Hand in Hand - peace building for kids

paces building between Syrian refugee children and Lebanese children
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Short Summary 

The goal of this peace building program (which we have called “Hand in Hand”) is to help children continue to be children, even while war wages around them. The idea from this program emerged from our project, the mobile Magic Caravan, which has been moving between Syria, Turkey, and Lebanon over the last two years. We have seen that doing art together helps children to build relationships together without considering their ethnic, racial, or sectarian affiliation. Our goal, then, is to use art to build a bridge of peace and love between Syrian refugee children in Lebanon and Lebanese children. Drawing on the short stories and drawings made by creative Syrian and Lebanese children, we will design and make booklets that will discuss important issues such as peace and children’s rights. We will organize activities for children, through which they will use the booklets to express themselves and call for love and peace. We will print, copy, and distribute 5,000 booklets, and then we will work on them with other children in refugee camps.

What We Need & What You Get 

15000 $ for :

3000 $ for our new mobile Caravan in Lebanon this summer 

2000$ for graphic designer and volunteers in our magic caravan team in Lebanon 

5000$ for print booklets 

1000$ for publish booklets 

1000$ fine art materials for 10000 kids 

1000$ transfer for team of Mobile Caravan in lebanon for one month 

2000$ for registration our Al Caravan Foundation in Lebanon this summer  

The Impact

You will help to create and distribute 5,000 booklets. These booklets will enable us to work with 5,000+ Syrian refugee and Lebanese children.

You will also help us to create opportunities for Syrian and Lebanese children to build relationships with each other.


Other Ways You Can Help 

You can help by sharing our work on social media.

We also welcome volunteers to come and join us.

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Al Caravan is a community grassroots foundation that has been operating over the last two years. It started in Syria with art produced by children and youth, and has since expanded to Lebanon and Turkey

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$25 or more

100 Available

we are happy to invite you to party bar in Beirut and give you a gevt from drawer kids we work with him, after finish our project HiH !
$50 or more

300 Available

we will put names of our donors in booklets and sent it as a memories
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