Lebanese Revolution Relief Fund..

by Hada Minna حدا منا..

People revolting in the streets need support: medicine, food, water, transportation, tents, sleeping bags, soap, etc. They

Support the Civil Defense - Rising From Ashes..

by Live Lebanon

140 massive fires destroyed thousands of square meters of forests. We want to support the Civil Defense by equipping them

Support Project International: Help shelter dogs find thei..

by Tamara Abi Khalil

Homing shelter dogs in Lebanon is a losing battle. We have partnered with UMDR rescue to find shelter dogs beautiful families

Successfully Funded
$2,500 Raised(100%) — 11 Funders

Help Koun spread Yoga in underprivileged communities..

by Sandy Boutros

Koun is a Lebanese NGO that offers Yoga and Mindfulness in underprivileged communities to promote total well-being. Help

Save Ali's little heart..

by Brave Heart Fund

Ali is 11, half-Egyptian half-Lebanese. He is born with Congenital Heart Disease and he needs an urgent open heart surgery

Successfully Funded
$12,215 Raised(122%) — 35 Funders

Drive Safe, We Care!..

by Rotaract Kesrouan

Install reflectors & solar panels on an unsafe road in Nahr Ibrahim, Yahchouch leading to Adonis & Achtarout Valley & Jabal

Successfully Funded
$3,100 Raised(103%) — 18 Funders

Elders need our help!..

by Mateo Akel

After learning the fate of the elderly in Lebanon, we decided, students of the College Louise Wegmann, to visit the retreats

Successfully Funded
$3,660 Raised(105%) — 31 Funders

Tilde - The Multifunctional Space..

by Claude Jabre

Tilde is a multifunctional space built around the concept of boxes. It can be a library & can easily transform into a workshop/training

Successfully Funded
$2,625 Raised(131%) — 12 Funders

500 Children To Everest..

by Afel Liban

Ghasssan Hajjar is rising to Mount Everest to raise funds for the survival of AFEL's 500 abused children living on the edge

Successfully Funded
$21,669 Raised(244%) — 87 Funders

Support Acquiring New Equipment for DSC Blood Drives..

by Yorgui Teyrouz

Purchasing new equipment for DSC blood drives after our inflatable tent was severely damaged and our big bus generator got

Support Shams Table..

by Shams Community

With Shams Table, we want to foster community by bringing people together to share a good meal over meaningful dialogue.

Successfully Funded
$10,636 Raised(106%) — 153 Funders

Let's make the Embrace Lifeline Operational 24/7..

by Embrace

Marwa is running the women's marathon of Beirut with Embrace NGO to allow the first suicide prevention helpline in Lebanon

Successfully Funded
$21,260 Raised(142%) — 86 Funders

Save Totti the Pug..

by Tina Yammine

Totti was run over by a car. He is unable to walk, pee or poop on his own & he needs to undergo surgery for a chance at life.

Successfully Funded
$1,620 Raised(101%) — 25 Funders

Support PAL's dogs: From the streets to forever homes..

by Raseel Abdo

Help us help them: Provide proper care, treatment, shelter, rehabilitation and find them forever homes. Because each dog

Successfully Funded
$4,275 Raised(171%) — 30 Funders


by SADA Playback Theatr..

Support our campaign to open SADA, the first Social Expressive Arts Studio at the former dividing conflict line in Tripoli,

Successfully Funded
$13,701 Raised(114%) — 24 Funders

SAVE Lebanese APPLES..

by Nassim Njeim

Caesar cider is an added value product initiated to support farmers and decrease rural migration in response to the 5 year

Successfully Funded
$5,627 Raised(100%) — 13 Funders

ONEMORE - Run for Mental Health..


Dr. Georges Karam, psychiatrist, is running 42,195Km at the Beirut Marathon to get $42,195 for the free mental health clinic

Successfully Funded
$36,907 Raised(119%) — 65 Funders

Learn our history, teach our stories, make our future!..

by Al Naqab Center for Y..

Support Al Naqab Center's 6th annual summer program, which includes cultural activities, recreational trips, football, and

Successfully Funded
$7,105 Raised(102%) — 49 Funders

Tour the laughter!..

by Sabine Choucair

Help us to bring love and laughter for thousands around Lebanon by supporting a 14 day clown tour.

