Sindibad LIbrary aims to provide an educational and engaging space for Vulnerable children
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In poor and vulnerable areas the children often do not have access to schools, they drop out of the school or they are not capable of continuing their studies due to the lack of teaching assistance or due to financial barriers, transportation, health problems or protection issues. They spend their childhood on the streets, destroying any hope for a better future.

Our aim is to create an educational space / a library  in vulnerable areas affected by poverty and insecurity in Tripoli and Al Mina. We aim to reach disadvantaged children and youth and expand our model across the region in a sustainable way.

A library provides a space to teach basic education to children who have never attended the school, who have dropped out of schools, and who have learning difficulties in the school. Moreover, the aim is not only to provide a place for a formal teaching, but also a place where children of the area have an opportunity to engage in educational activities such as reading, drawing, watching educational movies and cartoons and doing other activities that keep them off the streets and develop their personality.

Aims and Objectives

The main objective of the Library Project is to provide vulnerable children an opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills that will empower them to participate fully in society, prepare them for formal schooling and provide with assistance during the formal schooling.

To achieve this, specific goals include:

- To provide space for acquiring basic education to prepare for formal schooling or receive teaching assistance in various subjects;

- To provide a space for engaging in informal educational processes such as reading, writing, watching educational movies and cartoons, drawing and other learning activities;

- To provide access to child/youth friendly and well-equipped library as a non-formal learning environment


The purpose of the project is based on the notion that education is a tool that helps eradicating poverty and insecurity, by enhancing individual and communal development. In addition, the purpose is to give an opportunity for children to enjoy their childhood through educational processes besides the usual activities and interactions with other children on the streets of insecure and vulnerable areas. Program and Implementation Library Project is a platform for a wide variety of programs that draw on educational, emotional and social development of vulnerable children and youth.

The activities that we aim to provide are:

- Lessons of French and English languages

- Lessons of Math and other subjects

- Reading and read-aloud sessions as an essential components for literacy development

- Drawing Sessions as a visual communication and self-expression

- Educational movie and cartoon sessions as a mean of learning language and raising awareness about various issues in society Recruitment We are aiming to employ part time teachers to teach language and other subjects.

Other activities besides teaching such as reading, drawing or movie sessions will be carried out by local volunteers.

What we need:

9500$ for the equipment of the library and operation for 12 months. The money will cover:

- Stationary and Equipping costs: 1300$

- One year rent for the location: 1200$

- Salaries for the teachers: 7000$ 

 If we don't reach our entire goal, Zoomaal will return the money to the contributors! Other ways to Help: If you can't contribute financially but you believe in the importance of creating the Library, you can still support the project in many ways:

1- Spread the word about Library Project. Tell people about it and show them the video. 2- Use Zoomaal share tools to spread the campaign on social media

3- Connect with us via Facebook and let us know if you have any ideas for the Project or if you want to become one of our volunteers.

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  25 Jul,2016

Our library is fully functional and operating serving 36 students from Haret Altanak six days a week for three hours.

you may visit us at anytime just drop us a message a day before.

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