Shatat App for immigrants & migrants scattered globally,to find each other,communicate,locate;
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Mobile App for Android and IPhone (including IPhone 4), called shatat (Scattered in Arabic) intended to provide specialized communication network for separated ones and scattered world wide, besides critical functions such as:

- Registering with or without a phone number

- Getting found by First, Last name, by nationality, country..

- Live translation within the app chat to ease their communication with the incubating or hosting society, where people speak other languages, so this app will facilitate text chat within all known world languages.

- Voice and Video Call

- Group Voice and Video Call

- It includes tracking, individuals agreeing so, will benefit of tracking each other and keeping abreast of where about.

The logo reflects the latest refugees journey throughout Europe, and ends with the hand drawing of sunshine representing hope of new life.

The App had been partially developed, currently requiring additional financing, and it can be placed in store within 30 days following funds availability.

Besides the Social aspect, this app can also serve commercial purposes for the sponsors so the back office can be always financed for such sizeable operation.

Targeted users reached few Millions at the first stage.

The project has rapid process to delivery, milestones are set to serve the CAPEX mainly and the kickoff accounts.

Upon clearing the first milestone funds by short time, contributors will be welcomed to test the first version, and to invite connections for beta testing, while remaining developments will be progressing at rapid pace.

This App could be considered as Private Initiative, without any political or religious affiliations or support, as stand alone in the middle of the regional turmoil.

Thank you in advance for your contributions, they will definitely serve prime goals.

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