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The book reveals real stories written by the general public in Jeddah KSA, aiming to diversify the narrative & recognize our shared humanity
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Book Summary:

Revealing the journey of collecting real stories written by the people of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, this book aims to diversify the global narrative and cherish our shared humanity.

About the Founder:

Hi, I'm Fatima Al-Banawi; a Saudi Arabian woman born and raised in Jeddah city, to a family of Turkish, Bosnian, Lebanese, and Syrian routes. Exactly, we are somehow our own mini multi-cultural social club, and have also pursued fields of study in the same arena. Today, I work in the field of social impact & development through the art of storytelling and performance. 

Why Storytelling?

I have heard people refer to me as an activist, a psychologist, an artist, an actress, a researcher, and/or a consultant, but I now find in being a storyteller all the latter. I have resorted to storytelling believing, from experience and research, that it's one of the, if not, the most successful tools for negotiation, it invites souls, humanizes our experiences, unfolds potential partnerships, and facilitates problem solving, regardless of gender, ethnic, social, religious, or economic differences. Hence, I founded The Other Story Project.

What is The Other Story Project?

I began collecting real life stories directly from the people of Jeddah in September 2015. The 1. Handwritten, 2. Anonymous, and 3. A4 page-long stories are written by strangers and passersby on the go, and then exhibited in art form. Throughout two years, Fatima read about the city's different classes, occupations, and age groups; about its fighters, coffee lovers, divorcees, travelers, and truth seekers; and about hope, loneliness, and adventure. In a society where personal expression in the public sphere remains reserved, about 2500 people have come forward wholeheartedly to find closure, share their intimate selves, and perhaps also change the international media narrative and social discourse on Saudi Arabia and its people by humanizing their experience.

Now, it is time for the world to read Saudi passersby stories. The project has gathered hundreds of stories and continues to do so; something that has never been done before neither in Saudi nor about Saudi.

The Other Story Book:

The Other Story reproduces stories from its collection and presents them in art form back to the public through a variety of platforms, including:

1. A Performance Series,

2. An Exhibition Series,

3. A Collaboration Series,

4. A Workshop Series,

5. A Podcast,

6. A Book Series.

However, this crowd-funding intends to support the project's Book, and your support would help make the book a reality. 

I need to reach my goal with the support of people from around the world to be able to carry the book's 250 Saudi stories to the world.

The Book Structure:

Technically, there are two books (with an option to purchase them together):

1. Arabic Book includes 140 Arabic stories with social commentary by Fatima Al-Banawi

2. English Book includes 140 English stories with social commentary by Fatima Al-Banawi

If reach my goal, the funding will go directly to support editing, printing, transcribing, and translating expenses, as well as marketing, advertising, and book signing events in Saudi Arabia, the MENA region, and the world.

Points for Consideration:

- Trust that your support will be of benefit, because your contribution to this book is a contribution to human connection in a time where we are in dire need for authentic, vulnerable, and real stories.

- Check out my personal website, to review other projects that I have contributed to.

- Where does the money go if I fail to reach my goal?

If my project fails to reach its goal, the funds you contributed are automatically returned to you, and The Other Story Book receives none of your support

- If you really can't contribute, please help get the word out and make some noise out there for The Other Story Book, and its crowd-funding page.

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Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
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Fatima Al Banawi embraces a multi-hyphenate profession combining social consultancy, writing, and performance art to deepen the conversation and strengthen the bridge between social impact work and the arts. She holds a Masters Degree in Theological Studies from Harvard University,…

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