Attempting To Bring Affordable Medicine To Every Lebanese And Refugee in Lebanon
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Our inspiration: 

The WHO Constitution (1946) recognised the fundemental right of every human being to health. It was articulated as follows: "  the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being".

Unfortunately, we live in a world where social inequalites prevail, and with the huge gap between the 1% that accumulates more than 90% of the world's wealth and the rest of the world, access to quality healthcare was and still is the major issue facing our world. We lose, on a daily basis, countless lives for not being able to access quality healthcare.

What can we provide you?

Our service consists of providing an affordable and easy way to medical care. Each case will be transferred to a reputable physician to help the patient medically. The patient- doctor confidentiality will be maintained throughout the whole process. To ensure the quality of the services provided, the medical decisions of the nominated doctor will be reviewed by four of his or her colleagues.

Serving others:

By funding the service, you will be assisting us to help the community as a whole. Effectively, you will be making the basic right to healthcare service accessible to the people in need. 

Our service in a nutshell: 

We will be providing around the clock access to qualified physicians, this access comes in three forms:

1- A phone call: This phone call will be directed through the online application or the website that we will be developing.You will get connected to a qualified physician with the area of expertise that you require.The phone call will come at a very low cost, we estimate it to be 4-6$ depending on the running cost of our service.

2- A Video call: This video call will also be directed through the online application or the website. You will get connected to a qualified physician within the area of expertise that you require. We estimate it to be 5-8$ depending on the cost for hosting the call.

3- A house call: Based on the assessment of the physician receiving the pro calls, we will send you a doctor to check you up at your place for a very low cost, we estimate it to be 23-26$. N.B: At a first stage, this service will only be available in Lebanon.

4- A subscription: This subscription will allow patients to send unlimited questions that will be answered by our physicians as soon as they can. We estimate the monthly subscription to be around 8-10$.

All of our doctors will go through rigorous screening process, and will have a patent-pending quality control system to make sure they provide you with the best care.

Why Lebanon? 

We are based in Lebanon, a country with small population of 4.1 millions and around 2 millions refugees (Palestinian and Syrian). Even though Lebanon is a country with low GDP/ capita (12000$), healthcare in Lebanon is costly. One visit to a doctor can cost up to 7% of the average salary. Many remote areas and refugees have no access to quality healthcare to address the ever-growing issues they are facing in this troubled region. 

Lebanon has a good percentage of doctors for patients (3.2/1000). Lebanese physicians receive education in reputable institutons both in Lebanon and abroad. Lebanon has one of the highest IMG (International Medical Graduates in the United States of America) compared to its population. We perceive Lebanon to be able to provide an affordable and an effective medical advice to the Lebanon at a first stage,  the MENA region at a second stage and to the rest of the world at a final stage. 

Our team:

Our team is composed of four doctors, an entrepreneur, a consultant on Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, an astrophysicist and a mechanical engineer. The doctors involved in our team are:

Nidale Darjani: a Medical Doctor currently pursuing Her residency in pediatrics and adolescent medicine at the American University of Beirut medical center.

Radwan Massoud, a medical doctor, currently a post-doctorate research fellow at the department of Hematology at the American university of Beirut medical center.

Mazen Merhi, a Medical Doctor currently pursuing his residency in internal medicine at Saint George Hospital University medical center

Samer Abou Arbid, obtained his BS in medical laboratory science from the American University of Beirut , currently a Medical Doctor working as a  post doctorate research fellow in pulmonology at the American University of Beirut medical center.

Hani Al Ayoubi, an entrepreneur with a BSc in Biology and a masters degree in Business Administration. Hani, previously started his own organic juice chain, and an organic farm that produces vegetables and dairy products. He is currently launching the biggest aquaponics project in the region.

Noura El Badri, got her Bachelor and Masters degree in Public Administration from the American University of Beirut. She worked on different humanitarian and policy projects. These projects include operating part of a consultancy team working with UN Geneva who addressed the policy trade issue in Lebanon and a UNDP project addressing the rehabilitation of Palestinian refugees shelters.

