A Social Aiding product designed to meet the needs present within the lebanese society.
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My name is Ahmad Hijazi, i work in the insurance field as a consultant and broker for several insurance firms. During my work, i have witnessed many of what we can say "miserable cases" where people who couldn't afford medical insurance expenses were left suffering from lack of medical treatment. In addition to that, the whole social and economic status in my country is lousy in such a way that it is unbearable.

From these facts i have mentioned, i came out with an idea that would bring forward a support to this vast part of the Lebanese society. 

So i thought, why wouldn't there be a card program, bywhich regular people can take advantage of within essential domains such as medical care, doctor visits, dental care, opticians, ....., and other aspects that are considered vital and can't be ignored when needed.

You know, one of the hardest things in this world is watching Misery and not doing anything about it.

So here it is. My project within your hands.

Your contribution either directly or by sharing this cause to others means a lot.

Our society deserves to be looked after and we should ignite a torch that lights our society.

Best regards and thank you for your time.

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South Lebanon (Liban-Sud), Lebanon
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My passion is development. Helping others and contributing in social aiding projects is my passion. I am the CEO of hijazi group, a society specialized in buisness and insurance consultancy. This idea is our window to help our society and…

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