Therapy gym and sensory play facility for children with Autism.
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Summary - Our Project Mission & Goal 

Therapy Gym is the inspiration of Jordanian mother Jemman who, when going back to living in Amman, Jordan, found it difficult to obtain any play or therapy resources for her child with AUTISM. Frustrated by these lack of services she set about forming a registered charitable foundation ( AutismMena ) with the dream of providing a state of the art, not for profit, play and therapy centre for children with AUTISM in Amman, Jordan. The charity is in the process of forming, and with ongoing fundraising, dedication and commitment she aim to realise her dream by opening such a centre in the near future.

In Amman and other cities there are many beautiful parks and play areas for children. However, the resources that are presently available are largely unsuitable for children with AUTISM and Special Needs . The playground equipment often proves to be totally inappropriate. Also, parks and playgrounds are by their very nature noisy, busy places which can be extremely intimidating for children with AUTISM as well as challenging for parents/carers. It is the desire of AutismMena to offer a full range of indoor and outdoor play resources for children with Autism (aged between birth and 12 years old) which are appropriate, appealing, stimulating, educational and above all fun.

Those therapy gyms, provides toy, equipment, professionals and environment specifically for families and friends of children on the spectrum. And, since research shows that children with cognitive, emotional or social limitations, including those with autism, are more prone to accidental injuries, "Safe Play environment" relevant for children with autism also are promoted in this specific campaign .

What We Need:

Occupational Therapy Gym


The primary goal of our occupational therapy team is to enable children with Autism participate in the activities of everyday life. The OT gym will assist in improving their physical capabilities by enhancing the individual child's ability to participate, by modifying the environment, or by adapting the activity to better support their participation.
Occupational therapy relies on understanding the importance of an activity to an individual, being able to analyze the physical, mental and social components of the activity, and then adapting the activity, the environment, and/or the person to enable them to resume the activity. Occupational therapists address the question, "Why does this child have difficulties managing his or her daily activities, and what can we adapt to make it possible for him or her to manage better and how will this then impact his or her health and well-being?"
Happy Days will achieve this by providing occupational therapy assessments and individual occupational therapy services at our fully equipped therapy gym.

Although most of the material in the blow list seems simple, we have given an explanation on why we believe it is crucial for the mental, social and cognitive development if the Autistic children  

Sensory Rooms Services

Our sense of smell, taste, touch, sight and sound provide the foundation for our understanding and actions. It is only when one or a number of these senses are impaired that parts of the world around us become less accessible and our understanding is diminished.
This is why The Gym has the dedicated aim of helping to enrich and improve the quality of life of Special Needs children with our unique approach to Sensory Play. Sensory Rooms can meet a wide range of needs; from encouraging positive reactions for those with sensory impairment to promoting rest and relaxation for the agitated or stressed.

The Sensory Rooms will support interaction, discovery and communication. They will enable learning and development through increased awareness of surroundings. These environments encourage stimulation of the senses including sight, sound, touch and smell.

Music Room

Music can be a motivating and fun way to reach all children, particularly children who have special learning needs. Music and play can improve communication skills in children - changing them from silent observers to verbal active partners. Here are some of the areas in which our Music Room will be able to assist children with special needs:

The Impact

You will assist in creating the real ideal environment that is dedicated to achieve real difference in autism in the Middle East & North Africa, and show a result oriented framework improving children’s life  

Other Ways You Can Help

Buy our rewards, pass them around, to people who are as serious as you are in doing good, who will ask others just like them to do the same.  

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Founder: Jemman Ammary is a dedicated mother and a determined professional. Jemman left Jordan to the United States seeking medical help for her two year old son in August 2010. What was supposed to be a two week medical consultation…

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