Inviting fans of real bread to become part of Tusk Bakery's development and help create a community around bread and baking.
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What's the story?

Tusk BreakfastHi, I'm Matt Saunders, founder and head baker of Tusk Bakery. Tusk had its first incarnation as a tiny bakery and cafe in Badawi Street, Beirut, where we won hearts and stomachs with healthy, organic, sourdough bread, good pizza, innovative breakfasts and nourishing lunches.

Tusk is now reinventing itself, opening a new bakery in Mar Mikhael to raise our bread, patisserie and pizzas to a new level. But as our fans know, we are more than just a bakery. Our hugely popular breadmaking workshops and our pizza nights have seen people getting together to learn about and enjoy great baking. We now want to develop not only the bakery operation but the community side of what we do. So, recognising the importance of you, our customers, friends and fans, we are inviting you to contribute to making this next stage happen.

Your help

Your support will help us establish and maintain a section of our bakery for regular sourdough baking workshops and for our pizza nights - we promise to take these to a new level and provide nourishment for your stomachs, souls and ears in future pizza nights. 

Basically, we could have just set up a production bakery, but we are passionate about sharing our love of sourdough baking and inviting you into our bakery. The $10,800 we will raise with your support will go towards making the space multifunctional, with the right furniture, lighting and access. The rewards we are offering in return are all about building that community: check them out!

Tusk Bakery is unique

I have a personal passion for truly organic agriculture, by which I mean sustainable methods of growing food that put the health of the environment and of consumers as the top priority. I think farming that builds on the traditional ways and uses old varieties of plants keeps the soil in balance and produces better tasting food. As much as possible, we source ingredients from farmers practicing this kind of agriculture in Lebanon. This is part of what makes our food taste so great.

Our wheat mission

Unfortunately, the current situation of wheat growing and milling in Lebanon means we have to import most of our flour from abroad. However we are closely involved in attempts to grow traditional varieties of grain in sustainable ways and have ambitions to establish the facilities to mill this grain to a high standard. A key part of our community-building activity is to spread the word about sustainable grain growing and I believe this should be closely linked to our work teaching real sourdough bread making. With your support, this dream is closer to becoming reality.

Next steps

Right now we are focused on establishing the Mar Mikhael bakery space and building up our bread production. We are aiming to be a significant player in the bread and baked goods market and to be in a position to use entire wheat harvests from farmers willing to commit to growing the exciting 'heirloom' varieties that taste so good in proper sourdough bread.

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I'm a food lover passionate about proper food preparation and sustainable agriculture, that's why I make organic sourdough bread! I am a Beiruti by choice, having lived here longer than anywhere else in my adult life. I love cooking meals…

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$10 or more

95 Available

This is the one for all those pizza lovers out there. Our pizzas are an expression of the majestic union of wheat, tomato and cheese. Their base is organic sourdough, of course, and they're properly baked on a hot hot hot stone deck oven. That means a Napoli-style bubbly, charred crust and a thin middle. By taking this reward, you get two pizzas at one of our pizza nights, so invite your best friend and share the passion with them. Even better, take the reward twice and put a group of good friends together!
$30 or more

98 Available

The pizza nights at our old bakery were beautifully laid-back, friendly gatherings where people bonded over beer and sourdough organic pizza. We've been working on our pizza recipes and can promise many more delicious, soulful pizza parties at our new bakery. With this reward, book your spot at our first pizza night specially for our crowdfunding supporters.
$50 or more

100 Available

We will continue to spread the love and knowledge of sourdough baking with our breadmaking workshops. These are day-long courses that take you through every step of creating a delicious loaf of naturally-fermented bread. By supporting us here, you'll book your place on one of our first workshops at the new bakery.
$110 or more

98 Available

Like the Year of Bread reward below, except you'll get your loaf of pain de campagne every two weeks. This is for those who love good bread but try not to eat too much of it! Remember this would make a great gift for a friend.
$200 or more

98 Available

Book your year's supply of bread in advance: we'll deliver a loaf of the signature Tusk pain de campagne to your home or office every week, on the morning of your choice. Our pain de campagne is a rustic loaf made with Lebanese salamouni wheat. A long sourdough fermentation process unlocks the nutritional potential of the wheat and makes it digestible. This subscription would be a great gift for a friend.
$300 or more

9 Available

Sometimes you just want the teacher to yourself, right? In a private baking class, I welcome you at the bakery or come to your home. I then guide you through the process of making the kind of bread YOU want to bake and eat, at your own pace, and answer all the questions you have about technique, ingredients and nutrition. This could make a great gift for a keen baker, too!
$500 or more

9 Available

Imagine the beauty of walking into your local bakery for your morning coffee and pastry and not even having to say anything, let alone pull out your wallet. The staff know you, know your order, and all you need to do is flash your VIP card and enjoy. As a VIP, you'll be entitled to a coffee and pastry (croissant/danish/sweet bun) EVERY TIME you walk into the shop. Yes, that could be every day. So if you're a major Tusk fan and live or work around Mar Mikhael, this is for you. As you can see, there are only ten of these VIP statuses available, so don't miss out! The VIP status is valid for a year from our opening.
$500 or more

50 Available

Do you have many mouths to feed? Well, make a good start by feeding them proper nutritious bread. We'll deliver three loaves once a week, to your home or office, enough to feed a small family of four or five. You'll get our signature pain de campagne, our famous seeded rye bread and a different special every week. Of course you can also gift this to your friends.
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