Successfully Funded
$6,440 Raised(129%) — 41 Funders

The Volunteer Circle: from the people, for the people..

by The Volunteer Circle

A skill-sharing platform to find latest opportunities that match your skills, age, location, and interests, and interactive

Successfully Funded
$2,851 Raised(114%) — 49 Funders

Support Bus for the Needy..

by CrossTalk NGO

The bus is used to distribute food to the hungry, support those passing through hardships and tend to the sick

Successfully Funded
$1,030 Raised(103%) — 8 Funders

Urgent Surgical and Medical Aid for Gaza..

by Muna Khalidi

Ghassan AbuSitteh is now in Gaza's Al-Awda Hospital performing emergency surgery on Palestinian civilians wounded by Israeli

Successfully Funded
$70,156 Raised(140%) — 305 Funders

Mashrou ElSaada - Reviving Nubia: Heisa Island..

by Hashem elbahnasawy

Color people's lives in Heisa Island, Nubia. #We_Color_Happiness

Successfully Funded
$2,289 Raised(114%) — 30 Funders

Fund Beirut Cat Cafe: The First Pet Cafe in Lebanon!..

by Lynn Alkhouri

Beirut Cat Cafe is a pet cafe that offers you delicious coffee & food, with the company of rescue cats looking for their

Successfully Funded
$6,247 Raised(104%) — 42 Funders

Empower Kids from Challenging Backgrounds through Arts..

by Zineb Lahbabi

Our program #childartist aims at offering arts classes (drama, music, painting...) to children from difficult backgrounds

Successfully Funded
$1,910 Raised(212%) — 17 Funders

The Olive Grove - Beirut CoWorking..

by Anna Medearis

The Olive Grove provides a space & mentorship to empower creatives & entrepreneurs, and encourage economic growth and stabilty

Successfully Funded
$8,300 Raised(119%) — 28 Funders

Together for a new and improved Daleel Madani..

by Lebanon Support

Help us improve Daleel Madani, the #1 portal for civil society actors in Lebanon, to ensure a better tool for a more efficient

Successfully Funded
$4,135 Raised(103%) — 57 Funders

10452 and more..

by ميشال الدكاش..

“Bonheur du Ciel" is working on raising funds to distribute "10452 and more" food packages to "10452 and more" families f

Successfully Funded
$21,255 Raised(101%) — 206 Funders

Cross The Line: Adam's Run to Support the Free Mental Heal..


IDRAAC, a leading mental health NGO, is working on supporting a free mental health clinic which offers treatment and awareness

Successfully Funded
$23,114 Raised(116%) — 48 Funders

Jafra team Refugees to Refugees in Greece..

by Jafra Greece

Jafra team, Refugees to Refugees, is an initiative by youth refugees in Greece camps.

Successfully Funded
$5,549 Raised(111%) — 9 Funders

Climb For RIMA..

by Mariam Seif El Dine

Climbing to Raise the funds and awareness for a Lebanese based breast cancer patient "Rima", referred by Lebanese Breast

Successfully Funded
$1,514 Raised(101%) — 16 Funders

Rozine Needs a Liver Transplant..

by Catherine Moughalian

I woke up on Sunday 17th and found out I need to raise 200,000 USD to keep my mom alive.

Successfully Funded
$86,565 Raised(108%) — 675 Funders

Last goodbyes to Eddy Mamo..

by Nicole Khawand

Help us raise money to bring back Eddy's body to be buried in Beirut as his last wish.

Successfully Funded
$9,628 Raised(120%) — 88 Funders


by Basmeh Zeitooneh

Basmeh and Zeitooneh's crowd funding campaign #forthejourney which will be raising money for three core programs currently

Successfully Funded
$56,249 Raised(225%) — 62 Funders

Save the rest in Aleppo by supporting Ambulance & Evacuati..

by UOSSM Union of Medica..

Save civilians lives and sustain them until they reach hospital, by securing ambulance system

Successfully Funded
$35,887 Raised(103%) — 77 Funders

Our doors are open | حتى العودة..

by Al Naqab Center for Y..

Support Al Naqab a self-organized, self-funded, grassroots community center in Burj al Barajneh

Successfully Funded
$12,955 Raised(100%) — 96 Funders

تمويل اجهزة طبية خاصة بالعلاج الطبيعي لكبار السن ومصابين ا..

by محمد أبو هشام..

لاتمام المركز التطوعي في مخيم البريج -يحتاج المركز لصيانة بعض الاجهزة الموجودة بالمركز ويستقبل المركز الخاصة والمحتاجة في القط

Successfully Funded
$1,100 Raised(110%) — 1 Funders

Shelter from the Storm..

by BETA Beirut for the E..

Help us put a new roof on the shelter that is home to over 400 dogs. Keep them dry this winter!

Successfully Funded
$21,485 Raised(102%) — 143 Funders


by Dania Adhami

Running in support of 3Families in need in Trablos, to help them start their small businesses

Successfully Funded
$2,045 Raised(102%) — 16 Funders

Create Awareness with 100 Mother & Child Videos!..

by Rania Din

Help bring expert advice on pregnancy, parenting, health & nutrition to every home in Egypt

Successfully Funded
$2,455 Raised(123%) — 21 Funders

Sport Unite Youth! Support Sport for Social Change and Sol..

by Rabih Salah

Sports for as many as possible, for a practice of rights, social change and solidarity!

