Pal/ Arab Youth Summer School 2015: Palestinian and Arab Youth Transforming Theory into Practice

A program empowering youth through political and cultural education and joint struggle building
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Short Summary 

PYM - USA is thrilled to announce the first ever intensive summer school for Palestinian and Arab youth! The program will bring together 50 Palestinian and Arab youth ages 18-35 for an intensive political education and leadership development program. The School will run from July 26th - August 2, 2015.

The project is the first of its kind in the U.S., and will create a precedent for hosting such educational programs in the future.

Through a diverse curriculum of readings, lectures, seminars, peer-led workshops and discussions, cultural performances, and meetings with other youth and community groups, the PYM Summer School aims to: 

1) Deepen the social justice consciousness of young people in our community;

2) Strengthen practical skills for transformative change at the individual and collective levels

3) Provide a space where young people in our community can learn about the diverse needs, desires, issues and experiences of our broader community

4) Build a collective of young people that can work together along with other communities to combat systemic oppression and violence in our communities 

The Impact 

The Summer School provides youth the space to critically engage the various issues concerning young Palestinians and Arabs in the U.S. as well as in our homelands. The program is particularly designed so youth can identify challenges, both internal and external structures of oppression, and broadening their understanding of the diverse needs and challenges impacting our communities. It will also equip youth with the skills, confidence and mandate to work within our community to challenge injustice whether it impacts us directly, our people in Palestine and in exile transnationally, or other oppressed groups.

The School will offer an opportunity to strengthen a collective experience among our generation's leaders and to cultivate stronger, justice-centered, ethical and accountable youth organizers in our community.

The Summer School will also offer all the participants an opportunity to envision and organize ways in which we are able to make direct and concrete impacts in our local communities, addressing matters of oppression here in the U.S. and those that simultaneously impact our youth counterparts in Palestine and in exile.

Images of Rewards: Please note that perks can only be shipped to US donors. Out of country donors are welcomed and appreciated but we are not able to send perks out side of the United States. Thank you.

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How You Can Help
As a grassroots, entirely youth-led membership based movement, PYM relies upon the support of community institutions and individual donors like you to make our work possible. 

We have set a minimum community fundraising goal of $5,000. 

Your contribution will help cover expenses for lodging, food, supplies, ground transportation and other associated costs for Summer School participants.

Our total project budget is $25,500. To date, we have obtained some grants and personal contributions to ensure that this project is on-track for our planned summer session dates.

We hope to exceed our donation goal and ask you to help us get there!

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