Pi_Knowledge Maker Space the innovation zone

A Zone that brings together creators, students and special needs and will help people in Egypt to create prototypes for their products.
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

who are we ?

We are a youth group in Helwan. Our goal is to find the largest number of start-ups in the city, and to help the youth of the university especially  the special needs

What do we want?

We want to Make this Makerspace accessible to everyone with ideas and also financially sustainable in the same time so we designed our membership and machines hour rates to be affordable as follows.


Pi_Knowledge Makerspace.

What tools do we want to buy?

We will buy : 

 Laser Cutter,3D Printer,CNC Milling Machine,PCB machines, Embedded System Kits, Electronics,Fiper Glass Machine.

We have interim goals in the sense that all the more money we can buy more tools

*Shipment of the gifts not included because we want to keep every penny of your contribution to the Makerspace.

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Cairo (Al-Qahira), Egypt
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I'm working as an instructor , network engineer at Telecom Egypt Cairo and founder of Pi-Knowledge Micro-Space Helwan. I love to know how things work, dismantle and re-install them. Take care of the technology that makes life better. Pay more…

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$10 or more
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198 Available

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$30 or more

100 Available

Your name will be engraved by a laser machine on the plaque of honor for your contribution to the establishment of the first open workshop in Helwan and we will officially thank you on social networking pages Facebook and Twitter and on our official website. You will also receive a free ticket to our workshop at any time you wish
$70 or more

30 Available

With your support of the Pi Knowledge , you are proving that you have insight as you see the future and realize the long-term impact of these workshops on the economy. So we decided to give you Google Cardboard. Which will enable you to see the virtual world using your phone as well as get a bouquet of honors $ 70 or more
$150 or more

20 Available

You love to experiment and learn new techniques , as you choose to support us with this package try to experiment with the printer 3D and laser cutter and work you want it. Or we can follow the designs and we work for you and your future. Kaman is a two-month membership member of Pi_Knowledge $ 150 mor
$300 or more

6 Available

We will send you whatever your site "Pi_Knowledge Magic Box" where the box contains the following: Arduino Lilypad Board This board is used to turn your clothes into electronic pieces Makey Makey Board This wonderful painting that turns every surface or thing in your home into an interactive surface 1Sheeld Arduino Shield This amazing Arab invention that makes you control everything related to electronics through your mobile phone. * This offer does not include shipping cost. $ 300 or more
$600 or more

3 Available

By choosing the package you mean that you have remained a founder of Pi_knowledge , and you can prepare to attend the management meetings and strategy setting, and to draw cards with your name and your job as a founder . And you have an Car gift to control it through your mobile. And a two-year free membership
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