd el-Wahab to offer a performance that includes a live session by Hadi Zeidan (on piano & electronics) and Yaman Suhem (on oriental qanûn).
The collective has been touring in Paris for the past months and has been receiving incredible positive feedback from the Parisian crowd.

Our Mission - What We Need

The multi-disciplinary founders of the collective have respectively left Beirut & Damascus since 2011 to spread their culture in Paris through music and art. Their eclectic universe allows Europeans to discover a new side of the Arab world that is seldom shown in Media coverage.
Help Paris-Beyrouth-Damas record their first album and expand their tour to other European capitals.
Help Paris-Beyrouth-Damas fulfill their mission of reflecting the beauty of arabic and oriental music to western crowds.
Help Hadi & Yaman develop their gear and equipments thanks to your funds.

How You Can Contribute

Even the smallest contribution is considered as a huge support - contributions aren't simply monetary, you can help us by spreading on Facebook, Instagram & whatever social media platform you are using.

باللغة العربية

من دمشق إلى باريس مروراً ببيروت -هذا هو مشروعنا الذي يهدف الى نشر الموسيقى العربية والشرقية في أوروبا واعادة طرح تراثنا الفني بشكلٍ معاصر.

ساهموا في دعم مشروعنا الموسيقي عبر موقع ZOOMAAL لكي نسجل ألبومنا الأول ونحقق طموحنا في الأداء في مدن وعواصم غير باريس... عسى أن يأتي يوماً نعزف فيه في العواصم والمدن العربية أيضاً.


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Hadi Zeidan was born and raised in Beirut (Lebanon) before heading to France -in 2011- for college, where he mastered in foreign languages and took courses in the history of international relations. Being an advocate of multidisciplinarity, He has worked…

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