SMART Tops: The Wearable Healthcare Kit

A wearable healthcare device that provides 24/7 medical monitoring.
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?


My name is Islam Abualruz, I was part of a developing team called "Devastators" supervised by my mentor and teacher Hazem Hamdan, where we worked on Smart Tops 3 years ago from zero to a functioning prototype but it was unattended to for a long while. I saw great potential in the project and revived it. Hopefully the potential will be seen by not only me but by you as well.


Smart Tops is a wearable healthcare system that monitors vital signs as means of protection, precaution and treatment. Because this system can monitor the patient 24/7, patients who appear healthy with no risk factors can be pinpointed and aided by studying the abnormalities in the data gathered. (In short: like a wearable Baymax)

With your help Smart Tops will help hundreds -if not thousands- of people, especially our dear elders. So here I am asking your help to back me up on this journey to a more advanced and healthy future.

Goals and Rewards


Our first milestone is 5000$ and will be spent accordingly:
  • Developing a prototype based on the new concept.


  • Research: closer work with healthcare experts and business consultants.
    We are currently in contact with hospitals and other medical and health facilities.
  • Media and publicity.

if you supported us during the first milestone you'll get rewards that revolve about recognizing you as one of the first supporters, and based on the amount of your contribution your name will be mentioned on the dedicated website, the app, our wall of honor as well as social media. You'll also be able to access a VIP session with the creators to exchange feedback, insights and MUCH MORE.

Our second milestone is 10000$ and will be spent accordingly:

  • All previous tasks.
  • Hiring professional software and hardware developers.
  • Manufacturing costs.
  • Distributing the product for our backers on Zoomaal.

if you supported us during the second milestone, depending on your contribution you'll be able to get your hands on the very first batch of Smart Tops and the product will be shipped straight to you, as well as many more rewards. If we failed to reach this milestone, people who contributed for the Smart Tops kit will be refunded.

Our third milestone is 25000$ and will be spent accordingly:

  • All previous tasks.
  • Hiring support and development teams.
  • Contracting with a factory and a distribution service to manufacture and deliver Smart Tops to you anywhere in the world.
  • Implement more features.

if you supported us during the third milestone, depending on your contribution you'll be able to order your custom Smart Tops kit with more features than ever before.

The History and Future of Smart Tops

  • Smart Tops won the National First Prize in Microsoft Imagine Cup 2013 Jordan and the first in the innovation category.
  • Smart Tops won the 1st prize at Zoomaal's Maker Hackathon: Amman in Feb. 2015
Future: With your help, Smart Tops could change our lifestyles forever, it would help provide a more healthy life for elders, infants and many others as well.

We've put lots of efforts into this project in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

Can't Contribute?


It's OK, we still love you. share this campaign on your social media page (buttons on the left) and spread the word. You can also contact Islam Abualruz personally at to learn more about other ways you can help this project with.

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Your name will be in our dedicated wall of honor in our website.
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You'll receive a limited edition t-shirt and pin that represents our logo (Smart Tops) - as well as previous rewards.
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Your name will be displayed in our app, our website (in larger font size) and potentially other places too.
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This Kit provides you with 3 Smart Tops sensors delivered to your door (Free shipping within Amman, Jordan) - special last 10 days spree (down to 100)
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5 Full Smart Tops - 6 sensors each delivered to your door (Free shipping within Amman, Jordan)
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