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TeensWhoCode is organizing a school tour to introduce computer science to all public high schools in Lebanon by June 2017
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?


This is TeensWhoCode, Lebanon's first coding academy teaching students under the age of 18 years old how to program a computer.

We've taught over 100 students in the past two years

This summer, we successfully completed the first of its kind summer camp in the region where students learned:

Coding, Entrepreneurship, Design, Prototyping, Arduino, Social Media, Clay Modeling, Creative Writing & Photography 

We also visited startups in Beirut, incubators, accelerators & factories

Participated in a startup pitch competition, and much more!

Our mission is to change the world. However, teaching 100 students in two years won't cut it. So this is how we're going to do it:

Stage number 1: expose every single Lebanese student to what coding is, the things they can build with code, and the huge need of developers that exists worldwide.

Stage number 2: enroll all the interested students in a special program where they do most of the learning on their own. Because coding is something you can teach to yourself.

Stage number 3: once the students complete the self learning program, and exhibit certain skills, they will be eligible to enter our "mentor network", where each student is assigned a senior developer to guide them while building a certain product.

Stage number 4: After completing the mentorship program, students will be eligible to enter our "internship program". Where we will secure internships for our students in top Lebanese tech companies and startups.

Congratulations, you have have just produced an independent individual who still haven’t turned 18 yet, and who’s able to work, make money and most importantly, think different.

We are now at stage number one, and we need your support. This academic year, we are doing a tour all over Lebanon to introduce computer programming to 265 public schools.

You are now witnessing the rise of a new generation, and you should feel proud to be part of this movement! 

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A social entrepreneur and strong advocate of “Education for All”. In late 2014 she co-founded TeensWhoCode with the vision of changing the world, one line at a time. Nour is a Draper University hero (because the world needs more heroes!),…

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