Remove 30 children from worst forms of child labor and help them, enroll stay and succeed in school. Reintegrate and make follow-up actions.
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In November 2015, Patriotic Vision Organization pledged to help South Lebanon eliminate the worst forms of child labour, through the enactment of policies and action plan. As part of efforts to support this plan, PVA launched the child protection policy and many programs aims to support Child Rights in south lebanon in collaboration and supported with Excellency Ms. Randa Assi Berri, Wife of Lebanese Parliament President Excellency Mr. Nabih Berri. Accordingly, the project main purpose is to aid children living and working on the streets, also known as street-based children (SBC), as well as formulate evidence-based and actionable policy recommendations. The prevalence of children living or working in the streets poses a persistent challenge that straddles larger socioeconomic and political issues in Lebanon. The recent influx of refugees from Syria, many of whom are children, has certainly exacerbated this problem, but is by no means the core cause or consequence of children living or working on the streets, Instead, intricate webs of economic, social, cultural, psychological and institutional factors, which are both current and long-standing, constitute the root causes, Nevertheless, this study identified four main driving factors that cause children to live or work on the streets of Lebanon: social exclusion, vulnerability of households, the influx of Syrian refugees into Lebanon, as well as organized crime and exploitation of children. As such, future reforms aimed at tackling the SBC issue need to take these factors into account and also ensure that the rights of all children regardless of nationality, creed, social status or geographical location are protected. Using PVA Child Protection Policy survey, validated technical methodologies and ethical best practices to measure the number and profile of SBC across Tyre city and its suburbs of South Lebanon, a total of 530 children were found to be living or working on the streets, SBC predominately work in South Lebanon's urban centres, a majority of them in Tyre, Abbasieah and Housh. The highest share of SBC are found in three districts of Tyre: Industrial district, Al-bass, and Jal al-baher. The district where the fewest SBC are found is the Tyre Coastal Road.

 The aim of the project is to comprehensively protect 30 children against child labour ( 20 Lebanese and 10 Refugees) by: helping children enroll, stay and succeed in schools; and by supporting children and their families with social cash transfers for sustainability. The project will be implemented in South Lebanon (Tyre area).

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