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Rasheed22: family-friendly coworking with a mission in Heliopolis/Cairo

Help sustain a dream: to offer sustainable, affordable community coworking space in Heliopolis!
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This is Rasheed22 speaking, your family-friendly coworking space with a mission: to offer the place & community needed for making things happen - for meaningful gatherings and work, in Heliopolis/Cairo (Egypt).

We are running this campaign to secure additional funds to help us cover our operational cost in 2nd half year 2013.

We do generate income from cost contributions of our users, but are not yet able to cover all costs incurred. Hence we need many people - like you - to pay it forward, or buy services from us and our coworkers, virtually or in Cairo.

And of course, we are always happy to welcome new coworkers! The more the merrier and the more sustainable!

A LOOK BACK ...The space was started by Uli as early as fall 2006 with the intention to offer inspiring workspace and community with like-minded people, for freelancers and independent professionals in search of this.From the beginning, the space was set up as a family-friendly space, welcoming accompanying children, too.

one of the first mindmaps

Struggling to define itself and its mission, Rasheed22 went through different mutations (amongst others, it was trying to become part of The Hub network until spring 2011), eventually found its name and started to become more active from spring 2011.Nowadays, the space is home to various social initiatives and start-ups as well as small enterprises. And we are what we wanted to be - a family-friendly community coworking space in the heart of Heliopolis, in Cairo/Egypt! Meet us at ARE NOT A FULLY-SERVICED OFFICE.WE ARE WHAT WE MAKE OF THE SPACE.WE ARE COMMUNITY.We are for those who like to think outside the box, and do see and care for the 'bigger picture'.We are here to serve (social) innovators and other hands-on entrepreneurs, who are tired of 'living' in coffeeshops due to lack of own space.We provide space for meeting, working, learning, innovating and connecting; containing all the facilities needed to cultivate an idea, launch a project, host a meeting and run a business; dedicated to inspiring and supporting enterprising and imaginative initiatives for a radically better world (and starting right where we are).We separate our rubbish, reuse and upcycle.Corporate social responsability - including environmental sustainability - after all is a practice, not a department ;-)

If you would like to be part of those who care for and/or use Rasheed22, please join the careholders group on fb out more about us through our appearances in different media:* a video interview about Rasheed22 with one of our hosts: in the next section and on* a newspaper article with our founder Uli and one of the hosts:* search on for 'coworking' and 'Cairo' ...And how do we finance our existence?Everyone who uses Rasheed22 pays a (voluntary) contribution:If you just stop by for a visit, you can leave a little something in our cost contribution box in exchange for a coffee, or a tea.For staying longer, we recommend a contribution of between EGP 10/hour to EGP 50/day, including access to wireless (4mbps) & landline.To rent a room for an event/meeting, please ask for an individual offer (we price depending on what you need, for how long, with how many people, etc etc) - prices start from EGP 50 (half-day without any additional equipment or service) up to EGP 500 (full day use of meeting room incl. basic presentation equipment for up to 20 pax).We do share CONSUMPTION costs: for coffee, tea, photocopies and printing and whatever else you consume (and thus needs to be replaced/refilled/recharged/paid for), we kindly ask you to contribute as per consumption. The 'contribution box' is on the coffee & tea table. Please feed it, thank you!

a coffee mug calling for you!

FOOD and refreshments: You may bring your own and/or use the kitchen to cook.

For those who really, really love the idea and want to be part of Rasheed22, we offer the following *** MEMBERSHIP SCHEMES ***BASIC MEMBER:1. Invest EGP 200 one-off non-refundable joining fee, and then pay a monthly cost contribution of EGP 100.2. in exchange, you can use the space whenever one of the hosts/keyholders is around (fee per person)KEYHOLDING MEMBER1. If would like to work at Rasheed22 regularly, and are ready to2. pay EGP 500/month cost contribution, plus a refundable deposit of EGP 500. You will also need to provide a copy of your passport/ID card.3. In return you receive the keys, too, and can use the space together with up to two colleagues, and as often and as long as you want.Other offers to contribute:SPACE TESTCommit to giving EGP 10/month and receive three transferable vouchers for a work-day at Rasheed22 in exchange for one year's Rasheed22 careholders contribution (i.e. EGP 120 or EUR 15). This will give you or someone of your choice the  chance to test the space and community, without much obligation.PAY IT FORWARD... by giving before eventually receiving, or by simply giving to the community and receiving something in return, later on, from somewhere.The maths: if every single one of the more than 2200 individuals who do like us on facebook was to invest as little as EGP 10 in our work every month, we would more than easily cover the overhead costs, and even have enough to share and to invest and repay to those who helped us get started!Now isn't that a great way to contribute to positive development in Egypt?!It will make life much, much easier for Rasheed22 and enable us to initiate even more great work that needs to be done. And yes - it simply feels good to be appreciated ;-)

Thank you for your support: we look forward to keeping our dream a reality, and with your support we are sure to be able to do it.

Remember that supporting us is possible both financially and socially. Sharing this project would be much appreciated :)

Will all my love, your beloved coworking space Rasheed22

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Uli, born in Germany, living in Cairo since 1998. Rasheed22 is the realisation of my wish for a space from where to work, in a different way. It all started in the woods in Canada, in Nova Scotia at The…

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$1 or more

500 Available

virtually drop some coins into one of our cost contribution boxes, in return for a coffee - or a tea we ask for EGP 5 contribution for each consumption
$10 or more

250 Available

We will send you a selection of cool paper notebooks - made by one of our resident companies. Check their designs on
$10 or more

50 Available

receive a postcard with greetings and signatures from the Rasheed22 community - and use the postcard as a voucher for one day work at Rasheed22
$20 or more

400 Available

3 transferable vouchers for one day coworking at Rasheed22
$60 or more

6 Available

your contribution will pay to keep us online for a month: in exchange, some of our coworkers will help you with a facebook or other online challenge 'of your choice' - develop a simple website, add a tab on facebook, ...
$160 or more

10 Available

With the equivalent of EGP 1000, you become one of us: the keyholders. We are the people who regularly work for and from Rasheed22. We will send you a 'key' to hold, invite you into our online keyholders group, and give you a voice in our decisions. If and when you are in Cairo, you can exchange your 'model key' for a real one!
$500 or more

3 Available

Come visit Cairo (with a friend) and learn everything you always wanted to know about the really interesting social entrepreneurs in town! Together with other coworking spaces and initiatives in Cairo we will organise almost everything for you: welcome at the airport or wherever you arrive, organise accomodation (you tell us your preferences) and then show you around. We kindly ask you to pay for your accomodation and possible entrance fees to sights and museums, but food and transportation (for two people) will be on our expenses.
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