Successfully Funded
$4,500 Raised(113%) — 16 Funders


by Basmeh Zeitooneh

Support our Community Center to Keep Shatila Connected, Empowered and Heard

Successfully Funded
$101,575 Raised(102%) — 229 Funders

DSC Mobile Blood Bank: Going through all the regions to el..

by Yorgui Teyrouz

To fund the renovation of the mobile blood bank that was offered to DSC to organize more drives

Help us start the first Suicide Prevention Helpline for Le..

by Embrace Fund at AUBMC

Every 3 days in Lebanon,we lose someone to suicide.Help us start a Suicide Prevention Helpline.

Successfully Funded
$19,950 Raised(153%) — 153 Funders


by الأثر لنا Athar Lina..

SPEND THE DAY IN KHALIFA is an annual event by AtharLina to promote it as a tourist destination

Successfully Funded
$6,412 Raised(107%) — 51 Funders

Saida Conference for Young Entrepreneurs 2015..

by Saida Challenge

It is an initiative, done by youths from Saida, to launch a special exhibition of Entrepreneurs

Successfully Funded
$20,352 Raised(102%) — 145 Funders

SuperSooq : classified newspaper in southern jordan..

by Ahmad Alkiswanee

our goal is to be the first classified advertising newspaper in the southern jordan

Successfully Funded
$11,067 Raised(111%) — 50 Funders

Flying Gardens - مساحات التبانة الخضراء..

by UTOPIA Organization

Creating green social spaces for children & youth on rooftops of Tabbaneh buildings in Tripoli.

Successfully Funded
$12,745 Raised(127%) — 21 Funders


by محمود علي

preparing meeting room by 2200$

Successfully Funded
$2,631 Raised(120%) — 34 Funders

FikraLab, collaborative innovation space in Morocco : Chan..

by Fikra wa Basma

FikraLab : Experience -> Understand -> Love -> Be creative & innovate -> Leave your imprint !

Successfully Funded
$5,663 Raised(103%) — 49 Funders

Helm | Upgrading Capacity..

by Helm Coworking Space

The aim is to increase the space capacity and improve the provided service quality

Successfully Funded
$4,130 Raised(103%) — 60 Funders

Cogite Creative Corner..

by Cogite Coworking Spac..

The Creative Corner will provide high-quality creative tools to entrepreneurs in Tunisia

Successfully Funded
$6,426 Raised(129%) — 74 Funders

Empower The Community: AlMaqarr Coworking Space..

by AlMaqarr Coworking Sp..

AlMaqarr; a coworking space in Cairo, works on building & empowering a collaborative community.

Successfully Funded
$7,297 Raised(146%) — 90 Funders

Khartoum Innovation Hub: Help Sudan Innovate..

by Mohamed

Join building startup and innovation community in Sudan, Support the first coworking Space

Successfully Funded
$11,142 Raised(111%) — 45 Funders

HackZone : Security Community Collaboration..

by Ahmed Mohamed

Zone for everyone in all fields, focusing on developing the concept of Information Security

Successfully Funded
$5,010 Raised(125%) — 41 Funders

Qafeer Maker Space:Make It Yourself..

by Qafeer Makerspace

Qafeer MakerSpace will help people in Egypt to create prototypes for their products.

Successfully Funded
$16,730 Raised(279%) — 179 Funders

Iraqi makers community rising..

by Nawres102 Arif

Iraqi maker-spaces united to make their spaces equipped and make their activity legal

Successfully Funded
$24,911 Raised(249%) — 187 Funders

Creative Hub 2nd Floor..

by Mostafa Tolba

Maximize Creative Hub (Co-working Space) Services

Successfully Funded
$10,162 Raised(102%) — 49 Funders

We have a hope..

by Abdallah Altahrawi


Successfully Funded
$17,087 Raised(171%) — 48 Funders

Empowering Women in the Atlas..

by Lamia Bazir

Construction of a public bathhouse managed by women, in a small village in the Atlas mountains

Successfully Funded
$10,020 Raised(118%) — 81 Funders

Alkindy - A Cultural Social Space..

by Najwa Sahmarani

Alkindy is a cultural social space focused on promoting reading for the Tripolitan youth

Successfully Funded
$27,836 Raised(111%) — 220 Funders

Cairo Phoenix: Co-creativity retreats after sexual assault..

by Eline Hennink

Organizing retreats for women to support healing by exploring creative forms of self-expression

Successfully Funded
$4,558 Raised(114%) — 50 Funders

Mommy Made Empowering Women..

by Mommy made Team

Mommy Made is the 1st catering line that recruits, trains and employs underprivileged mothers

Successfully Funded
$2,530 Raised(101%) — 15 Funders

Kafana Samtan - Help Rebuild Lebanon's Torched Library And..

by Ibrahim Sarrouj

Lebanon's 2nd largest library was violently set on fire. Help us rebuild it.

Successfully Funded
$36,526 Raised(104%) — 306 Funders