Ghida El Badri, is currently pursuing her Bsc in Nutrition at the American University of Beirut. She is a vibrant young woman who hopes to work with WHO once she graduates.

Mohamad Ali Dib, an astrophysicist currently a post doctorate research fellow in astrophysics at the University of Toronto. He was granted honorary French citizenship for his breakthrough in discovering how Uranus and Neptune were formed.

Azmi Taybah, a Media manager with an MBA and a BS in Business Marketing.

Ziad Fakhoury, a mechanical engineer currently working in a construction company in Saudi Arabia. Ziad has a special interest in developing softwares.


1-Our first milestone is at 21000$, this would go towards the development of the service's website and applications.

2-Our second milestone is at 35000$, this would allow us to employ one employee to help us.

3-Our third milestone is at 65000$, this would go towards expanding our database within Lebanon from the current 92 to 320 physicians.

4-Our fourth milestone is at 90000$, this would go towards covering the expenses of  Marketing over social, and traditional media.

4-Our final milestone is at 130000$, this would allow us to expand our network into the MENA region.

Any additional funds that we will receive will go towards accelerating the growth of our startup and speeding the availability of our service in your country. (Phone and video calls are available for you at launch, we will put our effort into providing you with house calls)

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  04 Jan,2016

we just got blogged by " A SEPARATE STATE OF MIND " 

Thanks Dr. ElieFares 

Attempting To Bring Affordable Medicine To Every Lebanese And Refugee in Lebanon

As I’m starting my career in medicine in Lebanon, I noticed that the biggest hurdle facing patients is accessibility. This can take many forms. For the few that I serve at the tertiary center where I work, such issues are second rate: many of them can afford the healthcare provided at my institution and wouldn’t bat an eyelash at the thought that there are actually others in their country who are not as fortunate.

But the truth is that the healthcare sector in Lebanon is a tragedy. The numbers speak for themselves: Almost half of the Lebanese populace has no other means of coverage other than the Ministry of Health, whose budget is less than 5% of the total country’s budget. So what happens when that budget runs out, which happens ever so often? Over 40% of the Lebanese population finds hospital doors closing in their faces, as our news outlets race to pick up the media scoop without actually delving into the issue and finding out why it’s an issue in the first place.

To try and break this cycle, a bunch of doctors from the University of Balamand and the American University of Beirut, along with a few of their colleagues in other fields, have teamed up to attempt and get affordable healthcare to every Lebanese out there, regardless of income range and of geographical location.

It doesn’t matter whether that Lebanese can afford hospital entry or not; in a lot of the case a simple visit to a doctor can suffice to diagnose and treat a particular issue. It’s getting access to a decent doctor that’s the problem, and, when access is available, actually being able to afford the fees.

In a project launched on Zoomaal (link), the aforementioned Lebanese doctors are trying to change that reality to the best of their capacities.

They are creating a platform that allows the following:

  • Patients to get in direct contact with real life doctors for minimal fees, have their histories taken and maybe even get management.
  • Allow those patients to be visited by doctors and get examined and assessed also for minimal fees.

To achieve this, a phone call, video call or a house visit can be arranged. The details are all at this link.

This is the first attempt that I can think of by any Lebanese entity to bring healthcare to the entirety of the Lebanese populace, regardless of income and regardless of geographical constraints. This project is trying to do what the Lebanese government has failed to do: actually care about those who need it most and who don’t have the same amenities that should be a given right in the beginning of 2016.

In a country of over 4 million people, and more than 2 million refugees, having most of your population not having access to healthcare is a disgrace. It’s a shame it’s not as headline grabbing though as Mia Khalifa being the top pornstar in the world or Jbeil’s Christmas tree being listed somewhere. That would’ve gotten people interested.

  05 Jan,2016

Reblogged by Ned Hamson's Second Line View of the news 

Ned Hamson's Second Line View of the News

  05 Jan,2016


  08 Jan,2016

please check our campaign's new video.

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  03 Feb,2016

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